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New Maps

The 865 edition of maps has been released by TomTom.

XXL540 POI alert voice for POI's I install (new user, be kind)

I have downloaded a couple of POI's for my Tomtom XXL540 and it seems Like I have them loaded correctly. I now see the POI in preferences, I have checked the Poi (for example Pure-Gas) and I then go to alert.. I choose it for alert, I have entered 200 yards, have chosen the voice alert and saved all this.


Next edition of maps (865?) should be out in the next week to 10 days.

how do i manually send an ov2 file to my tomtom

I have read the forum and created a ov2 file. I now want to get it on my tomtom xl 350. I dont want to upload it to the tomtom server because the poi's in the file are private. Anyway to send this file to only my device?

TomTom Go 2505 Battery

I am thinking about getting the TomTom Go 2505, I would like to know is can anybody replace the battery or is it like some of the Garmins ?

stopwatch software

i really want a stop watch program for tomtom. ive looked for a whole day and cant find one . any help would be much appreciated.

TomTom XXL 550 - can you stop the auto zoom feature?

I just received a 550 XXL, replaces a failed Nuvi 200W.

I like the unit so far, the only thing I don't like is that you can manual set a zoom automatically changes back. I like to set it so I can see the majority of the surrounding roads/features, but on a long trip; the unit zooms out and loses that detail.

Is there a fix? I can't find a setting anywhere to control this...

How do I download bidmap folder to my Tom Tom?

I have successfully downloaded the POI I want but they now show up as a red box on my GPS when I locate them. I was told to get the name of the item to show up instead of the red box I have to also download the bidmap for that item. I do not see bidmap files to download when I enter the item. I will use Home Depot as an example. Any help would be appreciated.

Tricia Mather

Best TomTom

I'm looking for a new gps, I'm getting away from garmin and might go with a TomTom. Any body know which is the best TomTom to get?

how to change gpx to poi for the tomtom

how do I change the low overpass gpx to the poi for the tom tom 1

TomTom XXL 540TM $119 today

I see that Beach Camera is selling the TomTom XXL540TM with lifetime maps and traffic for $119 with free S&H today on eBay. New, not refurb and with warranty.

2 Tomtom cases for 2 bucks has several of their Accessories on Sale from as low as $5.95. Save $10 off $10 or more with code Welcome123d. Shipping is free.

Away Put your Map!

Always on the Road Knowing where I've Been

New TT Home

TomTom Home is now available.

Any current Tom Tom models with automatic zoom *out*?

Hello All,

link for poi mac tools

anybody have a link for poi tools for a mac ? the usefull software and web tool link here for mac poi tools is dead.

Bogalusa, LA. POI Files for the area.

I will be to the bogalusa,la. area for Christmas. Just wondering 1) If anyone was on the forum from there and secondly if anyone poi files for the area as well ?

May the Good LORD go with you David Fuller AC0RV<br> Skywarn M187201 <br>

How to install new red light updates for Tom Tom

I have seen numerous times on my travels here in the lower mainland of BC that out of 75 red lights cameras or more that are installed, I maybe have 20% of them show up on my TomTom 630 .. How can I update and save new information up to November 2010???
I find the area here on the POI Factory but are these updates/ or just the icons?avatars only???

Auto on and off... Newbie XXL 540 TM

Is there a way to make this GPS turn on when you turn on the ignition and off when you turn the ignition off?

Seem like a pretty standard GPS function but haven't been able to locate it?

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