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New TOMTOM In Dash Unit

Sony is coming out with two new units that fit in the dash. One has a 7 inch touch screen and the other has a 6.1 inch screen for a slightly smaller price.

Go here for some more info.

Questions about XXL 540 M

I'm a TomTom guy who just found out the hard way that the unites sometimes don't react well to being dropped. Anyway I may be in the market for a new unit and I was wondering if anyone is familiar with this unit. 2 features of my current unit that I really want on a new unit are Itinerary planning and the ability to set warnings prior to reaching points of interest.

POI icons missing

I have a TomTom One 130. I have downloaded several POI files in the .ov2 format and loaded them onto my TomTom in the appropriate map folder. When I have the POI category selected in the show POI screen, I do not see the POI icons on the map screen. If I search for the POI, it is found and the icon appears, but when I search for something else, the icon for the previously found POI is gone again.

map software

I need some help from some of you TomTom guys. A friend just bought one and I'm a Garmin guy so I can't give him much help. Does TomTom have any mapping software like MapSource for Garmin. Also how does he load POIs from the poi-factory.

Anytime you have a 50-50 chance of getting something right, there's a 90% probability you'll get it wrong.

Categorizing Favorites on TomTom

Having had my TomTom for only a few days, I found very quickly that either I am missing something or there is no way to categorize Favorites on the TomTom. I guess I have gotten "spoiled" from my Garmins capability to categorize the Favorites in such a way that I don't have to search all favorites to find one. As I said, I haven't figured out a way - yet - to categorize the Favorites.

Installing POI's on TomTom

I just picked up a TomTom XXL540TM. Thought I would check out how TomToms work, as compared to Garmins. I have been accessing and installing POI's on my Garmin for quite a time, including the Red light camera's. I use the POIloader for that. My question is, can I basically do the same with the TomTom? I currently place poiloader.exe, sox.exe and the various POI's in the same folder.

New 855 Maps

Looks like Tom Tom is beginning to put out new 855 maps. Current ones are 850.

Another New Version of TT Home

Version is out now.

Claims it is a critical update???

New Version TomTom Home

New Version is available.

Traffic on 540M? Simple as buying traffic reciever?

I recently took advantage of the Amazon Gold Box deal on the TomTom.

Haven't used it yet, but the software and download functionality is way superior to the Garmin (1350T) and the Navigon (7200T) that I have owned.

I have a feeling I'm going to miss my traffic updates. Is it really as simple as buying the right car charger/antenna? And does anyone know where they are cheap?

sharing a new file

I just created a new POI file and dont know how to send it to the POI Factory to share.

Any/all help will be appreciated.

Thank you

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Downloadable Icons

I want to download some of the icons that I've found here to my Tom Tom. Is this possible?

Height v17

09.07.10 (b17) Now with additional font sizes '4' and '5'

New Version of TT Home

Version is available.

Tom Tom XL XL IQ Routes ² 2GB TTS

We just went on a trip to Canada, flying to Bangor, ME then driving from there to Canada. I didn't take my Garmin because it doesn't have maps of Canada. We used Google Maps Navigation on my Android phone. It was great in the city, but it sent us up I-95 to Canada, which would have added 3 or 4 hours to the trip.

New to Tom Tom from Garmin

Howdy, folks.
I just got a TomTom Go 730 to replace my older Garmin. I have always had Garmins, and I like them, but I wanted to try something new this time.

I was wondering what advice/suggestions people have for me to get the most out of my new unit. What should an old Garminite know about moving into the TT world? etc.

Thanks in advance.

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At my wit's end with POIs

Third Edition One XL. On our way up north the entire GPS crashes which seemed to be due to a corrupt map. Back up was also corrupted. Purchased new map from TomTom and went about trying to put POIs back on as before.

TomTom EasyMenu - POI managment

Does anyone know if the new EasyMenu on the XL350 (or XXL550) has the capability to manage POI alerts and map display? I played around with an XL350 for a few minutes, and could not find it. The reason I ask is for the viability of using 3rd party speed/redlight camera POIs as I do now with my old One XL.

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