NAVTEQ to include speed and red light cams in map database


Tuesday 02nd June 2009

"Digital map supplier NAVTEQ announced today the availability of NAVTEQ Camera Alert, its North American database of speed limit cameras, red light cameras, as well as combined speed and red light cameras - both fixed and mobile - in 5,000 locations."

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Interesting but

This is interesting, but it seems these would become outdated very rapidly the way some areas are adding new camera locations. I wonder how long they will have "free" updates available, or will they make you pay anew each year?


tgrizzy1 wrote:

This is interesting, but it seems these would become outdated very rapidly the way some areas are adding new camera locations. I wonder how long they will have "free" updates available, or will they make you pay anew each year?

Those are my thoughts. For a nationwide camera database, it would have to be updated at least every few months. Red light and speed cameras seem to be popping up all over.

I doubt they'll ever replace the POI factory as the best source for speed cam locations smile


I have no doubt that this type of service will becmome big business for the general consumer over the next few years.

Companies make a LOT of money commercialising what is freely available . . though, of course, there is likely to be little that can serve to protect the POI data, so, of course, there'll be wholesale rip-offs of this data.

As to how to update their files? Simple enough. They can just subscribe HERE and we do it for them.

Go prove otherwise.

The link on the site takes you to a hyoe-site that seems to cater to a couple of companies blowing their own hors, but it does tend to suggest that wireless updates are a likely delivery mechanism.

MSN Direct is likely one of those distribution mechanisms we'll be seeing take up the reigns in the near future.

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Cleveland Plain Dealer carries NAVTEQ announcement

Reported by John Horton on the front page of the June 4 edition of the Cleveland Plain Dealer...

"The GPS system in your car soon could warn you about red-light cameras on your route. NAVTEQ, which provides maps for more than 90 percent of GPS navigation devices, is adding speed and red light cameras to its maps of North America's roadways. The Chicago-based company's Camera Alert system includes information on 5,000 camera locations --including those in Cleveland.
The proliferation of automated enforcement cameras pushed the program's development, according to a news release from NAVTEQ.

The company said its research indicated "that these types of warnings are a highly valued feature" for customers.

A reminder on traffic cameras certainly would have been appreciated by more than 108,000 recent travelers in Cleveland. That's how many received citations from the city's 41 stationary and mobile cameras between December 2007 and November 2008.

Norman Adler of Pepper Pike accounted for two of those violations in a 52-second span Nov. 23 as a pair of closely-spaced cameras on Chester Avenue snapped him speeding. He called Cleveland's click-it-and-ticket camera program "nonsense."

Anything that helps motorists avoid being assessed a $100 fine "is great," Adler said.

The city says it feels the same way.

The goal behind the cameras is to slow traffic and make the streets safer, said Andrea Taylor, the mayor's press secretary. Advisory signs mark Cleveland's 38 fixed-camera locations to warn motorists that a heavy foot on the gas pedal could lead to a lighter wallet.

Any alert from a navigation system is simply "a safety message reinforced," Taylor said.

NAVTEQ supplies maps and traveling data to various companies offering navigation services, including OnStar and Garmin. It's unclear when the Camera Alert technology introduced Tuesday during a trade show will start popping up in dashboard units.

There's little doubt of the growing demand for the information, said Ted Gartner, a spokesman for Garmin. Various Ohio cities -- including Cleveland, Akron and East Cleveland -- already snap away at speeders. The state talked about setting up photo shops in highway construction zones.

"More and more speed cameras are coming to a road or highway near you," Gartner said, "and that's something people like knowing." "

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Now that it will be in the

Now that it will be in the Navteq data I guess Garmin could add it to the avoidances function! smile

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Updates outdated

With the rate cameras and detectors are going up daily, monthly updates will be way behind. I think I will just stick with our growing family here at POI Factory and stay current.

And just when do you think

And just when do you think this database will be included or available for the Garmin units?

I see the light

If NAVTEQ adds speed and redlight cams to the map database I can see the result coming down the road, there will be states that make the GPS illegal just like some have done with radar detectors.

Mobile units

If a red light camera is placed in a position permanently, it would be easier to maintain a database. When I lived in Ventura, they thought it would be more economical to move the units to intersections that warranted the cost of the cameras such as those with high accident rates. In this type of situation, no database would supply reliable information all the time. Bottom line: you are going to have to rely on vision and [in California anyway] warning signs of a camera ahead.

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It just seem that

NAVTEQ wouldn't have the man power that POI_Factory has, and have and the number of eyes looking and reporting Cameras.

I can't beleive that NAVTEQ cold possible keep it up to date, unless they steal the data from some place like.... well here!

As good as a company NAVTEQ is, I don't see this as a viable option without large costs to the consumer first from NAVTEQ then again from Garmin. When has anyone ever seen Garmin give anything to us? They only take it away then give it back in a future GPS release with a big spike in price.

So don't expect this to be cheap or very up to date.

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Yeah, while it's a good idea

Yeah, while it's a good idea I agree that lack of updates may prove its undoing.

Chicago is putting up new cameras on a weekly basis now.

Red Light cameras

So, I'm a little confused here (normal for my age).

Last year we went to Preakness at Pimlico racetrack. When we left, I let my Garmin 660 route me. Usually, we head west to get on the beltway. The 660 had us take city streets in a SE direction, which is the shortest way, but I wasn't sure it was the quickest. Turns out the Garmin saved 30 - 45 mins.

Imagine my surprise when the Garmin started beeping and the bar at the top of the map turned red and stated that there was a traffic cam at such and such intersection. Sure enough, the intersection was loaded with radar and cameras.

So ------ was this in the map, or did it get the info from FM Traffic?????

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