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Refunds for Photo Tickets on Short Yellow in Chattanooga, TN

The city of Chattanooga, Tennessee will refund $8800 in red light cameras tickets issued to motorists trapped by an illegally short yellow time. Municipal Court Judge Russell Bean on Monday dismissed charges against 176 vehicle owners cited by an automated ticketing machine located at Martin Luther King Boulevard and Pine Street.

New red light cameras going up in Knoxville, TN

One camera can catch a driver speeding through a red light. Two cameras seem to accelerate speculation.

Many Knoxvillians have noticed an extra camera being placed behind existing cameras.

Morristown, TN to get Redlight/Speed Cameras

MORRISTOWN (WATE) -- A plan to put East Tennessee's first speed camera into operation in Morristown on Monday was delayed by snow.

Police Chief Roger Overholt says he thinks the camera, which is a speed and red light camera, will go into operation at the intersection of College Square Mall and Crockett Square later this week.

This map shows the mall's location:

Observations and Opinions

Sunday I drove from Goodyear, AZ to Mesa, AZ approx. 65 miles across Phoenix freeways. Here are some observations and opinions.
The Phoenix area has a large number of enforcement cameras.
The enforcement cameras are well marked.
Saw a good number of mobile cameras as well.
Traffic generally traveled the speed limit to + 5 mph.

Rear ending.

There is a red light camera on the way home to work. I have started to avoid it all together. I have already seen 3 rear ending accident in last one year. Think about, how many might have happened which I have not seen myself.

I have seen people applying brakes suddenly to yellow and then get rear ended by driver behind them.

BEWARE!!! Phoenix Speed Cameras Out of Control

Drove to Phoenix Yesterday and on I10 east bound coming into Phoenix we passed over 15 speed cameras in a 25 mile span of road. I had just updated my camera list. Half of the cameras were not on the list. I know everybody here is updating the list as fast as they can. You could end up up with 15 speeding tickets in the mail after you go through Phoenix. BEWARE!!!

18 wheel rigs running red lights

I noticed an 18 wheeler with a long trailer running a red light at a camera intersection but I didn't see the camera flash. Got me to wondering if the cameras might not be able to take a picture because the rigs are too long? Looks like at some intersections the big rig extends from one white line to the other.

Any big rig driver's here ever get a ticket from a red light camera?

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Cleveland lawyer finds traffic camera ticket loophole

In today's Cleveland OH Plain Dealer...

"Cleveland faces a possible avalanche of court challenges to tickets issued by the city's controversial traffic cameras after a lawyer won an unprecedented court ruling Thursday.

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Kansas City To Start Issuing Tickets

Kansas City will no longer be just issuing warnings, but now tickets to red light cameras.



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Speed Cameras in MO

I have verified that you cannot get a speeding ticket in the state of Missouri via a speed camera (red light cameras are different). I know that there are speed cameras in MO in the POI files, and I know that this should not be the case.

Is this a Traffic Camera?

I passed a strange looking camera that was bolted to an electrical transformer this morning.

I didn't think that NJ was supposed to have ticket cameras. This differs from the standard traffic cameras that are mounted to light poles.

Can anyone identify what this thing is?

I guess we can't hot link in photos, so I put this on a flickr account, web address below:

Nuvi 200

Does the Nuvi 200 support the mp3 alerts or do I have to convert to be able to use alerts? Or does the the file I downloaded have a built in default alert sound?

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Another newbie with tons of questions

I am stumbling along with this new Zumo 550 and need some help.

I've loaded the POIs I wanted, and it comes up in favorites on the 550 and all I have to do is select and import them for them to be active. Does this means they will pop up on my screen as I am close to them?

Question for a newbie on traffic camera

Just wondering if having a red light and ticket camera warning on a GPS activated, if founded, is illegal in certain states?

Italian Police Among those Implicated in Ticket Camera Fraud

More grist for the windmill. I haven't seen this posted here before:


As an aside, I wonder what the benefit of "3-d images of vehicles" would be for an enforcement camera?

Cross Streets

A friend of mine was using the Redlight file in Chicago, and thought that, for him, it would be more useful if the screen displayed the cross streets. So I wrote a program that will take the coordinates, determine the cross streets and re-write the display text.

New York, NY - Unlimited Traffic Cameras

Source: NY Post, February 1, 2009

Drivers beware: Big Brother could be watching you at every Big Apple intersection soon.

New Speed Technology Devices Approved For Use In Alberta,Canada

Legislation Spotlight: New Speed Technology Devices Approved For Use
Alberta Police can now use new intersection safety devices to reduce speeds and increase safety on our roads, thanks to amendments to the Traffic Safety Act.

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Speed limits needed for blank entries in the speed camera file

Hello everyone, I have a favor to ask. I would really like to feature the speed limits for our Speed Cameras.

So if everyone could take a moment to download the newest speed camera file that I just posted and look to see if the locations in your area have the speed limit listed.

Revenge for the Boston Tea Party?

I started investigating redlight cameras that are popping up like bunny rabbits in Illinois.

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