How to create a TomTom Itinerary (ITN) file that will function correctly


How to create and edit an Itinerary (ITN) files in a TomTom GPS
First, use Microsoft Streets and Trips version 2010 or newer, or any other mapping software that can export a GPX file. Create your trip and export the GPX file. Use any program that can convert GPX to ITN. If you choose to download GPSBabelGUI which is a free download. Show your GPX file as the Input, and select it is a GPX XML file, for output, select TomTom Itinerary (ITN) file and pick a location to save it and name it. Select Lets Go. If you pick another map program, be sure it can export a file that GPSBabelGUI or the program you choose to convert it to an ITN can read it.
Use Notepad to open the file. You should see four columns of data, Longitude, Latitude, Name, and Flag. The Longitude should be a negative number for the quadrant of the globe that the America is. Latitude is Positive. The Name is whatever you called it. The Flag tells the TomTom what this point is.
0 is a waypoint
4 is a start point
2 is a destination/finish or stopover
Open the filename.ITN file in Notepad, or any other text editor (you must be able to save as text). You will see a list that looks something like this. There MAY be a limit of 40 characters for the Name that it can display.
-9845454|288888|the name you chose|0
The vertical line between fields is called a Pipe, and is the shift of the backslash key. On the keyboard, it looks like two dashes stacked vertically. It is right of the bracket (]) key. There are no spaces except in the Name.
There will be as many entries as you created in your Trip, and they will be in the order you asked for them to be in your mapping software. Using your preferred editor, change the Flag to how you want to manage your trip. Change the first entry’s flag to 4. Keep all the waypoints you created as 0’s, change all the places you wanted to visit, including your final destination, to a 2. Notice there is no decimal point in the Longitude or Latitude. These must also be in Degrees, not degrees-minutes, not degrees-minutes-seconds, so set your mapping software to Degrees. Second, there can be no more than 59 entries (lines) in your file. TomTom says that there can be no more than 3 destinations, but I have proved that false. If there is a limit, I don’t know what it is. I am currently on a trip on my ninth destination using an Itinerary file. I use a TomTom 300, one of the earliest TomToms made.
Once the point has been visited, 0’s become 1’s, 2’s become 3’s.
The 1’s and 3’s are shown in Grey on the Itinerary list. As you drive through your route, TomTom automatically changes the Flag, IF you get close enough to the Lon/Lat. If you don’t, you may have to use the Menu to mark it visited yourself. If you miss a point, want to delete one, or want to move it up or down in the list, the TomTom Menu can do that for you.