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XL 330 POI question

I wouldn't really describe this as a problem, more like an annoyance. I just loaded 2 new POI files on my unit specifically for a trip I'm about to make. I have 3 destinations that I loaded as an itinerary. The problem is that the new POIs don't show up when asking to browse maps, points along route BUT I know they are there.

Height 16 (TomTom)

Height 16 is available.

26.05.10 (b16) Now works with NavCore 8.351 (TT7000)

It is for TomToms only.

New Version of TT Home

TT Home is now available.

1.5 years later, they finally fixed a map error I reported

I just got an e-mail from TeleAtlas saying that they had corrected a map error that I submitted 1.5 years ago. Wow... they need to devote more resources to this. TeleAtlas maps just aren't that accurate in the USA (IMHO).

New Free TomTom Player

Tomplayer V0.230 is released

Find it here

gpx file ??? (TomTom)

How do I download a gpx file to my computer and then into my tom tom 720.

no sound with speed cam (TomTom One XL)

One xl. I set moo at 500 meters for speed cam, when near camera it flashes on screen, so it knows where the camera is, but it does not moo. Why?

TOMTOM Go Live 1000

What do you think about the new 1000 model?

850 Maps are Coming out

They are on their way!

IQ routes in 730 vs. 740

I've tried searching the net to no avail. So I hope this isn't a repost.

Apparently, the 740 now uses time of day in addition to day of week for its IQ route calculations.

Can anyone confirm that whether the TomTom 730 has hour-of-day IQroute calculations? or is it only day by day?

Thank you very much smile

What Do You Think About Map Share?

What are your thoughts about Map Share?

Do you participate?

What problems/successes have you had?

If you were king for a day, how would you improve it?

Shooter N32 39 W97 25 GO 930, VIA 1535TM, GPSmap 60CS, Android w/Google Maps & TomTom USA, BMW built-in

Height v13 is now available.

Height v13 is now available. It works with the 9.XXX navcores. If you have an earlier version installed, copy the height.cgf file from it to the v13 height folder, so you do not have to re-configure it.

Wanted to smash my TomTom to pieces last night

I was driving to east Tucson last night, and my TomTom 125 had instructed me to get off 5 miles early, and then drive along the freeway access road, with stoplights every mile.

After a couple of miles of doing this, I was wondering what on earth is my TomTom doing? So I got back on the freeway.

-- - red light cameras do not work

tomtom - Free Lifetime maps and traffic in the 2nd Qtr 2010

What are your thoughts about Lifetime maps and traffic on some new models starting April 2010?

Touch Pro Tomtom 7 7.2 map

I am having a problem with the custom POI, I have copied them from this site, to my computer, and loaded them the map folder on the card. Then I go to tomtom, change preference, manage poi but I cant activate them, i will be going to Puerto Rico next week and would love to have the PR POIs working, they are working on tt6 map6.7. Thank you in advance.

Battery Problem in 930

Anyone else have a problem with there TomTom holding a charge? and if so how did you get it fixed?

Height v12.

Height v12 is available here:

It does not work with Navcore 9.XXX.

ov2 files

can anyone help me I have 2 computers one is a 1 month old Dell Laptop with Vista and a desktop Gateway with Windows XP if I download the fuel stations( Flying J) listed here and try to open them on either computer they do no open I get a window trying to get me to buy software to do so I even went far enough to try one of the sofwares still cannot open these OV2 files there must be something I'


Tom Tom Go 740 Live

Can anyone send me step by step process to download POI files on this unit if so Thank you very much


Update of TomTom

After trying to update my TomTom One XL I got an error that it could not load. After 4 hours on the phone with TomTom support they decided the best thing to do was to format the drive.

We formatted the drive, tried to load again, and nothing worked.

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