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New to POI Factory

Hi Folks,

I'm new to the forum and would like to say hello! smile

I have a TomTom GO 510 and enjoy it immensely.

I'm learning as I go. I've mostly read the website and discussions to this point.

Thank you for providing a very informative website.

Best Regards,


Can U tell a difference after U upgrade map?

I was just wondering if you can tell a difference after you upgrade the maps.........if it's worth if to pay 70 bucks....after spending 999.00 in March for a Nuvi 680???...................Dave

Airport security

Any problem with taking a garmin nuvi through the airport security checks.

Any likelihood that the x-rays will damage the device or that they will not allow the unit to be taken onto the plane??


Hi all,
I just got a garmin 7500 the other day and am loving it. I am travelling to Burlington Vermont in a week and am looking for things to do while in the area. Any input would be appreciated. I am travelling with my wife as well as my 6 year old son so family friendly points of interest would be great.

COW Nominations for the week of July 30th 2007

Here ya go folks, nominate away.


Can I upload a PIO file from the TomTom site for my Nuvi? Will it work in my nuvi?

Rollingboulderz Garmin Nuvi 350

How can I use my route on my C550

I have the Garmin C550. The routing to a location is totally different than the one given by the camp ground. Their route seems to be and (IS) the best route. I would like to use their route and have my GPS use it. No matter how many times I do "re-route" it still does the Garmin way. Is it not possible to inport my route into the GPS?

Reverse Geo Coding

I have located a reverse Geo coding program. It restricts the input to one longitude/latitude at a time. I would like to find a program or URL that will accept multiple entries to process as a batch. I am using the GPS visualizer to batch process from an address to the long/lat. I am attempting to add addresses to POI files.


Question on FM traffic activation

I bought a Nuvi 660 from Costco a month or so ago and it came with the FM traffic power plug. I live in an area where there is no traffic coverage.

Garmin 560C Memorey

I am getting ready to install POI in my GPS .Question 1 how many POI will it hold if any Question 2 do I need a memorey card and if I do how big Question 3 A friend who also has a 560C states I can delete some of the unused langues and create more room in my GPS.

Thanks Joe

Re-installation - City Navigator 2008NT

I updated my Garmin GPSr from a desktop computer to keep my laptop available for work. Later I wanted to install City Navigator 2008 NT on the laptop for use with Map Source and a specific Garmin unit. This is the reinstallation process:

Remove the previous City Navigator V8 installation

Adding vehicle icons

Is there any way to add vehicle icons to my Garmin streetpilot 2720?

help - (only shows 50 locations)

someone know about garmin c320 gps, when i transfer poi form pc to gps, screen show me about 3000 poi files, but when i turn on gps and go to poi, they just show me about 50 files,
someone know why ??

i asked garmin they don't call me back. so bad !!!!!

I'm first time to use GPS, I don't know about that, so you guys have any file can share???

Entering text for a favorite...(uppercase vs lowercase)

Hi All,

Whenever I'm entering text for a favorite, the first letter is always "UPPERCASE" then the unit "automatically defaults' to "lowercase" for the remaining letters in the word I'm typing.

Is there any way to force the unit to "remain in the UPPERCASE mode", throughout the text entering process?

Sullivan's Law: Murphy was an optimist!

Would This Work?

This is a site for tracking stolen devices for recovery that are for instance plugged into a computer. When a GPS was connected to the computer for downloads, wouldn't this track it?
It reads as if it would.

Garmin 660

Garmin POI Alerts

Hi Folks - Another so far happy newbie with my Garmin 660. (Wife took it already!) I'm really interested in the Custom POI stuff and I've already downloaded the POI Loader and the POIEdit software. The plan is to create a custom POI for Shared Branch Credit Unions. I looked around, but couldn't find one online, so I'm working on one local to Seattle,

All you Twin Cities (MN) area folks, check-in please.

Watching the coverage of the bridge collapse in Minneapolis - it's horrific.

Called a dear friend - she's OK - thank God she does not frequent that route on her evening commutes home.

*Keith* MacBook Pro *wifi iPad(2012) w/BadElf GPS & iPhone5 + Navigon*

downloading alert sound files

How do I download the alert sound files? If I try to drag & drop I wind up with an internet shortcut file that launches the page where the file is located. When I click on the file to attempt to save it, it launches Quicktime player and unless I'm willing to buy thier upgrade I can't save the file. Help, any advice would be appreciated.


NUVI Map Update problem

I tried to update my NUVI 660 to the new 2008 Map version and I encountered a problem.

The update was stopping at about 6%. After trying various things I called GARMIN Support.

The problem turned out to be my local USB connection. My USB cable is connected to my Windows PC via a HUB. GARMIN had me connect the USB cable directly to the PC. The update went just fine.

Which GPS units support route loading

Sorry if this have been discussed before.

I am a Garmin newbie. I was wondering which GPS units, Garmin or others, support loading of routes created on a PC.

Also what are some of the recommended free or paid software for route creation?

many thanks