Happy Veterans Day


Just wanted to wish all the veterans and families of veterans a Happy Veterans Day. Without our veterans and the support of their families Poi-Factory might have been a totally different website.

A GPS can take you where You want to go but never where you WANT to be.


to all veterans

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Amen. And may something


And may something today (and everyday) brighten the day for the families of those that paid the ultimate price for their service.

It's about the Line- If a line can be drawn between the powers granted and the rights retained, it would seem to be the same thing, whether the latter be secured by declaring that they shall not be abridged, or that the former shall not be extended.

Happy Veterans Day

Thank you for your service and sacrifices.

Happy Veterans Day.

Glad to have you at the front line.

Thanks to all the Veterans!

Thanks to all the Veterans!

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Lest we forget

Lest we forget

We salute you

We salute you grin

One more

HyVee Supermarkets sponsor "Honor Flight." The WW2 vets are honored by taking them to DC on a charter plane and busing them to see the World War 2 Memorial. They return the same evening. It's a wonderful deal for them and the local TV news. Each disabled vet has a personal attendant.

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its nice to know they are

its nice to know they are not left behind

A GPS can take you where You want to go but never where you WANT to be.

Veterans Day

Thanks to everyone who is currently serving and those that have served in the past...

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thank you --- thank you very

thank you --- thank you very much

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Thanks to all that served.

As youi can see my my photo, I was in the Marine Corps, I was in for 22yrs and loved every min of it. I just want to say thanks to everyone that did join and stuck it out during all the hard times.

If you know anyone that is over seas, Just send them a letter to open, That feeling during the holidays getting one is so great.

I should know.. Been overseas manytimes...

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A veteran's plea to CICs

Raymond Camper, who served in Iraq with Virginia and Minnesota National Guard units, makes an impassioned appeal to US commanders in chief:

Would you shed one drop of blood

for the gallons that we’ve given,

would you last one day in the conditions

we’ve spent years in?

Would you be able to sign on the dotted line,

and follow the directives sent down from on high

when they went against your convictions of wrong and right?

Would you be able to look your family in the face,

and tell them it was worth it,

when you can’t forgive yourself,

for the carnage you partook in?

You have not engaged your enemy at close range,

seen the sweat and fear upon his face,

before you forever erased him away.

My generation has done this and more,

some of us while questioning,

others while adoring,


we are the children who you will bury,

without ever knowing what our level of sacrifice feels like.

from: http://bostonglobe.com/opinion/2012/11/11/thank-you-for-your...

...where there is also discussion of the idea that not every veteran likes hearing, "Thank you for your service." For some it has a hollow perfunctory tone, and leaves them wondering how to respond. "You're welcome" doesn't seem to fit.

They might prefer to have your political support on veteran's issues.

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To ALL of our Veterans!


Mike L.

Freedom isn't free...thank you veterans! Heard about the tests to detect PANCREATIC CANCER? There aren't any! In Memoriam: #77 NYPD-SCA/Seattle Mike/Joe S./Vinny D./RTC...and God bless Donald Trump!

Happy Veterans Day!

Happy Veterans Day!

A Big Thank You...

To All Of Our Vets and Those Currently In Service.

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