Nuvi 360 Redlight file works sometimes


I have set up a redlight POI in my Nuvi 360 but have just discovered that it only works under the correct route.
I live & work in Roswell GA there are two red light camera's between my home and the office one at Hwy 9 & Mansell Road and one at Hwy 9 and Holcomb Bridge Road. My nuvi has both programed I have checked the map locations under the POI view map. the first one is never detected. and the one at Holcomb bridge is only detected going southeast to northwest but the nuvi dosent alarm going the other direction and all I get when it is found is a beep I get no banner alert on the screen.

Phil Ursery Nuvi 360 & 785T

Nuvi 360 Redlight file/places works sometimes

I have had the same experience with my nuvi660. I have a point that is supposed to alert me if I get within a half mile of it. I get an alert when traveling on a nearby road in 1 direction but not when going in the other direction. The point is aboot 100 yds off the main road on a side road. It seems to find it immediately after making a turn onto the road that goes by it.

Tou Yurkovic Nuvi 660

Additional Redlight Alarm bug info.

I have a NUVI 360 I have loaded a redlight POI file and mostly it works fine but I think I have discovered a bug in the Proximity Alarm Software. In my every day travels I pass through two Red Light Cameras on the way to work. One is at (-84.34125:34.04290) the second intersection is at (-84.34352:34.03666) I used Microsoft streets & trips. I usually move from north to south and turn southeast in the second intersection. NO alarm sounds at ether light. However, if I move in the opposite direction or approach the first intersection from the east to west I get the proximity alarms. I have contacted Garmin’s software department but got no response except they would look into it. The two intersections are about 700 yards apart. I have noticed that when the alarm works on an intersection it stops alarming as soon as I pass the intersection. I think when two intersections are this close the downstream blanking affects the next intersections alarm. Any thoughts?

Phil Ursery Nuvi 360 & 785T

I have had similar

I have had similar experiences, not only with the Redlight Files, but my POI's. I have a mp3 to alert me when I pass a Wendy's for Bank of America and depending on what side of the street I am on, it will go off. I have the distance set at 1000 feet, but no sound on the other side of the street..

NickJr Nuvi 3597LMT

I always thought the

I always thought the red-light cameras worked off coordinates, and when you got near that point you got a signal. If they do, why would it matter what direction your were traveling? I guess there is something I don't understand about them, and I don't know what it is.

Garmin 660

I'm not sure about red-light

I'm not sure about red-light camera alerts because there's only one around here, but on my Zumo the 35mph speed limit alert that I pass a few times a week works in both directions. I will have to test out some of the other proximity alerts and see what happens.