Ticket cameras


Red light cameras checking insurance, too

Red Light Camera company announces a new "service" of also checking for uninsured motorists to generate more tickets. They are just connecting to an insurance database with the camera system to check for current insurance when it records your license.


Red Light camera question...

Hi all, I have read various forum topics about red light and speed cameras and have been of the opinion that if you do no wrong you do not have a problem. I hope I am not wrong because of the following. I was headed north on Hwy 59 north of Houston. My trusty 750 gave me the alert in plenty of time for a red light camera in Dibill, Tx.

Redlight camera for profit

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Delaware Ups Red-light Cameras by 50%

Money-makers for Delaware. A recent article in the local paper:

DOVER, Del.- More red-light cameras are coming to Delaware. Ten additional cameras are set to be installed on state highways this year.

The state already has 20 red-light cameras and the Delaware Department of Transportation said it is handing out thousands of tickets each year.

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MD town using "red light cameras" to ticket people for stopping over the white line.


The town of New Carrolton's new mobile red light cameras are snapping up pictures like the paparazzi and motorists are calling the cameras out.
Danielle King got two tickets and says she's been wrongly accused. "I got caught by one up there," says King referring to the cameras along route 450.

Speed Cameras in Ohio

It was reported in the Toledo Blade this morning that the state of Ohio is debating authorizing the installation of speed cameras along Interstate highways. The report said that they would be installed in construction zones to catch people who speed and endanger the lives of highway workers.

Gee Wiz What will they think of next

From the NY Post March 8,2009


OH MY GOD the Evil doers strike again (my editorial comment)


"Ceterum autem censeo, Carthaginem esse delendam" “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

Red Light Cameras Coming to CT

Anyone hear anything about Red Light Cameras coming to Connecticut? Thought I saw something on the news about it the other day. And if so, they must be getting desperate for revenue.

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Redlight Beta file?

I think I might have missed something.
What is the redlight beta file in the download? How does it differ?

Count Down Red Lights

I am seeing count down red lights in Surprise, AZ.
These lights have a per second count down (till light change) shown in the walk/no walk indicators. This is intended for the pedestrians but will undoubtedly be used by drivers.
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Red Light Cameras Soon to track speed

Here in Edmonton Alberta we have had red light cameras for awhile now. Now it was reported in the news that they will now track and ticket speeding through red lights with those same cameras! In your areas how has that change contributed to possible rear end collisions? I have always known that people do speed up through lights when they change from green to yellow.

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Red Light Traffic Cameras on Huntington Agenda

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Red Light Camera Tickets Defeated In California

"An increasing number of motorists in California are doing their research and challenging red-light camera tickets in court. Many have been successful in fighting these tickets. Several of those who were convicted, have appealed their conviction and got it overturned based on the city's failure to comply with the California vehicle code.

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An insider talk about a redlight camera

I had a chance to talk to an off-duty police officer yesterday, who told me a little about the Lone Tree redlight camera (-104.87305, 39.53629, Red Light Camera .026dr, CO Lone Tree poi-factory Feb25 09).

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AZ drivers - DPS testing smaller type of speed camera

The fight for more revenue continues:


Motorists may notice a new type of speed camera on Valley freeways, but it's a bit harder to spot than the traditional stationary camera or speed van.

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New Redlight files - what's the beta?

In the new enforcement camera zip file, there's a "beta" file in there -- anyone know what this is for or what's the difference?

Chicago is unfair, the Chicago way

I was borrowing my sister's car the other week, and I rolled 10mph to a right hand turn. Driving in the city, when trying to find an address, sometimes people get a little distracted and might not come to a absolute full stop. Well surprise surprise, in my sister's mail came a ticket from the lovely people running Chicago for a $100! Lovely.

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Redlight Camera - Million$ in 75 days

A redlight camera that generated a million dollars in fines in 75 days is being turned off. http://theexpiredmeter.com/?p=2049
While not mentioned in the article, today's morning news reported that the owners of the nearby Woodfield Mall, one of the largest in the Chicago area, were afraid that irate customers would shop elsewhere.

Two Redlight by village after they found they increased accidents.

A village took down two cameras in their village after they found that accidents increased after installing cameras. The camera generated 1 million worth of tickets though in a year.

I am not in favor or against taking down the camera. I definitely approve the first step of acknowledging the fact, that the process of red-light trafic camera is not fully mature yet.

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