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mp3 playback on GO630

The GO630 doesnt come with MP3 playback. Is there a way around this?

TomTom OneXLS - SD card slot usage

I'm trying to add new voices and other content (POIs, etc.) to my OneXLS, but the internal memory only has about 15-20MB free after the "necessary" stuff.

Can I load a 2GB (or higher) SD card with everything that is in my Backup folder (using TomTom Home), and then have room for additional voices, POIs, etc. with the SD card?

TomTom One XLS * Contact me about 1200 free print credits *

TTSVoiceEditor for TomTom Vocalizer Speech Engine

This is my first version of TTSVoiceEditor for the TomTom GPS. It allows you change all the predefined phrases in your GPS. For now, it works only for TTS voice using the Vocalizer speech engine.

For example, change: "turn around when possible"
to "make a U-Turn, but watch for the cops!"

Not a very original example, but I am sure you can find better.

Max POI Name Length

This problem from another post sounds like a name length problem. Can anyone confirm and post the max name length?


allisong6 wrote:
allisong6 wrote:

One problem, my TomTom xl would not find any Holdiday's when I searched by "along route!" It found them fine if I "searched nearby" or by city.

I got it to work. What a long work around!

Open the ov2 file in poi edit

Uploading Custom POI

I'm a new user of GPS.
I got a TOM TOM ONE model.
I'm trying to upload a custom POI file using POI loader on a MAC. The software say that all the point are uploaded, but i don't know where to see them in my GPS.
Can i browsed them on the device?

warning about TomTom 30 day map update online

My TomTom 125 has an older map version 725.1905, but when I connected to TomTom Home online, it said my maps were up to date and no update was available.

This is untrue, of course, since new map came out in November 08.

Looks like I have to call TomTom to get the new map added to my TomTom Home so I can download and install it.

-- - red light cameras do not work

Takes forever to download TomTom Home software

I've been trying to download TomTom Home software for the last hour and have only gotten 2.51MB out of the 19.78 MB file size.

I have a very fast broadband connection that can download 40MB in about 30 seconds, so it's annoying that this file is taking so long to download.

Anyone else have run into issues in trying to download TomTom Home?

-- - red light cameras do not work

Love my new TomTom

I've been a Garmin fanboy for a long time, and still love and use Garmin.

But I bought my first TomTom last week, and used it this week.

I've gotta say, wow it's nice!

Some aspects of Garmin is better than TomTom, but some aspects of the TomTom is really nice!

I'm doing research and finding out more capabilities of the TomTom but really love it so far!

-- - red light cameras do not work

720 won't make left turn to destination?

Why is it when a destination is on the left my TomTom won't make a left turn to it? Instead, it makes a left at an intersection, then a right and another right.. and another right. Turn restrictions seem to allow a left turn on the map and I've noticed this more than once. Is there a way to turn the preference for a right turn off?

TomTom offers free celebrity voiceskins

TomTom offers free celebrit voiceskins

BEST tomtom unit ???

having had my nuvi 760 die, im seriously looking at a tom tom. which tomtom unit should i get ?
i need :
1. Unit which can take SD old garmin could take 16GB.
2. Ability to play MP3s and navigate.
3. Bluetooth
4. FM Traffic receiver
5. FM Transmitter (Optional, prefered)
8. small size - smaller the better. i dont care about big screens.

GPS Models : 60CSX w/2GB Kingston (stolen), 32GB Samsung INNOV8 with Garmin Mobile XT(8GB), NUVI 760 w/16GB PSF16GSDHC6 (DIED in 30 days), V (died), Nokia N8 with Garmin Mobile XT(48GB), Blackberry Torch with Google Maps.

Altitude for Tomtom

This is something that I use on my 510 and it is quite accurate. Go here to check it out.

TomTom Warns Of Lower Earnings

Also hurting from the Teleatlas acquisition:

How to hang up the cellphone call first

I wonder how you can hang up the cellphone call first on your Bluetooth enabled TomTom GO 930 unit? Because I don't know how, I hope the caller/receiving person at the other end hangs up and my GO 930 unit would return to normal. Currently, when a cellphone call comes through, I am asked whether I want to answer or not.

how to enable self installed pois

I have downloaded customer made pois from the website and placed them into internal/USA_and_Canada maps folder. Afterwards I discount the tomtom one xl from the computer using tomtom home, device menu and disconnect device. I also restart the tomtom one xl. When I go into navigate and select POI and search i always get No POI Found. I have searched and am not sure what I am not doing.

Insight On TomTom

From US president Jocelyn Vigreaux:

New TomTom Go 740 Live (Un)Connected GPS

Looks nice, but they haven't come up with a cellular provider for data in the US yet.

Speed Limits in the US

Does anyones TomTom show the speed limits for the US? Unless I add them manually mine does not. A friend of mine said his TomTom ONE 125 (same as 130, but without Canadian maps) does show him the speeds around here but I have yet to find out how to activate this.

GO 930 can read HTML files

I believe GO 930 can read HTML files. Has anyone tried doing just that and what was your impression? Can the GO 930 read PDF documents also?

pol for gps

hello just got new tomtom need to know how to set up it up so i can get pol on it grin

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