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Garmin POI Limitations (only shows about 50 locations)



Maybe I am doing something wrong but I downloaded (Yes I know)a CSV of over 238 LH's for different states. When I uploaded the LH list to my Gamin then go to view it, it only shows 52 POI addresses in that file.

So I created another file and named it Lighthouses-MA but that file had over 65 LH's in it but only viewed 52 of them for me. Is 52 (lines) per a CSV file the limit? Anyone else having problems like this?

Thanks for your Help.


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poi limits

Only the nearest 50 or so show up, if you type the name of the poi it will come up or if you travel, it will show the nearest 50 to your new location I believe.

poi limit

In addition, you can select nearest on the Garmin c530 and select another location. It will then show you the closest 50 to that location.

Garmin StreetPilot c530, Mapsource


I still think thats a limitation. So what happens if I want to go to a certain point I wont be able to because it doesn't show on the list.

Okay I guess I solved that problem I selected another city and it showed the missing location. I think I'll break my list down into individual states. It will be time consuming. What do ya all think?


Garmin Nuvi 3597, Garmin StreetPilot 2720, Garmin 76CSx (Hand Held), Iphone 4S (Motion-X)

Since I know I have that POI

Since I know I have that POI on my GPS, just do a search in that category of POI's that contain that info and it will pop right up..

NickJr Nuvi 3597LMT

Don't break things down...

You'd end up with a challenge scrolling through all the POI lists because you've broken things down too much.

Are you familiar with the "Near..." function on the main "Where to?" window? It allows you to find different POIs (customer or built in) near some place other than where you are. In this manner, you can surf your all of your light houses by selecting where you want them to be near.

If you think about it, this makes perfect sense given the nature of GPS. It shows you what's near you, independent of name (sort by proximity, if you will). If you want to see something farther away than the closest 50, just say where you want to look.

is that the same for the

is that the same for the nuvi 660 as well?


Yeah I understand what you mean. It would be nice if the Garmin would allow you to pick the nearest option for STATE but they dont have that option.

I think I downloaded a list of Lighthouse POI's from this site. There are like 1092 LH's and its in a GPX format.
I did a serach online for a POI converter and came across a program called POIConverter Version 3.18. Okay I ran the progam and it converted the file but for some reason it doesn't look like your standard csv file.

Here is an example:
WP04, 60.46500,-148.40590, 0,"AK - Whittier Breakwater Light","Whittier Break","", 0.00,1,"LH0001",1,1,"Lighthouses",0 Is there another program you can recomment. I have talked to someone else about this on this site and tried what he did with no luck.

I still want to learn how to do the conversion thing but its not working out to well for me.

So would you break down this list of LH's that have 1092 Entries grin


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I figured it out!

Cool I figured it out. I loaded up Excel and fixed the problem in less than 10 minutes. This is what the same line looks like now.

-148.4059,60.465,AK - Whittier Breakwater Light will this work or am I suppose to have these " " like

-148.4059,60.465,"AK - Whittier Breakwater Light" I'm not sure what all the other numbers where.

Oh and thanks for a great LH list. I will be busy this summer!


Garmin Nuvi 3597, Garmin StreetPilot 2720, Garmin 76CSx (Hand Held), Iphone 4S (Motion-X)

Yes, it's the same for the nuvi 660

One other thought on this...

I've got POI files with over a hundred thousand entries. If the system did NOT bring up a limited quanity of those that are close to me, how in the world would I ever sort through all those entries? Also, how long would it take to load them?

I'm amazed I can have THAT many POIs in a single file and still get the excellent response time I do get.

re: I figured it out

The quotation marks surround text but are unnessary if there are no comas or forced line breaks in the text.

The question is about where you viewed these two files. If you looked at it in wordpad, then either one will work the same, however if you viewed them in excel, they will not be the same. This is because when you save the file in Excel as a .csv file, it adds quotation marks on both sides of the text. When you open a .csv file in excel, it does not display those quotation marks. So, if you are looking at it within excel and see quote marks, you will actually have double quotes in the file.

Garmin StreetPilot c530, Mapsource

I redid it!

Okay I went and redid the file again. I used the POI Conversion Utility. I loaded the *.GPX file and saved the file as a AutoRoute Pushpins, CSV file and I get the example below.

-148.40590,60.46500,"AK - Whittier Breakwater Light","Whittier Break"

I got the POI Converter 3.18 program here.

I loaded the file up the Lighthouse.GPX file from this site and saved it as a: AutoRoute Pushpins (*.csv), there where several other *.CSV formats to save it as but this one looked the best after trying them all.

What do you think? I redid it in POIedit but it didn't even come close to looking this good. Of course I would like to have the LH name first then the state last but no way am I going to edit that many names.

This program might be useful to other people on here.


Garmin Nuvi 3597, Garmin StreetPilot 2720, Garmin 76CSx (Hand Held), Iphone 4S (Motion-X)

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