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latest tomtom update

have a tomtom xxl . recieved email for map update . this was about the 4 time of updateding maps on my tomtom and tells me im 12.4 mb short of being able to install update when getting to install to internal memory . i googled on line and tried doing factory reset . ( did copy favorites before doing step ) but no go . any help would be appreciated .

Looking for R.E. Michal HVAC

Looking for a POI folder with R.E. Michel suppliers in VA.

Mike TOMTOM XL335 and VIA 1535

New Software Build Released For The Latest Generation of TomTom PNDs

TomTom has just released an update (Build 13.057) to the software for the latest generation of their PND hardware. These are the "NAV4" devices such as the GO 500 and GO 600 that were put on sale last year. (NOTE: This update does not apply to earlier generations of TomTom devices.)

XXL540, GO LIVE 1535, GO 500

New Version of TT Home

New Version of TT Home has been released.

Current version is now 298.3423

TomTom v1.17 IOS is out

TomTom ver 1.17 is out for iphone - i see the TomTom USA version is out and Europe.

Voice guided navigation
Full Lane guidance
IQ Routes
Traffic updates
Street name announcements
Powerful search engine
Support multi tasking
Beautifully integrated


Map updates

930 maps out

TomTom Map version 930 release, installed with no problems.

Uploading OV2 files to tomtom not working

I followed the directions of connecting tomtom to computer. It does not show up as a removable storage device. A computer icon does show up on the tomtom map page. What else could I try? This is for tomtom VIA 1535

Mike TOMTOM XL335 and VIA 1535

Microphone icon on main screen

I used to have a microphone symbol on the screen with the map. I used to be able to tap on it and it would say "say a command". This was good for finding gas stations or restaurants. I installed an updated map and now it is gone. Tomtom Via

Mike TOMTOM XL335 and VIA 1535

TomTom Rolls Out 7″ Android Tablet For Fleets

So, will the TomTom Bridge 7″ Android Tablet be a success or a flop? Will Garmin introduce a 7″ Android Tablet?

TomTom 1435TM doesn't speak street names

I've been using Garmin GPSs for the past ten years and decided to get a TomTom 1435TM because Garmin maps are notoriously inaccurate in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area.

Compared to the Garmin, the 1435TM takes more key presses to enter a destination. But I'm frustrated in that during navigation this new TomTom doesn't speak street names. Is there a setting I'm missing?

Re-CAL-culating... "Some people will believe anything they read on the internet" - Abraham Lincoln

Red light camera for Tom Tom Via

Is there any site out there where I can download red light camera for a Tom Tom Via1535

Tomtom Start 45TM Safety Camera

I bought a Start 45TM and get regular safety camera updates apart from maps. I've been to several red light cameras arount Toronto but I'm not getting alerts/warnings. I noticed OV2 files are 94KB only. Is there something wrong with the OV2 files?

fuses (for tom-tom traffic receiver)

I need a fuse for my tom-tom traffic receiver model 4UUC 001.03. Can anyone help to identify it and where it can be purchased?

Optimze OV2 by PHP script

Hi every body...
I'am french and i dont speak very whell english... But i have difficulty to construct big OV2 files with a PHP script.
When i use POI Optimizer to my OV2 file, the final file are "mega" whell optimized !!!
So, i'm looking for the function/method to apply to my bad OV2 to transform it to a Amazing OV2 File !!!
Is-it possible you to help me ??? wink

New TT GO Series for 2014

Regarding the 2014 TT GO units, will it be required to have a smartphone to receive traffic info?

I'm confused about this. I don't have/want a smartphone.
Just want to receive traffic info.

For now, I may be interested in the TT GO 500 with 5" screen.

Can anyone clarify this?


new tomtom devices

TomTom 1650 GPS fix

Why does TomTom continually prompt me to update the GPS fix software? I'm assuming there is only one version since TOmTom does not indicate a version.

I must have updated this software six times now. But I still get prompted to update it again.

tomtom home update

installed new tomtom home and have had nothing but problems since . updated maps ( us and canada ) and when i connect my tomtom again it offers me the same updates again after they were downloaded and installed . i unistalled gps quick fix as the tomtom forum suggested as a fix for problems connecting to their server . didnt work .

920 Edition Maps

The 920 Edition of TomTom Maps has been released.

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