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Lake Roosevelt WA

Would anyone know how I may obtain a map of Lake Roosevelt in WA. We will be on a houseboat and I would like to locate various landings and sights.Thanks

Lost no more

Garmin Dash Disk

OK...first goes.

Got my nuvi 660 for father's day. Way cool. Found a good spot for it on the dash of my Tacoma. Not worried about sticking something to the dash, so, here goes. Looks nice. Easy reach access.

Skip nuvi 660


Does anyone know why the Bmp files don't show on the SP 2720 or 2730 the Bmp's are named the same as the file for example red-light-camera.csv red-light-camera.Bmp and are in the same folder when uploaded with the poi loader none of the bitmaps show on the screen for any of the Poi's

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Security Tip for Nuvi Owners

If I was a Nuvi Theif, I would break into cars and steal Nuvi's and then find the owners address on the registration or other paperwork in the car. This way I can drive to the house and sit in the driveway and unlock the security code and change it as you can do that if you know where the location is where the code was entered. Its most likely the users home.

When do custom poi icons appear?

I noticed on my Garmin 2720 that my custom poi icons appear only at 800ft or closer. I just wondered if that was standard and if there is any manual adjustment that can be made to make them appear at greater distances, like 1 mile or more?

Contributors of the week 2007-06-11

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POI Search


I am new. Just got a Nuvi 660.
Here is a question.
If I create a bunch of custom POI's (for example, restaurants), if I do a restaurant search, will my GPS list both pre-loaded restaurant POI data and my custom POI data? Or does the GPS only list the preloaded POI?


how to use .csv file

I am a Nuvi 350 user and would like to add waypoints to the base map so the GPS can route to them. I'm an absolute newbie so please excuse my naive question:

I was able to download the Gettysburg .csv file onto the GPS unit, but the waypoints do not superimpose onto the map. Is that a problem and what do I need to do next?

Any tips will be most appreciated!

Need help with XML file????

I downloaded a file with the suffix .gpx.xml as well as files with .cvs and .gpx suffix. Both the .cvs file and the .gpx file tranfered to my Nuvi with no problem. But I don't see the file with the suffix .gpx.xml.

Do I need to do something different with this file?

Thanks for any help!!

Preloaded POI and stuff vs. Custom POI

There are a lot of preloaded shopping and POI's that come on most of if not all the Garmin. I have the Nuvi 350 and I guess the simple question is why would I want to load things like customer POI's from say this site or any other vs. using the preload ones that come on the 350.

I see tons of duplication that is why I am asking....


Grooves in the Road at Red Light Cam Intersections

Here in Albuquerque, NM, the city has started to cut grooves in the road at red light cam intersections. The series of grooves can be felt by the driver and are about 30 feet in front of the intersection. The city claims that this measure is to address people's concerns, but has not said which concerns these grooves address. Does anyone know why the city is cutting these grooves?


Nominations for COW awards for the week of June 11th

Hey guys, sorry I didn't get this up yesterday. I am still fighting this cold. I am pretty much leaving it up to you guys this week.

Miss Poi

Traffic Cameras: Cash Cows or Safety Necessities

DC Traffic Camera Update

The Washinton Times states, “The number of citations issued in the Washington D.C. District's speed-camera program fell from 21,687 in February to 4,527 in March -- a 79 percent decrease -- but the amount of fines the citations generated remained relatively unchanged."

Best system to buy for Ambulance Drivers

My daughter recently became an EMT and has just earned her 'drive status'. She has mentioned that when being dispatched to some new areas, that having GPS would allow her to respond much quicker to calls because she could go around construction, or bypass traffic jams, etc... Does anyone have an idea of what system we should consider for her?

Lock and Unclock cellphones vs GPS

People can unclock their cell phones so they can use it. what happen to GPS? Do you think in the future people can unclock GPS without send it back to Garmin?


RV trip in California

My first RV trip in California (SF, LA, San Diego and Las vegas).
And thanks to Nuvi and, I was able to go anywhere without problem.
The red-camera file is great, I've a couple of new red camera I'll send soon.

I love walmart file, I saved a lot of time to find the nearest place to shop food without problems on parking.

Thank you to you all!!


\/iger6____________ nuvi 350 on board.

Happy Father's Day!!!!!!!

Happy Father's Day to all fathers!!!!!

-Mask667**Nuvi 350**

A FAQ request....

I need a favor, I have been getting questions about how to imput these icons and mp3 files into units and I really have no clue how to do it. I would like to have someone write up a FAQ that can be attached to the libraries that will help people get these great features into their devices.

So if you have a great understanding of the process please post it here and I will make it a faq.

red light cameras

I just purchased a NUVI 350. I was wanting to load speed enforcement and red light cmeras into the GPS. 1st, Can anyone tell me if the red light cameras download also contains fixed speed zone enforcement? 2nd, after downloaded does it include audio and visual effects on the GPS?



Miss POI... About Icons ...

Can you find one of the icons that I sent you ( a little martin form mar dude) that I would like it to be used for my offbeat poi files..

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