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Police Radar Interference?

I was on a trip the other day, was using my TomTom 540XXL and all of a sudden the screen of the TT displayed a triangle and what appeared to be a pause sign and then went blank. At about that time, I looked around and noted a Police Car on the side of the road facing my direction. I am assuming his radar gun was on when it hit my TT.

870 Maps

870 Edition maps are available thru TomTom Home or

TomTom 2535

I have been asked to give my opinion about the 2535. I have had it for about six weeks now and it is everything I hoped for and more. I love everything about it. I have had zero issues with it and it is working great. The only issue is the "My TomTom" application. TomTom is being very slow to bring it up to speed. They are adding things sporadically.

Sharing files between TT One and TT XL

Is it possible to share maps between TT One and TT XL?? I owned a TT one for about 2 or 3 years and recently bought a TT XL for my wife. I notice that the XL map have some good corrections made. I would like to know if it's possible to copy the map of the XL on the computer and then write it on the TT one. If it's possible witch files are the correct ones???



does anyone know where you can get the screen repaired at on these GPS's?

New Version of TomTom Home (

The new version is

Custom POI Icons

I just got a TomTom Indash (Eclipse) and I am looking to put custom POIs on the unit. I see how to install the POI file but how do I add a custom icon for those files?

Garmin 1490T and Tom Tom In-Dash Eclipse II

Tom-Tom Fantastic Price

TomTom XL340S 4.3" Portable Touch-Screen GPS - $59.99

"Advice to children crossing the street: Damn the lights. Watch the cars. The lights ain't never killed nobody." - Moms Mabley" Garmin StreetPilot C330, Garmin NUVI 765T


How can i put custom POI file that my company made on my tom tom XL 350TM. I try opening the map and putting them in there but no luck

TT sells users GPS tracking data to police

Tom Tom sells customer's aggregate tracking data to police to show where people often speed; aids police in placing speed traps.

Now if they were REALLY smart, they would sell it to us as likely spots to expect speed traps.

TomTom 2535

New TomTom will be released around mid-April. Anyone planning on taking the plunge?

Tom Tom Custom POI/Icon tip of the day>>>

First, the disclaimer: This works with my TT 340XLS. I am pretty sure it will work for you but no guarantees!

"You can't get there from here"

POI icons not shown on Map Browser....

I downloaded several POI files and matched them up with icons files from this site. I made sure the icon names matched the POI files names. I even made sure all the icons were 22 X 22 pixels, set to 8 bit color depth (256 Colors) and set to 72DPI resolution.

When I go to the POI listing I can see that the POI files have linked to the proper icon files. However, when I elect to show a POI on the Map Browser, the icons do not show. I have tried zooming into the Map to see if they would show up then. They don't. Some POI/Icon files work just fine and others do not. All the POI sites show up in the list with the distance from my current location.

What am I missing here? Like I said before, all the POI files have linked to their appropriate icon files as shown by the POI listing. Only some of them will show up on the map when 'Show POI on Map' is selected.

At first I suspected the icon files were not in the proper format. As I said above, I changed their format to be all the same. Doing this did not fix the issue. Some still show and some do not.

Any help would be appreciated.

bob TomTom 730T App:9.465 Map: North_America_2GB v900.4602 Win XP Pro(SP3) TT Home

Just received the Ram Mount I ordered for my 340 XLS>>>

one very cool piece of pizzazz! Planning a long motorcycle tour this Summer and didn't want to have the EZ mount screwed to my speedo glass (hard to keep track of gas gauge and can't see odometer). Decided on the Ram and it really is very handy and easy to use.

"You can't get there from here"

Tom Tom .OV2 File

Looking for assistance. I just down loaded a updated "Diners Drive-Ins and Dives" file .OV2 format to my Tom Tom device folder as I have in the past. I saved the new file in the "USA and Canada" folder. It looked like ny device was "updating". I disconnected the Tom Tom from the computer and can access any catagory "Point of Interst" and I can see the Diners Drive-Ins and Dives icon.


New TomTom Home Version

TT Home version is available.

Ov2 conversion won't show correctly on a tom tom

Hi All,
Hoping someone can help. I have a list of custom POI's that I use on my garmin in .csv format. I am trying to share them with a co-worker who has a tom tom. And used the converters online. Everything seemed to go ok, but when I go to use them on the tom tom it says there are not poi's in the folder.

Can someone help me understand how to convert these correctly?

New Maps

The 865 edition of maps has been released by TomTom.

XXL540 POI alert voice for POI's I install (new user, be kind)

I have downloaded a couple of POI's for my Tomtom XXL540 and it seems Like I have them loaded correctly. I now see the POI in preferences, I have checked the Poi (for example Pure-Gas) and I then go to alert.. I choose it for alert, I have entered 200 yards, have chosen the voice alert and saved all this.


Next edition of maps (865?) should be out in the next week to 10 days.

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