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Converting .csv to .ov2 for tomtom


I have both a TomTom 910 and the Nuvi 360, which my wife uses. I have been able to convert some files to .ov2, but sometimes I get an error telling me that there are some features that cannot be used, and POIEdit asks me to choose a type of conversion, which no choice seems to work. Any ideas what these "features" are and how to fix this?

the *.csv file has some CR/LF character

I had similar problems with the conversion. I manually looked at each error and saw that the notes section had the "square box" character (so called CR/LF charaters). I deleted these charaters and the conversion was fine afterwards.

The admin./or JM is aware of this and should be correcting it. Since there are many POI files, just let know which POI file you are having problems with and they should fix it.



I wonder if the site admin

I wonder if the site admin would be so gracious as to consider opening up a spot to let us upload files that have been converted to .ov2 format? Whenever I finally get access to the redlight/speed cams, I certainly plan to do the conversion, and can't see why I shouldn't let others benefit too after I'm done.

If you use the POI edit...

If you use the POI edit... it only takes 1 minute to convert the csv file to ov2.

Others will have to be an active member or purchase their own redlight POI file.

Maybe in the future JM/admin will have the downloads for all formats.


Oh, I didn't realize it took

Oh, I didn't realize it took so little time. I still don't have access (very poor right now (but should change soon!)

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