Garmin DriveLuxe 51 LMT-S Foursquare


I have been using my Garmin DriveLuxe 51 LMT-S for a few months now. What I really didn't give a whole lot to, when I bought it, is the Foursquare feature. I have noticed that sometimes when I search for something it seems to come from the regular Garmin source and other times it lists Foursquare.

I am interested in hearing from others here, is that how Foursquare seems to work for you, as well? Do you prefer when I destination is found with Foursquare or doesn't it matter to you. What, if any, differences are you noticing?


With my DriveLuxe 50 I notice that a search will often search Foursquare as well as the Garmin database and my saved places. Results from all sources are displayed with the Garmin/Device items using different black colored icons and the Foursquare items displaying a red colored icon beside the name.

Foursquare items are always at the top of the search page with a red "F" icon. Search results from the Garmin data base are displayed below the Foursquare results with black icons - a heart if the listing is from your saved places -and an icon for each of the Garmin POI categories (for example - a hotel will be listed with a "person sleeping on a bed" icon.

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