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Don't try this at home

"A man in New York who apparently had enough of red light cameras dolling out tickets to himself and fellow drivers was arrested this week after he posted videos instructing viewers on how to disable the cameras. Stephen Ruth filmed himself on a cellphone with a selfie stick using a painters pole to knock the cameras so that their lenses uselessly faced skyward."

Tiny Lakemoor gets big bucks from red-light cameras

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Recent Haines City, FL Redlight Camera Article

Yea, it was always about safety along the U.S. 27 corridor in Haines City, Florida. Yea, right! LOL

Doing Away With Red-Light Cameras Getting More Costly for Haines City
Monday, August 03, 2015 1:30 AM

HAINES CITY | Haines City commissioners voted in May to take down the red-light cameras, but it's not going to be that easy.

Anyone know where this RLC map comes from?

I just happened to Google "Tampa Red Light Cameras" today and this clever little map showed up first in the search results.


Does anyone know who is maintaining the map (it would appear to be via My Maps as indicated in the legend) and/or where the RLC POI data comes from?

Central Florida new

Today I find the RLC in Colonial Drive (50) and Blackwood Rd in Ocoee was remove, only temporary because a construction, and will installed back after finish the job. Also in Florida if you get a RLC ticket, and pay with out go to the court, you don't have a point in your driver license.

Ever wonder what a NYC mobile speed camera looks like?

Well, click here to see.

It's on a dynamic IP address, so the link won't last forever. I sent copies to GlobeTurtle and JM asking if they would be kind enough to add to the camera pictures library on the site.

Striving to make the NYC Metro area project the best.

RLC Bribery Scandal hits Rochester NY

A Rochester city councilman is calling for an internal investigation of red light cameras.

The company that runs the program is caught in a bribery scandal that may stretch into 14 states. The investigation also includes allegations that thousands of tickets were wrongfully issued in Chicago.

The full story is here:

Nuvi 2460LMT and 1350.

New Red Light Cameras in Frederick, MD

FREDERICK, Md. – Two additional red light violation installations have been added to two of the city’s busiest intersections.

“People speed here all the time,” said Gary Rollins, who operates a funeral home business, located on West South and Ice Street, where one camera was recently installed.

City of Fairfax VA gets new red light camera

From: http://wtop.com/fairfax-county/2015/06/city-of-fairfax-gets-...

"In a news release Tuesday, the City of Fairfax Police Department announced the camera had been installed and is monitoring eastbound traffic on Fairfax Boulevard at Plantation Parkway.

A warning period begins on June 23 and enforcement starts on July 27."


Ohio Cities See Increase of Red-Light Runners

Be careful what you wish for:

Police: Ohio Cities See Increase of Red-Light Runners After Cameras Switched Off
Link to story on WKEF-TV:

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Laser speed camera tablets coming to Prince George’s County Maryland

From: http://wtop.com/prince-georges-county/2015/06/laser-speed-ca...

"The Prince George's County Police Department is beginning a pilot program to test laser-based speed camera guns with tablet computers that allow officers to catch and ticket speeders in real-time without pulling them over."

Marco Rubio on Red Light Cameras

Looks like one candidate voiced his opinion:


lukewarm support for red-light cameras


Even as the number of red-light camera programs decline across the United States, a majority of Americans say they support law enforcement's use of this automated traffic-enforcement technology.

Update on Baltimore's "Safety" Camera Program

As of this week (June 1, 2016), the Baltimore administration and the City Council continue to discuss the past problems and steps to correct the city's Red-Light and Speed Camera's (which were to be used mainly in areas of School zones).

went right through a rlc on red, without stopping, and total confidence

Well, ok, maybe 95% confidence. The remaining 5% acknowledges that anything is possible.

Refunds for short yellow light

Here is an article about refunds being issued for a short yellow light in Orange County in Florida:


Is this a red light camera?

Hi, is this a red light camera? Could someone tell me?

Arizona City Using Fake Cactus To Hide License Plate Cameras

Why would they want those? To find stolen cars? Hmm. Seems farfetched.

Arizona City Using Fake Cactus To Hide License Plate Cameras


human RLC

Yesterday a lady blew a red light turning left, in her Honda Fit.

A person driving a Saturn VUE took exception--he sped up and made her slam on her brakes, and waved his fist out the window.

That was not the end of it. At the next stoplight, he got out, and began screaming at her. Wisely, she did not put her window down, as imho the person looked as though he might have taken heroin.

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