NUVI 2595 LM "memory full"


My 2595 keeps telling me "Memory Full". Internal memory is almost full. I have a 4 GB SD card that has over 2GB free inserted.
I assume that it's favourites taking up memory, so I've deleted GC (geocache) favourites and numbered (012 for example) favourites from the unit's memory.
My question is ...
How can I stop Garmin from re-installing these files from the back-up next time I connect it to Garmin Express on my computer? Can I delete them from the back-up files? If so, how will I identify them to delete them?
Many thanks.

Well ...

Garmin won't reinstall any files. What might happen is your device might do so if you've left any additional .gpx files in the GPX folder on your device, so delete any .gpx files there before you delete the favourites from your device.

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I'm not familiar with that model (nor other recent models for that matter) but if you have a certain option enabled, the unit's track log ("Where I've been" or the Trip log) will constantly be archived to the unit's internal memory, slowly eating it up over time. Maybe someone else can elaborate on the specifics (where the files are archived for example) here for your particular model. Either that or Google "Garmin where I've been" for more info. Below is an older article on the subject but it still may apply to you.

As my friend sussamb mentioned above regarding .gpx files, the trip log is contained within these .gpx files so you'll have to look through the unit to find those offending (largish) files. You can then offload(archive) or delete them.

See this:

and this:

There may be something here on POI Factory regarding this but what I found (using Google) were the links above. If someone has a link to POI Factory info regarding this, please post the link(s) as I was not able to find much with the (admittedly) little time I spent searching here.

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Make some room

Delete foreign language that you do not use. unless you are planning to drive over other Country

Even if I were to go to

Even if I were to go to another country, I would still delete the foreign languages, since I can't speak or understand them.

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Yep ...

If you want to free up more room you can delete unwanted language, text, keyboard, help, vehicle and EULA files.

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Before deleting anything from the GPS, make a full backup first. Here is a link to the Backup FAQ on this site by jgermann:

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Yes, backup is very

Yes, backup is very important.


Always back up before deleting anything