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Fujitsu Siemens Pocket LOOX 100

Hi to all
Are downloads available for this model?

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Nextar ME 3.5-Inch Portable Slim GPS Navigator with Touch Screen, Text-to-Speech, 1.6 Million Points of Interest, MP3, Speed Limit Warning, SD Card Slot and More

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GPSMAP 76CSx - nüvi 760 - nüvi 200 - GPSMAP 78S

Bushnell ONIX 400 GPS with XM NEXRAD Weather 99 bucks!

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Flip Garmin Street P.330 Garmin 255WT Garmin LM50

Route 66 Mobile version 7, need help/advise Please

I have a Nokia e75, which is running Route 66 mobile 7.

How can I install poi onto the phone.
I have installed the update from the Route 66 ( website.
This has caused a problem where I cannot connect the Software on the phone to the snyc programme,
that I have downloaded direct from their website.

Escort Smart Mirror

Got an extra $800? If so, take a look at the Escort Smart Mirror. Go to: shock

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New Motonav devices

Although not big in the GPS industry by a long shot, cell phone maker Motorola has had a few devices on sale before at places like Radio Shack (sorry ... The Shack!) and Staples. They announced a new device at CES and while the people over at GPS Review were not doing cartwheels about it, it looks like the Motonav may be worth investigating once it's out. The link to the story is below.

"Life is a journey - enjoy the ride!" Garmin nuvi 255

Archos 5 GPS

Anyone have any experience with the Archos Internet Tablet with GPS?

Archos 5 is is 5" internet tablet with GPS.

They also have a 7" and a 9". WOW!

I am wondering how good their built GPS application is...

pioneer AVIC-S2


I upgraded the maps for the Pioneer AVIC-S2 however most of the old POI on the original SD card are not on the new SD Card

Can the old POIs be transferred or combined to the new SD Card

POI for the Sony NV-U94T

Anyone know how to import POI's to the Sony NV-U94T? I searched and didn't see anything for the 94T. I wish it was easy like Garmin. Thanks

MIO Moov 300 Custom POIs

Hi there,

Can you please help me with information on loading custom POIs on my MIO Moov 300?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi, I have a problem loading the POI's. I would like to load the tim Horton POI's, but they are only available in a CSV file and I need them in a .poi file. I tried some POI converters but the only thing closest that I can convert them to is to a .upoi file which does not work for me. I presently have a Pioneer AVIC F700BT fully modded. I did a lot of searches but came up empty.

Factory, After Market In-Dash GPS versus Personal GPS

We currently have a Garmin Nuvi 650. We are planning to buy a new car. That would give us the option of having an installed (Factory) GPS or even other after-market in-dash GPS. We have no experience with a factory or other after market in-dash GPS.

Do the in-dash units offer any added benefits/functionality over "personal" GPS units, such as the Nuvi 650? Any preference?

Garmin Nuvi650 - Morehead City, NC

navigon traffic in canada

Hey Everyone,

I am planning to buy a navigon 5100 or 7100, both with free lifetime traffic. could anyone confirm is this service works in Canada???

Also has anyone figured out a free way to add poi's to navigon systems???

thank you.

Pioneer's in-dash GPS Nav units

Is it just me, or does Pioneer's GPS mapping STINK??? I've had two different models installed in vehicles over the years, and I seem to find problem after problem with the continuity of roads, the routing logic, and just the overall quality of the product.

Delorme Street Atlas 2010

Has anyone bought version 2010 and compared it with 2008? What are the differences? Specifically, I'm wondering if it has corrected the faults in 2008.

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Mac POI with Kenwood DNX7140

Greetings, I recently purchased a Kenwood DNX7140. I have been trying to load POIs to the 7140 via an iMac but am unable to do so. The POI DVD works perfectly with my DNX5140 but will not load onto the 7140. I Keep getting a "Disc Error" message. Is there a different procedure for the 7140 vice the 5140?


Which GPS models allow direct entry of coordinates. I know that some Garmin models allow this but no one really states the ability or inability to do so in their promotions.
More and more people are posting coordinates.
I have an old Magellan which will accept coordinates from an SD disk.


Google Maps for mobile devices

Anyone here using it? They have updated the Blackberry version to 3.2. It has layer support. I was playing around with it and saw where you can create custom maps (My Maps) and have them as private or public. It is almost like having POI files for Google Maps. Here is one that someone created for Diners, Drives-Ins, and Dives (show on FoodNetwork).

Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010

Other versions of S&T had a Location Sensor in the Tools Menu that gave you the coordinates of the location the cursor was sitting on. I can't find the Location Sensor in S&T 2010. Are there any users here that know where they put it?

Navman S70 in USA

I've just purchased the USA maps for my Navman S70 and was wondering if anybody else has used a Navman in the USA and if so how good they are. I usually hire a car from Hertz with their "NeverLost" Magellan satnav as well but I have found them hard to use and the map display not very useful, particularly at junctions.

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