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Ticket cameras


Red Light Camera.. Waterman & 30th Street in SanBernardino

I just installed the Red Light Camera POI.

I came to the intersection of 30th and Waterman in San Bernardino California.. i heard the Alert sound but no visual warning showed..

i tried this on both of my Nuvis.. the nuvi 350 and the Nuvi 750.. both gave the alert sound.. but no visual alert..

is it supposed to be like that? or am i confusing it with a speed camera POI?

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Red Light Camera Question (front camera?)

confused: Do any red light cameras take your picture from the front of the vehicle or only from the rear?

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Camera Name Question

I'm sure this has been previously asked. Sorry I did not see it.

What is the information at the end of the Redlight Camera names in the CSV file? For instance the .01w7g on the end of this name?

Red Light Camera .01w7g

L.A. red light cameras clicking for safety or revenue?

(bold/emphasis mine)


The enforcement system promises fewer collisions caused by drivers running through intersections. But in L.A., 80% of photo tickets are for right-turn violations, considered a less pressing safety concern.

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Since traffic cameras that are used to change the signal at lights are different than red light ticketing cameras.. do the traffic cameras actually record pictures and/or video, or are they just used as sensors????

Speed Vans - Lafayette, LA

Anybody else from the Lafayette, LA area?

The local speed vans have fixed locations where they deploy. Would these locations be a good thing to add to the red light camera locations?

I could add them if it is an appropriate entry.


Neptune NJ Red Light Camera?

Driving home over the weekend, I was stopped at the intersection of NJ State Route 35, and NJ State Route 33 (Corlies Ave), in Neptune NJ (40,2093, -74.0271).

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Red Light Alerts Clear at Zero Speed

Recently loaded both the Red Light Camera and Speed Camera POI files and both are great. I have a c330 without MP3 so can only obtain the "Dings and Dongs" and not the MP3 audible alert.

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Speed Cameras

I have our speed cameras on my nuvi 360. I get the beep and the warning but I was wondering what the funny numbers are at the end that come up on the screen with the warning. It has something like "Speed Camera 45mph .020kq". Does the .020kq serve any purpose and can I delete that part and resave with no problems. I also just noticed the red light have the same marking.

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James Bondian Way of Avoiding Tickets in China!

Must read! The Chinese have a remote control device that changes their license plate numbers!

Illinois Speed Cams in Construction Zones

Looks like another good way to raise revenue in Illinois.

Funny Speed Trap Alert

5-6 months ago I downloaded and transferred to my GPS the files I-4 Speed Traps and I-95 Speed Traps. I did not download the siren sound that goes with them as my GPS does not play sounds.

I forgot about those file but two days ago I was driving on I-4 (Florida) going SW at about 3-4 miles from the I-95 intersection when I got an alert telling me about a 4 MPH Speed Limit ahead.

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LTI-20-20 Laser Struck down in Ohio for now, court seeking expert testimony

I am going to post this here, It is worthy of everyones read. Always ask if an expert testified about the speed cameras precision.
I am also going to cut and paste the content. If this post needs to be elsewhere please move it where it need to be.

Posted by Karen Farkas April 28, 2008 17:59PM

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Red light cams

I am a new member and wanted to get the camera locations for red lights. Can someone help me do that without paying for it?

Baltimore MD volunteer needed....

I need a volunteer from the Baltimore MD area to assist me in the verification process for a few locations.

Please send me an email

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Red light cameras not creating expected revenue

Here are a couple of articles outlining how the revenue from red light cameras are decreasing or not as expected.

Red light cameras not creating expected revenue


One reason for Oak Lawn's recently announced budget cuts is that its red light cameras haven't brought in nearly as much revenue as expected.

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Active vs Shutdown cameras?

I've got a general question - what's a good way to tell Active Cameras, as opposed to Shut-Down cameras? I believe that around Phoenix, AZ many of the cities post camera locations on their websites, but that doesn't seem to be true in California.

Might be an easy fix

I just loaded the red light cameras onto my eTrex. When it shows the approaching POI it shows the entire name.
ALERT: Red light

Is there a way to change what it displays. I don't have that big of a screen to start with and this alert takes up half of it. Maybe just change it to camera.

If you can read this thank a teacher! If it's in English thank a Vet!

Talk of more red light cameras in Ohio ...

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Speed Cameras MAY be coming to California

Just read this on the LA Times. Beverly Hills police want California legislature to allow speed cameras.,0,69...

Keep up the good work Miss POI. I am sure were are going to need your services even more in the future

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