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Ticket cameras


Speed Cameras (and RADAR)

So if we are now at the point where cameras are used to detect speed then (at the risk of asking a rhetorical question,) why do police cars still use RADAR instead of cameras? (By rhetorical I meant - Could it be so that companies can sell RADAR detectors??? Or instead, are these too not camearas but instead RADAR?..)

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What the Reason for Using Micro-SD Instead of SD?

Does anyone know of an advantage to micro-SD over regular SD, other than size? Garmin is beginning to use micro-SD in its new GPS systems. I enjoy having different media on several cards. The micro-SD card in my cell phone is difficult to swap out. It's also easy to lose.

Let me know if you are aware of advantages to micro-SD.


New MD Speed Camera Law

The local news in the DC-Baltimore area has reported that the MD legislature is about to approve legislation that will dramatically increase the number of speed cameras throughout the State of Maryland. High priority areas are school zones and residential neighborhoods. It is unclear thus far when the new cameras would be installed.

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Last week Dallas officials realized that their red light cameras were working TOO WELL! They shut down 25% of their cameras because they were losing revenue because drivers were too aware of the cameras and were commiting fewer citable offenses.

Very interesting article.

Here's the link to the article:

Dallas (and other cities) turn off some red light cameras

Not enough MONEY generated and very little "accident" protection (less than 5%) statistically documented.

Funny Red light Camera Pics

I just thought I would post this as I find it humorous.

I worked for a Global Company in Ontario Canada back in the early 90's.

My manager who was at a fairly high level went to Germany with some other managers and a VP who was known for his temper.

This weeks update

My attention was diverted this week by some of the general maintainer features that need attention so this weeks update does not include all of the reports that I received. I have not been able to do the research that I like on some of the locations that have come in over the last week.

Red Light Camera Study

Life is good when politicians ignore the studies and hide behind the "safety" card....

What else do Redlight cameras enforce?

Okay i understand the fear of the speed enforcement camera but why such a big deal over the red light cameras? Are there that many people that running red lights that this is a worry for the average driver?

Getting the RedLight POI files to work with Garmin c550

Hey guys,

I have a Garmin c550 and used POILoader to load a custom red-light camera file onto my GPS unit. I set it to alert 1370 ft. ahead of the camera. I tested this out today driving around town, and I was alerted about none of the cameras. Any suggestions? Thanks

City Giving Refunds For One Red Light Camera

City giving refunds for one red light camera.

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What Gives w/ My Red Light Camera

I live near a new Red Light Camera intersection, so I pass through it frequently. I noticed two things... only one makes sense.

A) The camera will flash if someone doesn't come to a complete stop before making a right hand turn. 3 directions of traffic flow have a Yield but that 4th direction will catch you if you're not careful.

Tacoma Washington eyes needed

I need a volunteer to be the contact person for a project. Here is a link to the story regarding the upcoming speed enforcement program that is going to be going on

School and Playground Zones for Calgary Alberta

Im looking for information on School and Playground zones in Calgary Alberta. Does anyone have suggestions where I can find a POI or the information to create a POI.

Glad I'm not in Chicago

Chicago, Illinois unveiled a pair of deals it had reached to turn the city into the undisputed automated ticketing capital of the United States. The city had already operated one of the country's larger red light camera programs beginning in November 2003. To date, that program has generated $72 million worth of tickets which has helped to ease the city's substantial budget deficit.

I knew I shoulda made a left turn at Albuquerque! -- Bugs Bunny

Loading updates

When I load updates to my nuvii do I have to erase previous file or can I load on top of the existing file?

Missouri Red Light Challenge

I hope this works. Legally speaking, I think it's a good argument. The parking ticket comparison is rediculous.


I just downloaded red light cameras. I have a nuvii 750 . After the download it goes into a file. i then downloaded directly to my unit. Does the info go directly to the unit or do I have to download it to a sd card?

Mobile Speed Camera

Today while driving on W McDowell road in Avondale, AZ saw this van pulling out in front of me. One huge flash and camera mounted on top. The van was labeled as "Mobile Enforcement Camera" Hard to put coordinates on that fella.......

Lawsuit says SafeSpeed, SafeLight Unconstitutional

While not totally disconnected from GPS subject matter, this article might be of interest to those who are following the legality of red-light camera intersections. I'm sure there are many who don't even own GPS devices also taking an intereste in this subject.

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