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Volkswagen RNS-510

Hello everyone,

I figured with my first post I'll introduce myself and share some knowledge I have on the OEM Navigation system for VW models known as RNS-510

For those interested, POI files can be imported via SD card once database has been build for the unit using either TomTom files or any CSV files.

RNS-510 OEM VW Navi

Volkswagen RNS315

I recently purchased a new VW that came with a in-dash GPS/RADIO system. The system is a the RNS315. Map upgrades are done thru the use of a SD card.

My question is does anyone know a way to get custom POIs, routes, voices and other content on to this system? I have been looking around the net and can't seem to find much.

Jeep Wrabgler with a Navtec

Goodmorning, has anyone been able to up load POI files to a Navtec in a 2012 Jeep Wrangler?

James T Warring II

Kenwood Alert type - singe or continuous

I download the update every week and sometimes the continuous alert will give me a beep and text on the screen that shows the camera location as I drive closer to it. I'll get several BINGS the closer I get to it. In addition the text alert will become red in color as I get closer to the camera.



How do I convert the Red Light files to an AVIC Feed file for my new navigation system (I like my garmin better).

Frustrated - need a Kenwood Expert

I joined the POI factory and downloaded the Garmin POI loader and added the sox.exe file in the same folder that the poi.exe is located.


Delorme InReach SE

...is coming this month, and looks like a very nice solution for boaters, off-trail explorers, foreign travel, etc. See: http://www.inreachdelorme.com/product-info/inreachse.php . It's an upgrade to the current InReach product.

Nuvi 760 (died 6/2013); Forerunner 305 bike/run; Inreach SE; MotionX Drive (iPhone)

Kenwood DNX6990HD

Has anyone here been successful updating the red light/speed camera POI on either a Kenwood DNX6990HD or 9990HD?
If so can you tell me how you did the update and how accurate is the info in the POI file?


.usr files for Lowrance

My son has a Lowrance GPS on his boat.
In researching it looks like it uses .usr files for POIs.

I made him a file but have it saved in gpx file format. How can I save my gpx files or convert them to .usr files (if this is the correct file name)?

Thanks for any help.

Mary, Nuvi 2450, Garmin Viago, Honda Navigation, Nuvi 750 (gave to son)

Downloading POI on to Copilot Live 9 Truck laptop

Would anyone be so kind on explaining the steps on how to import POI's to the software COPILOT 9 LAPTOP.I've seen the previous forum discribing the steps but i was unable to figure out how to copy the file into the Copilot file.

Tommy Calderon


Hi friends,
i've a Geely EMGRAND EC7 2013. can i ask you some question about navigation map?

Looking for new car stereo with built-in GPS

Looking for a car stereo with built-in GPS. Something not too expensive. Any help would be appreciated


riverpark xgs2 info

anyone know how to import poi list to the river park xgs2 device

Using POI Factory POIs With CoPilot Live For Android Update

I copy this from a older post from kusuriurikun THANKS

CoPilot Live is an increasingly popular "real roadtrip GPS" tool for iPhone and Android--and, aside from programs preinstalled, is the cheapest alternative other than Google Maps. CoPilot Live USA is Fre or 3.99, and premium is 9.99

Ford edge gps

How can i add POI files to my friend 2011 Ford edge gps

Honda's CVS and KML POI files

I have a new 2013 Honda Accord with Nav. The manual states I can add CSV and KML POI files. I downloaded the Shell csv file from POI Factory as a test. The Nav states the max number of categories had been reached when I try to install it. It also said I can delete one or more. But when I follow the delete procedure, it states there are no entries.

Pioneer's latest Raku Navi GPS units take commands from hand gestures

Pioneer's latest Raku Navi GPS units take commands from hand gestures

How to add own POI for Navigon 42 Easy

I think I may have made a BIG mistake.

I am moving to a new city soon and thus bought a new GPS. since I am one of those people who cant find the local supermarkets without getting lost.

Street Atlas a no-go?

Have tried my best to figure this out but alas I guess I am missing something or it just can't be done.

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