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Ticket cameras


Arlington Residents Want Red Light Cams on May Ballot

The only people opposing the removal are the ones that are probably getting kick backs. The voters should prevail.

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AAA article on RLC Car and Travel Jan 2015

In Yonkers injury crashes increased 29% at RLC locations and rear end crashes have nearly doubled

Staten Island--injuries have increased 35% at RLC locations

The article said local officials are being selective with the data they provide.

Can the Red-Light Camera Be Saved?

Wall St Journal

"Money-hungry politicians discredit a hopeful safety innovation.

A promising industry betrayed by the behavior of its customers—that’s the story of the red-light camera business.

Tribune study: Chicago's safety claims for camera enforcement are dubious

Chicago Tribune 12/19/2014:
"Chicago's red light cameras fail to deliver the dramatic safety benefits long claimed by City Hall, according to a first-ever scientific study that found the nation's largest camera program is responsible for increasing some types of injury crashes while decreasing others.

NJ Red Light Camera Program Is Going Dark 12-16-14

. Nuvi 2460LMT, Zumo 550, Beltronics Pro 500 radar detector with GPS built in, includes RLC info. Uconnect 430N (Garmin) built into my Jeep. .

Washington D.C - Red Light cameras now act as speed cameras !!!

Hey all,

In Washington DC, Don't attempt to make it through the yellow light because now Red Light cameras will track your speed as well. You have been warned !!!

" How does the program work?

Road Warrior

in the end, it was all just an experiment

in NJ. Having gone through many of them on green and yellow, never gotten a ticket, I think they should remain, but like American Idol, the voters have spoken.

Engineer uses tape measure to beat speeding ticket

I hadn't heard of this issue before:

"A retired UK engineer is reportedly convinced he wasn't speeding, despite getting a ticket generated by a speed camera. So he gets on his hands and knees to prove white lines on the road are incorrectly spaced."

Ohio Traffic Camera Bill On Way To Governor For Approval

In Ohio a new traffic camera bill is on it's way to the Governor who is expected to sign it. The bill would take effect 90 days after the Governor signs it unless it is delayed or blocked by litigation. The main aspects of this bill include the following:

- An Officer will need to be present at the camera location as a witness for a ticket to be issued.

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Redflex pleads guilty in RLC bribe case

Redflex bribed Chicago official by giving kickbacks on RLC tickets in return for the contract.

"Facts" on Misdeeds

Accusations would be more appropriate but they have always used the term "facts" quite loosely.

Baltimore, Maryland Inspector General Blasts Lack Of Camera Oversight

Report shows potential bribery and mismanagement led to thousands being falsely accused by speed cameras in Baltimore, Maryland.

Redlight camera files

Did I miss it? I haven't seen this week's Redlight / Speed camera file yet. Is there a problem?

New speed, stop sign cameras in D.C.


Eleven new traffic cameras were put in place Monday throughout D.C.

See article for list of locations.

Congressional act would prohibit traffic cameras

I support the right to keep and arm bears.

Follow the money

For those that aren't familiar with the political situation regarding the District of Columbia, it is a federal district and up until about 30 years ago all laws for the District were made by Congress. Home Rule allowed the District to have a city council and gave the mayor many of the same rights and authorities as a state governor.

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Over 8 years RLC don't reduce accidents.

Auburn ditches red-light cameras

Posted by Lisa Cowan

Auburn has decided to get rid of its unpopular red-light cameras.

KOMO-TV reports the Auburn City Council voted 4-3 to no longer contract with a private company that operates the program.

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