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I wouldn't have thought it...

We have been on only but a few trips with our Christmas-time purchased GPSr. On occasion we've had what I would say are not the best of directions... Others too on this forum have reported similar experiences, hence why numerous posts are quick to point out that one must be sure to "not leave your brain at home" while on your journey.

Randy C530, Nuvi 52

Performed Flawlessly (trip through China, Korea, and Japan)

I just returned from a 30 day trip through China, Korea, and Japan, and the old 660 performed without a glitch. Of course streets didn't appear, but the major roadways did, and the little location triangle always gave me my position. It tracked my location . and speed on water as well as land.

Garmin 660

Ultimate Road Trip (Potential contest?)

I ran accross this in the local papaer to day.
What a trip! 48 states, 5days!

Planning Canada Trip

Planning trip from Wisconsin to Winnipeg CDA, to Calgary CDA to Anchorage, AK...

Anyone ever use their Garmin for such a trip?

Was wondering specifically how it works on the Alcan-Alaska Hwy in the Yukon territory.

Was wondering about suggestions, etc.

(Temporary) Cheap Gas

In these times of rapidly escalating gas prices, and for those passing thru NJ, here is something to remember:

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Longest distance before next turn/fork in road?

When creating a route on a GPS device, what is the longest possible distance before the next turn or keep left/keep right instruction? For example, when I drive down to my parents' house near Daytona Beach, the next instruction on I-95 south after passing Fayetteville, NC is about 385 miles away in the Jacksonville, FL vicinity. (I forget if it was at the intersection with I-285 or I-10).

Travel and the Americans with Disabilities Act

I am very pleased that during my recent trips that there is a lot more conformity with the "Americans with Disabilities Act". To name some: Lot more Handicap parking, Wheelchair ramps to help entrance to various establishments, Handicap accessible rest rooms. But the one that caught my eye the most was at the DRIVE IN ATMs at the banks I use.

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Emergency Landing on Delta flight

We took off from Atlanta just as the storm was coming in. We used up most of the runway to lift off the small regional jet. The aircraft was slow to gain altitude and as soon as we were up past the end of the runway we took a sharp turn off to go around for a landing. I watch our unusual course on my GPS. But we didn't land. We should have gone north west but we headed due east.

Wild River GPS Challenge

I didn't realize until this morning that our state park system had a Wild River GPS Challenge!
(Click on "Why Go Here" underFor Park Visitors)

I won the Disneyland Dream Suite stay

grin Well, I don't need my GPS to get to Disneyland, but I thought I'd share this anyway. Thursday, 03/27/08 I was in the right seat of the right car of the right ride at the right time to be selected to stay in the Walt Disney Dream Suite at Disneyland for that night.

It's a breathtaking experience, a fantastic suite, parade grand marshal and more. I have a phot album set up at:

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Confused about route preferance

When coming home to Toledo Ohio on rt#65 near Lexington Kentucky, I put go home. I planned to take 65 to 69 to Ohio 80 turnpike. My 2730 kept wanting to take me over to Cinci to 75.I am set for don't avoid tools and tried fastest and shortest. I am hoping someone can tell me what I need to do to have the gps get me on the route I want.

27000 km trip

I'm new to this site, but have been using a GPS for over 3 years. I use a Garmin and Mapsource software to create routes I'd like to take. My preferred method of transportation is my motorcycle.

In 2006 my wife and I embarked on a x-Country trip. We spent 3 months travelling across Canada and covered just over 27000 kms.


Perfect use for a GPSr

My wife had a doctor's appointment this morning in a town about 15 miles away. I know how to get there, but I thought we'd take Roxy, our GPSr. I don't have many opportunities to use her, but she's fun to play with so we took her.

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1800 Mile Trip

I just returned from a 1800 mile trip from Atlanta,GA to Flint, Lansing, & Saginaw, MI and then to Dayton, OH. I must say the C340 worked very well on this trip and the arrival was very accurate in it's calculation for directions and such. On the way to Michigan somewhere in Ohio the GPS went crazy. I just went for the power button and shut him off and restarted it and all was fine.

Garmin nuvi 2455LMT (wife uses nuvi 255w) (sold C330)

Route 66, West to East

Does anyone have a source for a custom made download for my NUVI 350 that will take me on all navicable sections of Route 66 from Santa Monica, CA to Chicago, including POI's?

Thank you.

Did you know ----- (California sites)

Did you know that the lowest place in the US, Badwater, CA in Death Valley, 262 feet below Sea Level, and the highest place in the 48 states, Mt. Whitney, 14,494 feet, a bit west of Lone Pine, CA up Whitney Portal Road to 8,000 feet, are 135 miles apart, around 3 hours?


does garmin work in the gulf

The answere is yes I took postion reading from 300 miles from Jamaca, jamaca, grand caymen islands, and cozumel mexico.. The ships speed was 22.8 mph into the wind and 23.6 with the wind. I had some old guy explain to me that gps will not work in gulf of mexico because the sats are all over the USA. I had 11 to 12 sats every time I turned my garmin 650.


Not a travel story...

... but an article on GPS technology is being used in Cameroon.


Forest defences. How Cameroon's Baka tribe are using GPS to protect their land

GPS on Airplane

I travelled from New Jersey to Minneapolis and found a great new use for thew GPS. I placed it in off road mode and put my destination into the unit. It showed my speed and after a short while a reasonably good estimate of arrival time. Lots of fun watching the flight path.

GPS gone wild........

While traveling between Needles, CA and Quartzite, AZ on AZ 95 my Garmin went wild in Lake Havasu City.
Maybe the roads were new but when I looked at Map Source they looked good. Jill wanted me to go down by the lake for some reason. I prevaled and she got back on board after leaving that area.
Anyone else have this happen?

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