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Red light cameras too expensive in GA when yellow was extended

Red light cameras too expensive in GA


Five cities in Gwinnett County have put the brakes on red-light cameras at busy intersections, many saying that even though the cameras have reduced accidents, the service has proved too costly.

Proposals for HOV cameras.

Another use for ticket cameras in Dallas, TX is to enforce HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) illegal lane changes. The article says the cameras will not enforce the number of drivers in a car, but you can bet they are wanting to.


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driver triggers 2 cameras (and 2 tickets) in 1 minute



Norman Adler got in double trouble for zipping down Cleveland's Chester Avenue. Why? Well, one punishment just wasn't enough, according to the city.

http://www.poi-factory.com/node/21626 - red light cameras do not work

Orange County, Fl Red Light Cameras

Late Tuesday afternoon, Orange County commissioners voted to install red light cameras across the county. At least 40 interesections (read list) in Orange County will be monitored by the high-tech digital cameras.


I guess I need to move to Mississippi soon

Michael H

Red Lights BANNED in Mississippi

Go Here:


Of note is: "Mississippi joins at least eight other states in banning the automated technology, including neighboring Arkansas. Six other states are debating using cameras,..."

Maybe just a coincidence but... (lower speed limit in Montreal)

One month before they are due to start using the first red light and speed cameras in Montreal they have decided to lower the speed limit to 40 km/hr for the whole city.

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Accuracy of Red Light Camera's

Just wondering what the accuracy of the Red Light File is? I am sure it is pretty high, but I really don't go through that many intersections that have the camera's. So for me the accuracy level is 100%, but Just thought if I plotted 20 camera locations and then went and visited them all, would I still be at 100% or more like 93 or 94

AZ DPS Mobile Speed Units Hard To Detect

I started using my Escort Passport 8500 X50 to see how it worked with the DPS Mobile Radar units. I am not impressed with the performance. This is by no means a scientific test but don't count on your radar detector to reliably notify you in time when you come up on one.

OK.....so where the heck am I?

Direction of travel

Another questioin that I'm sure has already been answered through discussion... But I'll ask anyways smile

I have a Garmin 750, is there a way to have the unit determine direction of travel so it doesn't notify me of a camera on the other side of the freeway?

With so many speed cameras going up in the Phoenix area this thing is always screaming at me!

Thank you!


Drivers Slowing Down/Mobile Units Lowering Speed Threshold?

I've noticed on the San Tan 202 in Arizona over the past month that drivers have slowed down considerably. I myself set my cruise control to about 69mph (speed limit is 65) and the majority of the traffic is going about the same or a bit slower. Of course there are a few who continue to zip along at a higher speed.

OK.....so where the heck am I?

Red light cameras checking insurance, too

Red Light Camera company announces a new "service" of also checking for uninsured motorists to generate more tickets. They are just connecting to an insurance database with the camera system to check for current insurance when it records your license.


Red Light camera question...

Hi all, I have read various forum topics about red light and speed cameras and have been of the opinion that if you do no wrong you do not have a problem. I hope I am not wrong because of the following. I was headed north on Hwy 59 north of Houston. My trusty 750 gave me the alert in plenty of time for a red light camera in Dibill, Tx.

Redlight camera for profit

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Delaware Ups Red-light Cameras by 50%

Money-makers for Delaware. A recent article in the local paper:

DOVER, Del.- More red-light cameras are coming to Delaware. Ten additional cameras are set to be installed on state highways this year.

The state already has 20 red-light cameras and the Delaware Department of Transportation said it is handing out thousands of tickets each year.

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MD town using "red light cameras" to ticket people for stopping over the white line.


The town of New Carrolton's new mobile red light cameras are snapping up pictures like the paparazzi and motorists are calling the cameras out.
Danielle King got two tickets and says she's been wrongly accused. "I got caught by one up there," says King referring to the cameras along route 450.

Speed Cameras in Ohio

It was reported in the Toledo Blade this morning that the state of Ohio is debating authorizing the installation of speed cameras along Interstate highways. The report said that they would be installed in construction zones to catch people who speed and endanger the lives of highway workers.

Gee Wiz What will they think of next

From the NY Post March 8,2009


OH MY GOD the Evil doers strike again (my editorial comment)


"Ceterum autem censeo, Carthaginem esse delendam" “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

Red Light Cameras Coming to CT

Anyone hear anything about Red Light Cameras coming to Connecticut? Thought I saw something on the news about it the other day. And if so, they must be getting desperate for revenue.

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Redlight Beta file?

I think I might have missed something.
What is the redlight beta file in the download? How does it differ?

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