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Ticket cameras


Safety Cameras? (Cameras that tell you your speed)

What category do cameras that read your speed and display it to you go into? They don't take pictures, as far as I know. Though they might be keeping records for future applications (a camera, or a speed bump).

Your opinion is needed (damaged cameras)

I have been working hard to make sure that the redlight and speed camera files are accurate.

I have been removing locations that are reported as having damaged or destroyed equipment.

I have had someone bring it to my attention that these locations will probably be fixed and back up and running.

Arizona Camera Protest

If you live in or travel through Arizona, you may be interested in this website for a group that appears to be dedicated to the eradication of such cameras: I am not endorsing this site or this movement; I am merely bringing it to the attention of those who may find it of use or interest.

Camera in Ft. Collins CO

Anyone know how many POIs for cameras in Ft. Collins CO are in the latest POI file?

Protection from redlight cameras

Most of us seem to agree that the redlight cameras are a way for the cities to get a few extra bucks from the unfortunate motorists. We have also discussed (in other forums) that there is no consistency (in terms of duration) for yellow lights to turn red.

Interesting article

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Escort 9500ix Radar Detector

This radar detector has a built in gps that has a red light/speed camera database. The database can be updated through usb on the computer. I believe the database is maintained by escort.


AZ Mobile Speed Cameras

I just read on AZCentral that DPS has pulled their 2 mobile van camera units. Apparently, there are two companies that the State buys the cameras/radar units from and the one that didn't get the bid complained about the other radar units not being certified by the FCC. So, the State has pulled the units from use until it is sorted out. If anyone wants to read the article, clink on this link:

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New camera?

On my way home yesterday I noticed a camera mounted on the W.150th off ramp (at the bottom of the ramp) of 480W in Cleveland, Ohio.

Has anyone else noticed this camera?

Is this a new traffic camera going up?

Dallas Texas red light cameras not getting desired results

Apparently, Dallas is not getting the desired results from their intense 62 camera installation - and NO the results are NOT safety! Results are measure in - tata - MONEY! Apparently many "underperforming" camera are turned off

Not sure about the posting rules on this forum but I'll put this up until the moderator decides to leave it or not.

[INDIANA] AG: Hammond's red light camera ordinance not legal

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Montgomery AL

I wanted to take a moment to post about what is happening in this area.

There are quite a few cameras that were installed last year by one company and then they switched to another company and then added different cameras and locations.

The old cameras are still up but not active, so if you see a camera in Montgomery, AL and your unit does not alert you, don't be alarmed.

speed cameras in quebec?

Any one has sppeding camera file for quebec

National Campaign to Stop Red Light Running from...

... Ladies' Home Journal


Readers' Message to National Leaders

"I support safe driving and enforcement to ensure that people stop for red lights and do not speed. The federal government should be leading the way by encouraging states to adopt automated enforcement laws to help police crack down on aggressive driving."

Red light cameras/manhattan

Living in Manhattan, we get frequent red light camera alerts near Houston St. This surprises me, since I did not think that the city used such cameras. I was wondering how I might verify if they are "real." And, since most of my life is spent as a pedestrian, how I wish that Manhattan actually used red light cameras.


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Arizona is going state wide

The AZ Department of Public Safety hopes to begin a statewide photo enforcement program in Sept. that would include 100 Systems with 60 stationary speed cameras and 40 mobile speed units. Looks like a lot of updates coming this fall to our site.

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100 New Cameras coming to Arizona

I just read that DPS is going to install 100 new cameras in Arizona. Initially, there will be 60 stationary cameras and 40 mobile units. The camreas will be placed at locations determined by high accident histories. Stationary cameras will initially only be installed in Phoenix, but then will later be expanded to Flagstaff and Tucson.

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Boston Globe 07/17/2008 Metro Northwest section

Another Red Light Camera article this time in the Boston Globe and how the state may start to allow them.

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This weeks Redlight Camera file update.

I usually start doing my Red light camera research as I get the emails into my inbox.

This week I started my research yesterday so if you submitted a location that is harder to find documentation it will be in next weeks update.

I have lots of locations to research this week and I like to verify them before entering them in.

Thanks for your understanding and patience.

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