Colorado length limits


The GPS is great at finding shortcuts, but can lead you down the proverbial path.

Twice we were bitten last summer in Colorado. I should mention we drive a 26' Class C RV, pulling a Mini Cooper for a total length of about 43'.

First time she wanted to take us down a canyon road. After a few miles, a sign appeared saying vehicles over 25' prohibited. Since there was no where to turn this rig around, we continued. Bad move. Came to a tunnel that was so small, I got out and walked it, figuring it should fit. It just did. Then the road got worse, and a second sign appeared.

It said something to the effect of no vehicles over 25', we're not kidding. I saw a chance to turn around there, and back tracked.

Next time was heading up to Independence Pass, where we saw a sign about vehicles over 35' prohibited. We gave up, and unhooked the Mini, so the wife could follow me with it.

The problem is both roads were labeled as "scenic route"

Still unsure how to avoid these problems, as I could find nothing in the road atlas to point these out.


Roy Adams

Kind of doubting that the

Kind of doubting that the maps themselves (from NAVTEQ) have any knowledge of size limits or anything like that.