Ticket cameras


San Diego redlight camera's multipying?

Anyone else in San Diego notice more red light cam's popping up?


Update Red Light Cameras

How do I make an update on red light cameras?


Camera False Positive's

The Red Light Camera a few blocks from my house has all of a sudden started flashing at anything. I thought that was strange, so I pulled in the parking lot to watch it.

In the next 5-10 minutes that I sat there, it flashed at almost every car coming up to the light. I was parked in a way to see that the cars (most of them) weren't even up to the line yet, let alone crossing it.

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False Camera Alert

The camera alert is not valid for North Ave & RT 83 in Villa Park IL. There is NO camera there. There is how ever a camer the next light over and that is correctly displayed on the Redlight File. I drive this route every day my office is right around the corner.

Newscast about poi files and cams

This is a newscast from Cleveland,OH about a paid POI GPS site for red light cameras. The Cleveland Police spokesman says they are in favor of these, unlike other cities which says they are "sneaky". They also interview the driver who got two speed camera tickets within minutes of each other.


false Red light camera alerts in Palo Alto, CA?

I was in Palo Alto recently with my TomTom 125 and the red light camera file from 4/15/09.

Near Shoreline & El Camino Real three consequtive red light camera alerts went off. I looked real hard to see if I could spot any cameras and couldn't see any.

http://www.poi-factory.com/node/21626 - red light cameras do not work

NASCAR Driver Nabbed in Phoenix

Carl Edwards, NASCAR driver, while on his way to race at Phoenix International Raceway got nabbed by a speed camera.
Nobody is exempt.................

Are there "mobile" speed cameras aka photo radar?

We were driving in Cape May, NJ, and innocently came upon one of those "your speed" and speed limit radar units. It was more of a large readerboard. Anyway, after showing our speed, it then said, "Photo Radar in Use."


Hello, I'm new here. So be gentle, please! smile

Anyway, how accurate are those POIs for speed cameras? Are speed traps included?



Michael (Nuvi 2639LMT)

Red Light

Doe anyone know of any data that would suggest redlight cameras cause accidents? I am back working in Chicago and they are all over the place! And I find myself accelerating through them if I think it is a stale green or jammin on the brakes at the 1st sight of yellow conveniently relocating everything in my car from the seat to the floor! This is really getting anoying!

Chicago photo cameras?

Anyone here from Chicago?

I was driving on 88 East, near Aurora, IL, when I saw a sign on the median that read "Speed enforced by photo - automatic system" or something like that. My GPS with the latest photo radar file did not go off, and I drove on for 3 miles without seeing any photo radar cameras.

http://www.poi-factory.com/node/21626 - red light cameras do not work

Speed Camera Coordinates Inaccurate

I am new to adding the speed camera POI's to my Garmin 650 and quickly noticed that the ones that I pass regularly are not very accurate. What I mean is that when putting the coordinates into Google Maps it puts it in the middle of the freeway and/or a noticable distance from the actual camera.

Very small Mobile cam warning in Tempe. Is this legal?

In Tempe, Ive noticed a mobile cam on east bound Curry Rd near Mill Ave.

But the weird thing is, the warning sign was VERY small to notice; unlike the ones I ve seen before which are big (atleast as big as other signs on the road.)

Here he a picture of the sign

Any one knows if it is legal in Tempe to use such a small sign?


New red light camera

There is a new redlight camera in the bronx, NY.
cross streets are prospect ave. and boston road on the southwest corner.

Speed Cameras coming to Iowa's I-380 (Cedar Rapids)

I looks like it's going to happen in June ... speed cameras to Iowa's
I-380 in/near Cedar Rapids.


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A local lawmaker in suburban Cleveland is apologizing for e-mailing colleagues a sexually explicit photo in a joke about traffic camera pictures.

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Longer yellows?

New Technology to trap speeders

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Red light cameras file updated?

Have the red light/speed cam files been updated recently? Just downloaded the zip file and noticed the files are still dated 3/25.

There have been updates since 3/25 and it's unusual to see no changes in the file size.

Am I doing something wrong?


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