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(Florida) Debate continues over effectiveness of RLCs

Interesting to see the difference between St. Petersburg and Tampa's experiences with RLCs:

"As state legislators debate the future of Florida's red light cameras, the neighboring cities of St. Pete and Tampa examine the role of traffic infraction detractors in promoting safer streets in their own jurisdictions.

Texas Senate votes to ban red light cameras statewide

Mar 29 2017


AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - The Texas Senate has voted to ban the use of red light cameras in traffic enforcement - nixing tools that had been used to try and stop wrecks at busy intersections.

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Florida red light cameras going, going, gone

Florida house voted to abolish red light cameras in the state


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violations (school bus stop arm cams)

Today, I saw two cars blow a school bus' reds when it clearly had its stop arm out.

Toronto rlcs

I'm up in Toronto for a week, and find the rlcs puzzling. I've never been ticketed, so don't expect it this time either (3 recent trips over 2 yrs).

Speed Cameras busted

A news article from Fox News posted just today.


Speed cameras became a cash cow for the small village of New Miami, Ohio.

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RLCs back on the (Florida) legislative agenda

"A Florida Department of Highway Safety study says crashes INCREASED when red light cameras were present so lawmakers are talking about a statewide ban on them."


New Orleans' New Mobile Camera Ticketed For Violation

Back on January 9th, 2017, the City of New Orleans began doubling the number of enforcement cameras in use, deploying the first of ~45 new cameras.

cops vs. automation

Yesterday we were stuck in a backup due to a wreck caused by ice on the interstate. This pickup with NY tags passes everyone at about 50 mph on the shoulder, only to reach the wreck and to be told to back up by a trooper.

My wife and I thought, busted!

Brooksville, FL

Just a heads up to those in this area.
The cameras and signs are still up, but the contract has ended and it doesn't appear that the city will pursue a new one.
This change in status will be reflected in tomorrow's camera file update.



Nationwide Map of RLC

I wonder what the source of this information is? In my Tampa Bay city it isn't completely accurate....


Quebec judge throws out photo radar ticket, puts thousands of others at risk

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Speed and Red Light Camera Laws by State

Here's a good summary of the laws and fines for violations:


Officer writes red-light ticket to himself

HAINES CITY – As the enforcement officer for Haines City (Florida) Police Department’s red light camera program, Tim Glover said he’s written citations to friends, relatives, ambulance drivers and even other cops.

But until now, he’d never faced having to write a ticket to himself.

Drivers nabbed by red light cameras want their money back (Florida)

"Motorists from 65 Florida cities and counties want their money back after paying red light camera tickets that a state appeals court deemed illegal two years ago.

Last week, a federal appeals court said not so fast.

Money making cameras

Just check out this article in a newspaper from the UK.

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Tampa (florida) Extends RLC program for another two years

TAMPA — Bucking a trend that's swept up several other Tampa Bay area cities, the Tampa City Council voted 4-to-3 Thursday to keep the city's red-light camera program for two more years.



Manatee County (Florida) New RLC

Manatee County began its month-long warning period for its 10th red-light camera Tuesday.

The camera, which is for southbound traffic at 53rd Avenue and U.S. 41, will begin taking photos of red light runners after the warning period is over on Sept. 29, according to a news release.


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