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2014 Toyota Sienna OEM Nav does not work in Alaska


New here and trying to get the value out of an option I paid for only to find out that it doesn't work in Alaska.

The 2014 Toyota Sienna I bought has an OEM navigation system (I believe its a Kenwood Deck) that does not include Alaska Maps. And the dealership/Toyota has been relatively useless in helping saying they don't have an update that includes Alaska.


HELP! I have a Navi2Coach bike computer. Everytime I want to download a gpx route I created in training peaks or bikeroutetoaster it is a new adventure in frustration.


Cheetah C-50 Red Light Detectors - Files very outdated

For the past few years, prior to switching to POI files on my Garmin, I had been using Cheetah Brand Model C-50 Red Light/Speed Detectors. Cheetah is currently still being sold on Amazon and other sites. Initially, these units were fairly accurate in identifying camera locations and nicely designed.

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What's Wrong With DeLorme?

My DeLorme Topo 8 program is no longer recognizing or displaying ANY POI file of any kind. Anyone else having trouble using POI files with DeLorme?

Sygic Talk

To anyone if you use an application called Sygic, here is the right place to discuss it.

Toyota 2014 nav system hacking

I didn't want it but what I did want came with it.
So now do I find a place for my trusty Garmin or can I add POI files to it?
Anything else that I can hack?

2014 Nissan Altima 2.5 SL – Navigation POI Download Error

I have a 2011 Nisan Rouge SL and the navigation system downloads my POI’s successfully every time but the same 2 GB thumb drive does not work in my new 2014 Altima 2.5 SL. I get the following error:

The file size on the USB device is too large. My Points of Interest was not updated.

Acura TL 2000

I have just acquired a 2000 Acura TL w/o built-in navigation. Any suggestions on installing navigation into it in a fashion similar to OEM factory install?

In dash GPS

Does anyone have knowledge of uploading POIs into Mercedes, Audi, or Ford in dash GPS systems?


Harley - Davidson 6.5 GT GPS Radio


Is there a "standard" file structure for in-car nav systems?

I just bought my first car with an in-dash navigation system (Nissan Murano). It is possible to import destinations into the system, but the file structure is not anything like what I've seen in gpx, csv or ov2 files we use with our standalone GPS units. (The manual has ZERO technical info on importing data.)

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POI for Lincoln

Is there a way to 'input' POI files into the navigation system used on a Lincoln system?

I may have to use my NUVI and the built-in navigation.

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MIO Reset

Anyone have any good suggestions for getting the Mio startup touch calibration screen?

Poi file, Alpine navigator?

A friend of mine asked me if it is possible to put a poi file into a Alpine navigator, i told her i can take a look into it.

Is there anybody who has any expirence of an Alpine navigator and can give me some hints?
Like what ending the file need, or if it is possible at all or just point me in a direction were i can find some iformation about alpine.

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2014 Honda Odyssey Navigation POI Format

I recently purchased a 2014 Honda Odyssey with built-in navigation. Reading the manual, it indicated that I could upload POI files (CSV or K??). I downloaded a couple POI files from PO factory and tried, but the nav system told me the format was wrong.

Anybody have any idea what the format should be?

thanks ... new, very new at this ... CincyRock

I just bought a Hyundai Genesis Coupe

I just bought a Hyundai Genesis Coupe. Can redlight/speed cams be added to POI's in that system



How good is a cobra gps and can you make custom poi's for it

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Posting to someone else comment doesn't worK?

Why can I post a new topic but can not post a comment to someone else?


There have not been any updates in Arizona in quite a while, can this be correct?


Kenwood Firmware Update 1.9 for Garmin

Has anyone updated their system with the update yet?

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