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Cracker barrel (CSV)

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Last updated 02/13/2015

Raw file: Cracker Barrel .csv (71.51 KB)


Includes 635 locations in the following areas:

  • United States: AL, AR, AZ, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, IA, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MA, MD, ME, MI, MN, MO, MS, MT, NC, ND, NE, NH, NJ, NM, NY, OH, OK, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, WI, WV
  • some may be in: CA, MEX, ON (near a border)

POI of Cracker Barrel Country Stores and Restaurants.

This file was started by jassoma and Zuma414 added highway exit numbers on 9/02/07

rbingham fixed the Lancaster PA coordinates that are off on the map.
BCfromKY updated a few locations in TN,GA & FL

544 locations; last change Jul 6, 2008

BKfromKY updated the file on 07-15-08 there are currently 579 locations in the file.
JJHosking added the new Prescott Valley,AZ location on 11-14-08
Charlesd45 added the Spring Hill FL location on 12-28-08. Minor corrections 7-16-09.Coordinate correction 8-12-09
Correction on coordinate 9-2-09.
Two new locations added 9-7-09.
New location added 9-21-09.Change in some coordinates using Google Earth 10-15-09.Coordinate corrections 10-18-09.Various coordinates changed with Google Earth 10-24-09.Two new locations added 11-2-09.Remove duplicate,added another location and corrected address error.Thanks to DRMCMTR 11-3-09.Address correction and coordinate changes with Google Earth 11-06-09.Coordinate changes using Google Earth 11-14-09. Coordinate changes using Google Earth 11-21-09.Coordinate changes using Google Earth 11-27-09.Coordinate changes with Google Earth 12-7-09.Coordinate correction no minus sign for Birmingham AL.Thanks to Mahoney 12-7-09.Coordinate changes with Google Earth 12-15-09.Coordinate correction for Foley AL thanks to campcar 12-23-09.Coordinate change Crestview FL 12-29-09.Coordinate correction for Spring Hill FL 1-2-10.Coordinate change for Charleston WV thanks to maddog67 1-4-10.Coordinate changes with Google Earth 1-7-10.Coordinate correction Flagstaff AZ thanks to agr8skp 1-28-10.Coordinate updates with Google Earth 1-31-10.Coordinate updates Google Earth 2-2-10.Coordinate updates Google Earth 2-8-10.New store opening Bryan TX 2-22-10.Coordinate correction 3-15-10.Phone number correction 4-22-10.Coordinate correction 4-27-10.Coordinate correction 5-21-10.Coordinate correction 6-27-10.Coordinate correction 8-30-10.New locations 9-7-10.New location 10-4-10.Coordinate correction 10-8-10.New location ME 11-1-10.Coordinate correction 11-16-10.Location removed in GA 11-20-10.Coordinate correction for Temple TX thanks to splicerman 1-11-11.New location 1-31-11.New opening 3-7-11.Corrected error in file reported by dcmiller 3-28-11.New location added 3-28-11.New location MD 4-4-11.Change in coordinates for Sevierville TN.Thanks to maddog67 on 5-25-11.New location added 6-13-11.New location added 6-27-11.Removed closed locations based on updated CB web site. Thanks to Box Car 6-28-11.Minor changes to put in accordance with new CB web page 7-1-11.New location 7-11-11.Coordinate correction for Cave City KY.Thanks to dcmiller on 7-15-11.Change in coordinates for Mesquite, TX.Thanks to Koot for the information on 7-27-11.Coordinate corrections for Georgetown KY thanks to Avandyke on 7-30-11.New location 8-31-11.New location 10-5-11.New locations 10-31-11.Change in coordinates for Rosenburg TX thanks to Jbourg on 12-12-11.New location 1-31-12.New location 2-6-12.Added RV and bus parking to the file at the suggestion of David and updated according to the CB site 2-9-11.New location 2-14-12.Correction in coordinates thanks to Mahoney 2-29-12.New location 3-11-12.New location 4-24-12.New location 4-30-12.New location 5-23-12.Change in coordinates for Frankfort KY, thanks to BCfromKY on 6-20-12.New location 7-2-12.Coordinate corrections thanks to Box Car 0n 7-30-12.Four new locations 9-10-12.New location 11-11-12.New location 3-11-13.Parking correction 3-12-13.Coordinate change for Hartselle, AL thanks to Grey3 on 6-11-13.New location 7-16-13.New location 7-22-13.New location 10-7-13.New location 2-10-14.New locations 7-5-14.Change in coordinates for Beckley WV, thanks to maddog67 on 7-7-14.Coordinate correction error Harlingen, TX per donaldb530 on 7-9-14.New location 7-26-14.New location 8-4-14.Added Cypress,TX on 9-10-14.Added Lufkin, TX on 11-10-14.Added Bentonville, Arkansas on 2-13-15.



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Change History

  • charlesd45 - May 25, 2011
    maddog67. Change in coordinates for Sevierville TN.5-25-11.

  • charlesd45 - May 31, 2009
    corrected errors and took over as lead for this project

  • charlie707 - May 21, 2009
    added Matthews, NC location


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