Icons (on TomTom)


I have put a POI on my VIA 1435. I have an Icon for it but can not find the icon on the TomTom or how to link it to the POI. I have read manual and PDF file and can not figure out how to do this. I have a couple other POI's that I would like to add Icons too. But can not for the life of me figure this out.
Thanks for any help.

James E. Wells KD0AJZ

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Icons are .BMP files

Hi jewells53,

Check out this page


and click the first link under the "Adding POI sets" section (the one that includes "Via series"). Basically, you need to provide a .bmp image file with exactly the same name as the .ov2 data file.

BMP Icons.

Thank You. I was not putting them in at the same time and was having a bit of a time trying to find the answer. I have them now. Thanks. grin

James E. Wells KD0AJZ