Ticket cameras


Has technology changed such that cameras are also different today?

I'm used to the old boxy cameras 1/2 way up the block and mounted low, as far as red light and speed cameras are concerned.

Locations of Red Light Camera Intersections?

A few months ago there was talk of including the location of red light cameras in the alert i.e. RLC Main & 4th. I have looked from time to time but haven't seen it happen. Did I miss something?

Currently I know there is a camera somewhere ahead within 1/4 mile.


proposed speed camera over local bridge

EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. (AP) - Speeders across the Martin Luther King Bridge at East St. Louis, beware. Cameras soon could be watching you if some lawmakers have their way. The Illinois House on Tuesday passed a measure calling for cameras that would automatically snap photos of speeding motorists on the Mississippi River span linking East St. Louis to downtown St. Louis.

1 Kph over, What you need to know in Quebec,

Photo radar: What you need to know in Quebec.

Some exerpts from a news report from Montreal.
Link at the bottom for more.

Since Tuesday, there are 15 photo radar and red-light cameras in Quebec, six of them in the Montreal region.

How do they work?
Nicole Ste. Marie, spokesperson for Transport Québec, explains the procedures:

How do I know the cameras are there?

Rochester, NY - know any locations yet?

Looked up online that the speed cameras and red light cameras, approved for Rochester, NY, in early April, were supposed to start being installed right after that approval.

Anyone know of any of the locations?


As of today Montreal will issue tickets

As of today Montreal and some outlying cities will be issuing Photo Radar and Redlight tickets.

News release;


Easy bucks for the province!!

Small town looking at red light and speed cameras

My home paper details discussions of city officials discussing the need for red light and speed cameras.

Hopefully they will place this on a ballot this fall, but with tax income shrinking. they would be a profit generator for the city, and some voters my think its a good idea.

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nassau county NY (Long Island) announces its 50 new red light cameras today

Nassau County NY Legislature announced today its list of 50 new red light cameras to be installed. They say they will be placed on high risk intersections and bring in 4 million in revenue. I have the list of intersections and will create new poi files today to be uploaded to the red light file. All cameras are expected to be operational by the end of september.

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Possible red light camera not included in database? (Baltimore, MD)

I was driving from the Walgreens(Store# 5638) on Reiserstown Rd to the Walgreens(Store#7573?) on York Rd through Northern Parkway.

Chicago area red light cameras

I was in the Chicago area this week, southern suburbs and was surprised how many red light cameras were not in the POI redlight camera files. The Chicago locals need to rally and get the files updated.

Running red lights?

grin I was just wondering how often the people here are running red lights? Is this just like the George Carlin joke?

How often do you run red lights? Is it a monthly accident, weekly or god forbid daily?

Why not treat every light like it has a camera and you should be ticket free.

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Phoenix Cameras

This morning, AZCentral reports that close to 2/3 of the camera activations actually make it to tickets being issued.


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Chicago Red Light Camera update?

Hey all,

I don't currently have access to the red light camera file, and am considering subscribing.

Can anyone tell me what the latest updates to the Chicago red light database were? I know the city is currently installing the new cameras like crazy. I was driving south on Irving Park a few days ago and saw a new camera being put up on Irving Park/Pulaski.

EZPass Maryland Speed Enforcement

I live in the Baltimore area. We have several bridges and tunnels that require tolls and have EZPass lanes. I recently got a letter in the mail stating that I had been observed exceeding the speed limit in the EZPass lane and further infractions would result in a loss of my EZPass privileges for a certain amount of time.

Never visited Redflex?

May,8th 2009

Redflex increases reach across Virginia and Oregon with New Red Light Contracts in Newport News, Virginia and Sherwood, Oregon

Sherwood, OR This Portland suburb has a population of approximately 17,000 and is located in Washington County. The program is for up to 12 enforcement locations.

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Red light cameras - Garmin 265WT

I have a Garmin nuvi 265WT GPS. Using POI tool I have successfully installed red light cameras POI files to my devices. But how to verify wheather those files are installed or not? And does my device support for the RED light cameras. How to verify that? How do I know this feature is really working on my gps?
Please help me.

State of Texas wants the Red Light Camera

The State of Texas wants to strip cities of control over their Red Light Camera. If this bill passed, no more Red Light Camera after June 1.

Average Range for Speed Camera

We don't have speed camera's in Texas, but I'm about to take a road trip. At what speed of the limit do most speed camera's cite a car for? +5 mph? +7 mph?

I tried searching for this information on this site without luck.

109 mph in a 65 mph zone???

Ah, the nefarious speed cameras at work again. What good are wide open spaces if you can't make use of them?


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Cobra radar detectors add Redlight & Speed Cams

Saw a short bit on NBC news this morning talking about the Cobra radar detectors adding "red light camera detection". Yes, they said "detection". Even in the article below, the headline says the Cobra "sniffs out" red light and speed cams. The article text says it uses GPS technology and locations from a database, but the headline says "sniffs out".

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