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AVMAP Sounds

I have loaded a Ham radio Repeater list and have MP3 sound file. How do I get it to play on the AVMAP? I still get the default ding. Sound file is named both in case and text same as the GSP file.

Kenwood DNX9960

Does anyone here have one of these Kenwood units? I am thinking about purchasing one.Can you change the vehicle,how do you download custom POI'S to this unit?,can voices be added?

Lexus Denso 2009 Update

I have a 2008 Lexus IS 350 and my Denso GPS is terrible. It works correctly about 1/2-2/3 of the time. Other times it will take you on longer routes than necessary or tell you to do 2 uturns in a row and most of the time it does not work it will say "address does not exist".


truck gps

traveling with a 40 ft motor home seems to be a problem with using 'normal' car GPS's anyone here have a 'proven' solution. seems truck gps's have thier own problrms


Has anyone used Navigon Sync ?

Has anyone used program called Navigon Sync (ver 1.0.0)successfully to export MS Outlook Contacts to Navigon 5100 in the US?


Ford Navigation

Anyone know if a person can add POI to a Ford factory Navigation?

Military GPS

See article concerning new military GPS satelites.


Always on the Road Knowing where I've Been

Nextar Me, do I get one time newest map update?

It says "manufactured June 2009" on box and since there's a restocking fee, I haven't opened it.

Their website is not very user friendly and won't even let me see the map pricing without a product attached to it.

It has a Tele Atlas map on it.

Does Nextar provide latest map for free to start with?

Will the GPS market last forever?

I'm not trying to get kicked off the board but I was wondering today if the standalone GPS market would last forever? Here's why I wonder.

Escalade GPS manual

Anybody know if there is a manual for an Escalade GPS available online? My sisters husband bought the SUV but it didn't come with a manual. This is by far the most cryptic GPS unit I have ever seen. It reports that all the waypoints are full but there isn't a delete key available. The select address is also not available.



Robert Woodcock

Aqua Box

Best GPS, which I have owned. For a motorcycle was a Lorance Iway 500c I bought I t august of 2005 finely died the other day RIP.

Copilot Live 8 bmp format

I have tried loading by direct copy to the copilot\save folder and via Central. I have tried TomTom bmp format and poifactorie's downloadable bmps. I have tried png format but none work. I can integrate the POI set but I do not get my custom icon. I have tried lots of variations on the file name. Any help appreciated.

Jon McGugan

Cobra POI?

anybody knows anything about Cobra GPS and how to load POI's?
Thank you


Any MIO users still out there ???

I'll be getting a C310X in the next few days.
Knowing I am not "alone" would be comforting !! wink

Magellan Maestro 4250// MIO C310X

loading poi to rightway rw400

can anyone tell me how to load a poi file to my rw400 gps?

Nokia Maps

Anyone has experience how it works? My cell phone has no build in GPS, but I have a bluebooth GPS receiver. Thanks,

Bushnell GPS info

Has anyone successfully figured out the formats used on many of the handheld Bushnell units such as the 200, 200CR, 300 or 400 series?

I recently got a 200CR for $50 (refurb) and on the device, it sets each waypoint as its own WPT file. I tried to download one of their free maps online but it says no download file so thats kind of a pain to deal with.

Garmin c330 w/ 2011 maps

Fujitsu Siemens Pocket LOOX 100

Hi to all
Are downloads available for this model?

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