Ticket cameras


Jacksonville Florida RLC

Just a note: Went by three places were it says there are RLC's, but could not see any there. I heard they are planning on putting them in, but don't think they are there yet. Guess I'd rather have it early an be on the look out.

Orange Park is getting 3 RLC (have the article if anyone interested). I'll keep a look out and when they are being installed I'll report them to POI Factory.

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Spain GPS use

Looks like Spain is making some changes to the legality of GPS use in your car.


POI factory vs Escort

does anyone know how the POI Factory red light database
compares to the Escort 9500ix red light database?
(in terms of total cameras listed and frequency of updates)


Suffolk COunty Long Island NY anounces new red light cameras!!!!

it official (not that they were going to shoot the bill down) but legislators voted unanimously to install almost 138 new red light cameras in what they call "dangerous intersections" they will put up 50 cameras this year and finish all of them by late 2010. no list published of the intersections yet. keep your eyes open for a poi file update when the list comes out.

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Driver in ticket debate found not guilty

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Lima, OH cameras removed

Looks like Lima, OH has cancelled their camera fraud program. http://www.limaohio.com/news/city-38014-berger-cameras.html

Huntington Beach rejects red-light cameras

(Article from LA Times, hopefully a growing trend)

At a time when red-light cameras are proliferating across Southern California, Huntington Beach is bucking the trend.

“It’s their world. We’re just living in it.”

Speeding Camera Van = Car Accident

Yesterday when pulling out of my neighborhood I noticed that a van equipped with speed enforcement cameras was parked across the street at the park. I didn't pay much attention to it as I was leaving, but it was still there when I returned from my errand, I didn't have anything to pressing to do at the moment, so I decided to check it out.

NAVTEQ to include speed and red light cams in map database



Tuesday 02nd June 2009

"Digital map supplier NAVTEQ announced today the availability of NAVTEQ Camera Alert, its North American database of speed limit cameras, red light cameras, as well as combined speed and red light cameras - both fixed and mobile - in 5,000 locations."

4 New Speed Cameras in Rockville MD

I'm new, so I'm not really sure what the general protocol is for identifying new traffic cameras. I used the web form, but I see a lot of people posting new cameras in this forum. So, I'll do that too.

Rockville, Maryland is adding four new speed cameras according to the follow source, which I've found very reliable in the past: http://www.rockvillecentral.com/2009/06/rockville-adds-four-...

Another bit of camera information

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Red Light Cameras in Huntington Beach

I just heard on the evening news that the city of Huntington Beach, in Orange County California will not be installing Red Light Cameras in this city as it was initially planned to happen, reasons had to do with budget cuts and Chief of Police stated that more concern had to do with with drunk driving etc.etc and HB had officers on foot to take of these issues.

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can not open down loads in my 660

I down loaded several POI into my NUVI 660, I used the POI loader but I can't open them up in my Garmin. How do I load these POI so they will work.



Notification of red light cameras

Hey everyone
I have a question about how your location notifies you of red light cameras. Here in Austin they have signs posted at the intersections that the intersection is monitored by an red light camera. Does every local do this or is just Austin?

Phoenix Cameras...More Than Red Lights and Speeding!

I was listening to the news on the way in to work this morning and they said that there will be more cameras on the Phoenix streets and that not only will they snap a pic of you speeding on green or running redlights now, they will also start ticketing for no seatbelts, cracked windshields and expired tags.

OK.....so where the heck am I?

Has technology changed such that cameras are also different today?

I'm used to the old boxy cameras 1/2 way up the block and mounted low, as far as red light and speed cameras are concerned.

Locations of Red Light Camera Intersections?

A few months ago there was talk of including the location of red light cameras in the alert i.e. RLC Main & 4th. I have looked from time to time but haven't seen it happen. Did I miss something?

Currently I know there is a camera somewhere ahead within 1/4 mile.


proposed speed camera over local bridge

EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. (AP) - Speeders across the Martin Luther King Bridge at East St. Louis, beware. Cameras soon could be watching you if some lawmakers have their way. The Illinois House on Tuesday passed a measure calling for cameras that would automatically snap photos of speeding motorists on the Mississippi River span linking East St. Louis to downtown St. Louis.

1 Kph over, What you need to know in Quebec,

Photo radar: What you need to know in Quebec.

Some exerpts from a news report from Montreal.
Link at the bottom for more.

Since Tuesday, there are 15 photo radar and red-light cameras in Quebec, six of them in the Montreal region.

How do they work?
Nicole Ste. Marie, spokesperson for Transport Québec, explains the procedures:

How do I know the cameras are there?

Rochester, NY - know any locations yet?

Looked up online that the speed cameras and red light cameras, approved for Rochester, NY, in early April, were supposed to start being installed right after that approval.

Anyone know of any of the locations?


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