using PoiEdit for conversion


I understand that I have to use PoiEdit to Convert POI from csv format to TomTom OV2.

My question is that PoiEdit gives me several choices for the input file format ie


Which one to use? are they very different?

There are

There are other conversion tools (google - CSV to OV2)
but POIedit will do it for you. The most popular csv format will be Garmin so I'd pick that one.

I'm not sure about the differences between all the formats but you often see conversion utilities that seem to indicate that Navman and Garmin are pretty much the same. For example see this online conversion site:

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Try Extra_POI_Editor

Try Extra_POI_Editor. It also will output .OV2

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PoiEdit Input Format

Set the PoiEdit input format to Garmin Comma Separated (*.csv).

+1 for using Extra_POI_Editor

I just came across this in the past couple of months. This is an awesome tool. It does everything I need and more. I found it when the POIFRIEND website went out and I'm so glad I did.