Does Garmin still update cyclops?


I'm wondering if anybody also has noticed that the Garmin database of speed camera had been not been updated for a long time. For me. I feel, at least half a year. My city installed many speed camera several months ago, and they became active a recently but I never got any alert from Garmin. I purchased new cyclops subscription and kept updating it every week, never received any alert of those new cameras. so I contact Garmin serivce and it seems that they don't care, they just asked me to submit the missing spots, I tested on 4 new locations , and did not get an alert on any of those locations. I told them I can submit missing spot if only one or two, but if they stopped updating, but just expects the consumer to submit every single spot, then why should I pay for the subscription, and they generally ignore my complaint, I'm not sure if anybody have more information with respect to cyclops. I've just wondering if they stop updating the database.

Well ..

Certainly being updated in Europe where I am.

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I paid for it

back in 2019, and it was really out of date, especially with cams that had been deactivated.

It is still on my unit so I just tell myself better to get a false alert I guess.

It makes sense--sell the sizzle not the steak.

Still updated in NA but missed recently

Confirmed in NA still updated last several months then it's out, despite every several days they re updating

the files updated not really helpfully last 2 months and so

Hope this will fix soon

Love Garmin but their services as you told and agreed upon with quote "ignore" and "ignoring"

Or maybe they are super busy for the next coming "giant" issue with Taiwan.

In general, hope one day all issue will fix and never looking back again!

Big machine still running behind the scene since last decade and so
The world is always under pressure without stop
God blessing you all for innocent people and wish one day we don't losing the freedom and beautiful life.
Good luck!

Is Canada included?

Your profile says you are in Canada.

I’m not familiar with the feature but the content at a the bottom lists the countries, and it doesn’t seem to include Canada. Quoting

“All compatible Garmin sat navs contain our unique driver safety system with full coverage of speed and safety cameras across Europe: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France², Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Slovenia, Sweden and United Kingdom.”

John from PA

Of course it's YES!

Their statement is wrong and so

It works in US and CANADA as well as in real life; but not as in their paperweight note

That's why sometimes we don't know where to get the truth information anymore

that's why us, sharing information is the best way to know and to test them for sure.

Noted: many old units got update POI safety OK until they stopped it long time ago. New unit need to buy POI safety yearly or not depending your condition but it works.

Hope this help!