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Red Light & Speed Cameras

Bradenton (Florida) City Council to decide on the fate of red light cameras

"On Wednesday, the City Council is expected to vote on whether to renew a contract that has just expired for the cameras."


Our experience in Tampa Bay

Is different than the findings of this report. In St. Petersburg the crash rate was statistically unchanged after removal of the RLCs.

"Red-light cameras are widely hated, but a new study says getting rid of them can have fatal consequences.

New Hyattsville MD Speed Camera

From: http://www.hyattsville.org/470/Automated-Speed-Enforcement

"Notice July 25, 2016 - An additional Automated Speed Camera will be Online Soon.
An additional speed camera will be activated on August 11, 2016, in the 5800 Block of Baltimore Avenue (Southbound), in the area near DeMatha High School

New Bill Works To Install Speed Cameras On Philly’s Deadliest Road

New Bill Works To Install Speed Cameras On Philly’s Deadliest Road
July 19, 2016 6:21 PM By Rahel Solomon

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia city officials are now trying get speed cameras installed along Roosevelt Boulevard. The road has long been considered one of the deadliest stretches in Philadelphia.

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Florida Supreme Court may settle conflicting rulings on red light cameras

TAMPA — The future of red light camera programs could soon be in the hands of the Florida Supreme Court.

That ruling contradicts one made by the 4th District Court of Appeal in 2014 where a three-judge panel ruled that the City of Hollywood's camera program illegally delegated law enforcement functions including the determination of a citation and the issuance of a ticket by a third party.

Midway (Florida) - New RLC

Both eastbound and westbound red lights at the intersections of Blue Star Highway at E. Brickyard Road and Blue Star Highway at Commerce Blvd will feature the cameras.


Tamarac (Florida) RLC Program May be Extended

Tamarac's program that relies on cameras to catch red-light runners may get a four-year extension — keeping the city among few towns in South Florida that still use the devices.

The legality of red-light-camera programs has been contested in courts, leading other cities to discontinue them.

saw a method of beating a RLC

Yesterday I was proceeding up to a RLC intersection on my commute. I know from feel whether I can make it or not, based upon where I come to a complete stop when the light turns red.

I would have never thought of this, and I saw it in action yesterday.


In Prince George's County, Maryland almost all the speed cameras are movable. Probably at least 90% of them. However over many years I have only seen one speed camera moved - and it was only moved around 100 feet.

For years I drive past a special ed school - Frances Fuchs, which has speed cameras.


Change log available?

Is there a change log available to see for the speed and red light cameras? Also are mobile speed camera locations available? I did get a citation with a laser speed cam in toledo. It was a cycle cop under a bridge in Toledo (I75NB under the Indiana Blvd overpass). Seen them their quite a bit but did not realize till now that he actually was "taking pictures" (trucker talk)

New Port Richey FL Cuts Number Of Red Light Cameras, But Renews Contract

NEW PORT RICHEY — In a vote that fell far short of a ringing endorsement, the New Port Richey City Council has opted to keep the city's red-light camera program alive on U.S. 19 for another year.

Full article here arrow http://www.tampabay.com/news/localgovernment/new-port-richey...

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Does Red Light POI require subscription

I am new to POI's and downloading them to my Rand McNally. Can someone please help me with understanding in very simple terms where I find the POI to allert me to Red Light cameras to download to my GPS? One page I landed on it said something about needing a subscription -- is this true? -- why?

Also, where is the POI for low clearance and RRx's for both Canada and USA with sound alert?


Interesting Speed Cam Statistics

Some people have deep, deep pockets.

Check out the statistics on repeat offenders in Maryland!


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New York’s Red Light Robin Hood Indicted

It will be interesting to see how his trial goes!

Default distance for speed camera?

I was using Garmin POI Loader to install POI file to my GPS unit.

When installing the speed camera file, the POI Loader offers two alert options:

A) Alert when speed is greater than the Alert Speed (default is 0)

B) Alert whenever you get close to a point (default is 1969 ft)

My question is:
If I chose option A, how early I'll get the alert?

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Tampa's red light camera contract expired, nobody noticed


"TAMPA, Florida - The contract for the largest red light camera program on Florida's Gulf Coast has expired. But the city is still churning out tickets, and some city council members want to know why."


Another one bites the dust (Clewiston, Florida)

CLEWISTON, Fla. – The Clewiston police department will not renew its contract for red light cameras, citing public disapproval and failure to generate sustainable profits.

The cameras will come down after the current contract expires in December.


was at the car dealer getting a loaner

And I saw on the desk through the window, a rlc violation from the City of Yonkers.

The way it was laid out was as if the 21 y.o. kid would have to make a phone call, probably by matching up who had the vehicle at that time, to the customer records.

Combined RLC and Speed Camera File

Just curious if anyone has proposed a combined RLC and Speed Camera File?

I get double alerts because the same camera is listed in both files. A single file would eliminate this or am I missing something that everyone else knows?

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