Ticket cameras


Streaming video question answered


Cameras recording streaming video and 5-2 vote to kill the program.



Surprised state lawmakers learned Thursday that the photo enforcement cameras they authorized last year to catch speeders are actually taking - and keeping - videos of everyone who passes...

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Warning for Az drivers

If you live or drive in Az now you will have to be very careful of your speed on the freeways if there is a construction zone and a speed camera in that zone ,,If they have the construction zone speed set at 40 mph then the speed cameras have also been rest to catch speeders, so be very aware will driving in constructions zones. This was on news channel 3 ,,3 on your side with Gary Harper.

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Ohio camera's...

I live in Ohio and recently became aware that Toledo is doing away with their red light cameras. There was a ballot initiative started to ban them and apparently, rather than place the issue on the ballot, the city has decided to remove them.

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fixed cameras vs. mobile traps, etc

I'd like to see the speed camera locations: fixed or mobile in different files. Police cars can park almost anywhere, and I don't think those should be listed on the same file as real fixed speed cameras.

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Yet another enforcement camera category coming up.

El Mirage on Thursday became the first city in Arizona -- and one of the few in the country -- to use cameras to fine railroad-crossing violators.


Pima County, AZ to add 20 speed cameras

10 mobile, 10 fixed.


Pinal County has recently outlawed them.


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How do I get the POI download file?

Once I become an active member, how do I get to the download file for the Red Light and speed cameras? I don't see the link anywhere...

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Red-light camera (Houston)


Evaluation of the City of Houston Digital Automated Red Light Camera Program

Cary NC volunteer needed.

I am looking for a user in Cary NC to verify a location. Please send me a note at maryann@poi-factory.com


Miss POI

Miami FL looking into "Traffic Safety Cameras"

As a Christmas present to those living in and traveling to Miami Florida, the city released a Request for Quotations (RFQ) for Traffic Safety Cameras. The proposals are due and will be opened in late January.

Number Negotiation Type Title
119057,1 RFQ Request for Proposal for a Traffic Safety Camera Program
Open Date Close Date
22-DEC-2008 09:00:00 26-JAN-2009 13:00:00

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Speed/Red light files

When I first downloaded the Red Light and Speed Camera files I would get a red warning across the top of my Garmin that would say something like "Speed Camera 65MPH" or whatever the speed limit is at that location. The update on the 17th things changed. All my warnings after that would either not come up or say 2MPH.

Getting served/ legal aspects of red light and speed camera tickets

Hi All: I was wondering about the topic of receiving a ticket in the mail and how legal that is? What if you claim you never received the ticket? Don't they have to serve you? If so, what if they can't? Does a mailed ticket get removed in a certain amount of time if they can not serve you? What if your friend is driving your car and the photo does not match your license?


Hendersonville, TN to test White Light traffic cameras

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Ariz. Santas gift to motorists

A funny story about red light cameras and Santas in Arizona. Anyone want to confess here?


Redlight and speed files


1) why does the speed file contain red light alerts as well? Shouldn't the speed file be just for speed? and the red light just for red lights?

2)Maybe the file was setup that way because you can't have both speed and redlight at the same coordinates?

3)I am thinking of copying the lines that say redlight and putting them in the redlight.csv. Bad idea?

Red Light Camera Files

Can anyone tell me how to edit a red light camera file? POI editor doesnt seem to reconize it, but excel does open the file but I have no way of knowing the exact co-ordinates to add. If I find them out will that work? and how would I find them. Thanks

Judge declares contract for red-light tickets illegal in Southern California

You can read the whole article here:

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Red Light Cameras ruled illegal

Red-light cameras in Fullerton [CA] ruled illegal
The Orange County Register


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Speed Camera loading for Dummies

How many would like to know how to set speed alerts to only alert if you are going to fast!!!!

Well I have searched on this site and read all the threads and even the help section in the poi loader and it was not clear to me on how this works. I have been watching and reading all this stuff and I see there are a lot of us that can’t understand a lot of this lingo.

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Red Light Camera Detector, GUARANTEED

Ran across this today: http://tiny.cc/d4BEj Buy it now: $149.99. Does nothing else as far as I can tell.

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