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Florida rental car drivers paid larger fines for red light camera violations

Florida court of appeals has ruled that red light camera tickets issued prior to July, 2013, to drivers of rental cars, are invalid. Such drivers had to pay a larger fine for the same violation.

Also, the city where the court said all red light camera tickets are invalid is still issuing tickets and collecting fines, pending appeal.

Chicago revenue cameras earning $50 million under budget

RLC use going down..Speed Cameras going up

Early in his tenure, Gov. Chris Christie saw red-light cameras as a way to augment traditional traffic enforcement and keep motorists safe on New Jersey roads. Lately, he's seen the automated traffic technology as more of a nuisance.

Arlington Texas councilman wants red light cameras removed

The article starts out by oddly saying there are only two red light cameras. There are many more - there's one by my house in the middle of a very busy intersection where locals have noticed the yellow light getting shorter and shorter.

Re-CAL-culating... "Some people will believe anything they read on the internet" - Abraham Lincoln

Dayton, OH

Saw this article on Dayton

I looked around to see if I could find what prompted the article but was unable to locate some recent event that might offer more details or other specifics; however, I was unable to find any.

This Just In!!!

Attention New Yorkers and visitors....NYC has just announced Speed Cameras are coming.

The city presently has 40, was stated on the news this evening that number will top out at 140 speed cameras.

So far, they are placed at off ramps to the LIE and the BQE.

You have been warned!!!

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Nassau And Suffolk County NY Red Light And Speed Cameras

56 speed cameras in Nassau and 69 in Suffolk, all in school zones, have been approved. The number of red light cameras permitted has doubled to 100 in Nassau and 100 in Suffolk.

Finally perfect sun protection for Arizona

This would be perfect for sun glare and RLC's, lol, your not required to identify who's driving your car in Arizona, no face pic, no valid RLC/speed ticket

Cain versus Unable 2012

St Petersburg FL Red Light Cameras Coming Down

St Petersburg FL red light camera program comes to an end tonight. Cameras being removed.


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7 new camera in the area of ​​the city of Quebec, Canada

7 new camera in the area of ​​the city of Quebec, Canada

Since I never seem to get a ticket

My friend emailed me a link to his violation. 3 jgps as in the early days, then a video.

How can this be disputed? It clearly has his vehicle behind the line with the red light in the image, then him proceeding through. The video is gravy.

His attitude was you do the crime, you pay the fine.

It's very curious why so many don't agree with that statement. ???

DC Ticket Programs Mock Traffic Safety Concerns

Still think that red light cameras and speed cameras (and stop sign cameras and crosswalk cameras and box cameras) are on the Up and Up? It's all about money money.

"The District often issues speeding tickets without conclusive identification of the violating vehicle” through its speed cameras....

DC Inspector General Blasts City Over Bogus Camera Tickets

Being an advocate of cameras, I hope this does not turn out as bad as this article makes it seem.

Washington DC - MPD changes ticket policy after OIG report

WASHINGTON -- The Metropolitan Police Department amended part of its ticketing policy after a report released Monday criticized a practice that "led to erroneous ticketing."

new speed camera Chicago

new speed camera 25 MPH
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How about Radar / VASCAR trap locations?

Hi, does the database have any POIs where police sit consistently with radar guns or the white painted lines for VASCAR?

some food for thought

In an article published by Fox News, the intriguing comment is made: "When radar and camera systems are concealed, the public begins to mistrust government and the true aim of using the technology." which mirrors the comments of both proponents and opponents of cameras.

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San Diego Red Light Cameras Taken Down

I should have posted this last year but better late than never. Cameras in other parts of San Diego County may still be active but within the City, they have been removed.

I do know that they are also down in neighboring El Cajon.

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