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Ticket cameras


Which States have NO Ticket Cameras or Speed Traps?

I've read on this site about Speed and Red Light Cameras. It might be well worth purchasing that bundle on this site, however I've never heard of any being in my state.

Is there a clear list of states (or cities, or locations) where I could see if it would benefit me to purchase the POI bundle? Thanks.

- ACougar

Miss POI needs a

Volunteer from the Denver CO area for a special project. Please send me and email through my contact form.

It is regarding the cameras in this area.

Miss POI

European Speed Cameras...

I’ve had a Garmin GPS for about 8-years now. Our current Nuvi 760 (the wife’s) and my Nuvi 770 (for our European adventures) are the greatest thing I’ve ever seen!


Watch out in AZ


The Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) boasted yesterday that it had arrested a Nevada resident based solely on claims made by a speed camera. According to the state police, automated ticketing machines on the Loop 101 freeway snapped photographs of the Ford Mustang belonging to Jennifer Lynne Bitton, 24, on twenty-two occasions.

I knew I shoulda made a left turn at Albuquerque! -- Bugs Bunny

Cameras in Utah...

So the wife and I have noticed that there are a lot more cameras being mounted on top of signals these days.

I can usually tell if the camera is owned by they are usually on very high poles, and you can access them via a number of ways.

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Yellow Light Zone

If you are in an intersection during a light change (yellow light), does the camera tag you when the light turns red? I searched the forum but could not find an appropriate answer.

Speed cameras catch murder victim's vehicle.

Sad story, however this may be one of the cases where enforcement cameras are an instrument to serve justice.


Has anyone been saved by the "red light camera" POI?

Has the red light camera poi ever caused you to slam on your breaks when you were about to make a right turn on a red light or run a yellow light that was dangerously close to turning red?

Allen Texas installs 2 red light cams

Heard Allen, Texas has joined the list. I don't have the locations. Anyone one here to add them? The lights will become effective 1 July 2008.

Sigh ... more red-light cameras for Ohio

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Red light cameras coming to small-town Ohio ...

I will secure locations, obtain coordinates and forward for inclusion in database...

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Red Light Cameras - Palm Beach County, FL

Here is an article on the installation of red light cameras in Palm Beach Country, Florida, published today in the Palm Beach Post:

Following are the main points of the article:

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School Zone Speed Cameras in WA

Heard on the news the other night the red light cameras were working so well in WA that their next step is speed cameras in school zones.
The file keeps getting bigger!

Newspaper Article in Baton Rouge

Here is a link to a story that ran in the local paper. Cameras have been up for a couple of months and now I learn that I can use my Nuvi to remind me where they are.

I love it!!

Speed Camera Truck

If you happen to be traveling through Chicago this summer what your speed on the Edens Expressway I 94 towards Milwaukee. They have deployed a Speed Camera Truck and with in the first hour 334 speed infractions was recorded. I am posting this for a two fold reason. First and foremost we need to reduce speed in construction zones because the lives of the workers is paramount.

Illinois Lawmakers stop red-light camera bill passage


Lawmakers stop red-light camera bill passage
Senators debated over the ‘Big Brother’ tactics of the proposed plan.
By Aaron Chambers
Posted May 27, 2008 @ 09:04 PM
Last update May 27, 2008 @ 09:19 PM


Jihad THIS!! Political Correctness is a doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.

Speed Traps...Coming to a city near you

This is interesting. When you get the web site up, click on the state.

Then the next window is a listing of all the cities in that state.

Click on your city and there are the speed traps listed.

I had no idea this was available to everyone.

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Red Light Camera.. Waterman & 30th Street in SanBernardino

I just installed the Red Light Camera POI.

I came to the intersection of 30th and Waterman in San Bernardino California.. i heard the Alert sound but no visual warning showed..

i tried this on both of my Nuvis.. the nuvi 350 and the Nuvi 750.. both gave the alert sound.. but no visual alert..

is it supposed to be like that? or am i confusing it with a speed camera POI?

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Red Light Camera Question (front camera?)

confused: Do any red light cameras take your picture from the front of the vehicle or only from the rear?

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