Problems with Mapsource 6.13.1


I had problems after upgrading Mapsource from 6.12.4 to 6.13.1. After the update, I could no longer select the transfer option, either upload or download. If I did, the program crashed and I was asked if I would like to send an error report to Microsoft. For a few days, I was dead in the water.

What I tried:

  • Re-installing the 6.13.1 version. (This had no effect).
  • Removing mapsource using 'add/remove programs' in control panel, then re-installing 6.12.4 version. After the install, the version still said it was 6.13.1 and the problem persisted.
  • Tried System Restore option in Wondows XP. No matter which restore point I selected, I was told that the restore was unsuccessful.

I called Garmin tech support this morning. I spoke with 'David' in Software support. His suggestion was to wipe everything out, and start from scratch. To do this, he recommended:

  1. In Mapsource, choose: Utilities - Unlock Maps. In the Wizard, click 'next', then select "Backup my unlock codes to a file".
  2. Remove Mapsource software using control panel - Add/Remove programs.
  3. Delete the c:\Garmin folder completely.
  4. Using regedit, remove:
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Garmin folder

Then he had me go to:

where there is just about any Garmin software product you could ever ask for, and lots of versions of each one. From here I:

  1. downloaded the file: MapSource_6124.exe.
  2. reinstalled this file
  3. restored my backed-up unlock codes
  4. finally I had to reload my maps.

I am happy to say that my problem is gone, and my Mapsource version is once again 6.12.4. I'm going to wait a while before trying the update again.

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Glad you're back on your feet again

redbarber wrote:

... Then he had me go to:


Glad you're back on your feet again wink

It's odd that Garmin does not have their own software library. Many support sites allow you to 'browse' for different versions to download.

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