Ticket cameras


Tunnel locations near Red light and Speed camera spots

Since I am not able to visit all these locations I sometimes need to have you guys give me extra info on some intersections.

I would like to set up extra warnings in locations where a tunnel might interfere with the alert.

Do we currently have any locations that are inside or shortly after a tunnel exit?

Apparently many in Baton Rouge are not happy with the Red Light Cameras

Just heard on the news a couple of days ago that Baton Rouge has issued over 12,000 redlight camera violations and that 62% of those who were sited have refused to pay up.. So the plan is to turn over the names of those who did not pay to a collection agency.

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Red Light & Speed Cameras

Just a note to say that I down loaded the Red Light & Speed Cameras POI's.
Going on a 4 to 5 month in RV from Washington State to SW USA. Looking (?) forward to see how they work. The local Red Light POI downloaded a couple of weeks ago seems to work fine.
Thanks to the POI Factory for the DL.

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AZ speed camera locations

Are these Phoenix,AZ locations in the POI Factory red light and speed cameras file?

... locations removed by Miss POI


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Which states legalize redlight camera?

Hi all,

Which states officially allow the use of redlight camera to hand out tickets?


Red light POI, Can I do this?

Is there a way to disable the audio alert for a single red light camera? There is a single camera which I pass with some regularity and know very well that it is there, so I'd rather that one intersection remain quiet when I approach it, but still want my custom audio alert when I approach any other.

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I don't know if anyone here knows of this site. I just found it recently. Here is a link to the site:


I looks interesting and if the speed trap locations are accurate this could be a great source on information.

I posted this info down below but will include it in my original post too.

Here is the location of their beta site:

LOL ... yeah, they're ready to roll

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Pickerington, Ohio not giving up ...

... on pursuing red-light cameras. The Columbus, Ohio suburb and vendor seem intent on installing:


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Charlotte, NC Red Light Cams

I found his site looking for a site with red light cameras. I looked at the cities with cameras and it appears that Charlotte NC is not yet documented. I am pretty green to modifying my nuvi but if I can get help with this I would like to try to document the Cameras in this area.


Baton Rouge Red Light Cameras

Apparently they are adding and moving them bi-weekly. It's almost impossible to stay up to date.

Tacoma Washington news

Just thought I would share this, I will be keeping a close eye on this and would like to know from those in this area if these locations are removed please.

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Phoenix cameras starting on Friday

State officials have decided to let the contract for over 100 cameras in the Phoenix area. The foirst mobile cameras are due on Friday with the fixed cameras to be installed later. Those of us in the Valley...get ready to send in those new locations. grin


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Spotted cameras

I had to drive to someplace in Broward County over the weekend and I noticed almost every intersection on Pembroke Pines Boulevard from I75 to University drive had Redlight cameras.

"Speed alert ahead: 1 km/h"

With the last two updates of Redlight-Camera.csv (my current file is 11/09/2008), I'm getting speed alert warnings. The warnings usually are accompanied by the alert tone on my nuvi 350 sounding once or repeatedly. The text of the warning is: "Speed alert ahead: 1 km/h."

Washington state speed cams up and running

Driver of photo-radar van arrested for DUI


Let the remarks commence...

Does anyone have 'bus lane' cameras?

I know speed, and red light cameras are common now. A city near me is experimenting with bus lane cameras.

Bus lanes are reserved for buses and bicycles during rush hours. They are usually the lane next to the curb and they are marked with diamonds. The only time a car can be in the bus lane is if they plan to turn right in less than a block.

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