1390 T Maiden voyage.


I finally took my Nuvi 1390 T on its first real voyage since I got it a couple of weeks ago. I landed in Austin TX and drove to San Antonio TX. If you’ve never had the pleasure of driving on Texas Interstate it’s an experience. I am finally seeing, that I may not take this unit out and place it under the front tire and drive over after all (That’s what I did to one of my other units, made me feel better). The Smart Lane assist was a blessing, It actually worked, and it seemed to work very well. It would show me Pictures of the over head street signs and then show where it wanted you under (in the correct lane) and I never once felt like throwing the unit out the window (**YET**). I managed to maneuver the crisscrossing, over and under, change from the far left to the far right, interstates system (I 35 and Capitol of Texas Hwy) just South of Austin, without missing a step, I didn’t have to figure out how I was going to get turned around to make another run at it. My older GPS systems would get confused and have to constantly recalculate, and by that time I already missed where I was supposed to go.

So the Lane Assist of the Garmin system is great.

Where they fall short, the Garmin map does not see the Texas 45 – 130 Toll road that has been in place for a year or so now, so it never offers to take the much simpler road that would avoid all the confusion.

Garmin 3597 LMTHD