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How to attach Icons

I'm new to all of this. I have a Garmin Nuvi 360 and have downloaded many POIs. Love em. Now I see there are ICONs for many of the POIs that I have. How do I get the ICONs to work with my POIs?


anyone got poi beaches

anyone got beaches poi from new jersey i would love to go to lake or beaches. the best beaches or is hot here!!!

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Sale on Garmin 670

BJ's is having a sale on the 670 for $730. down from the list price of $999. if anyone is interested. Jake

Kudos to JM & Miss Poi

For having a site that works pretty fast over dial-up.

Man, I love the DSL at home...using dial-up is like the stone age.

Thank you JM & Miss Poi!

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Ah, sometimes I just wish that my GPS had some good night places listed. I'm having a little trouble sleeping, so I was wondering, what do you guys do to get sleepy? A cup of milk? A long jog? A ride in the car? Sex?

MP3 Mystery

In my zeal to try out my Nuvi 350's various functions and having only a puny 16mb SD card, I loaded a significant amount of MP3s into the Nuvi's internal MP3 folder. No problems. Everything worked fine. Now when I try to remove the existing music from the folder and replace it, the folder shows only a tiny portion of the music that is indeed on the Nuvi.

how can i make right size of icon?

i have photoshop 7.0 i try to make picture 24x24 but i dont know how to do that cuz i have to put the height and width so someone explain to me? so i can make the picture (icons)!!!? thanks!!!

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I just ran a conversion from KML to GPX to CSV using GPSBabel. The KML to GPX conversion went just fine. But in the GPX to CSV conversion, the software swapped the latitude and longitude values for each POI. Is there a setting I should be aware of in GPSBabel to preclude this?


Topo Zone

Deaconess-Nashoba Hospital, USGS Ayer (MA) Topo
TopoZone Pro: View Aerial Photos, Download Unlimited Topos UTM 19 288720E 4716863N (NAD27)

I came across this site when doing a search for a nearby hospital.

Are the numbers the numbers you need to create a POI?

Some of the content is free.

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can anyone make poi icon ??is not on the icon !!!

i like to make icon for weigh station and low clearance like this picture show as icon for weigh station-->

please anyone let me know if u can doing and upload to or show me how to doing???

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New Forum Area

Miss POI and JM, is it possible to create a new Forum area where members could post valid articles or links to valid articles concerning vehicle safety, equipment and recalls?

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Possible Tire Recall

There's an important article concerning a possible recall on tires made in China at the address below:

If you recently purchased new "imported" tires, or are thinking about it then you should read the article!


Freedom isn't free...thank you veterans! Heard about the tests to detect PANCREATIC CANCER? There aren't any! R.I.P. NYPD-77/Seattle Mike/Joe S.

mp3 alerts & TomTom's

Take heart fellow TomTom users - if your unit doesn't have mp3 playback capability (TomTom One) all is not lost! I downloaded one of the mp3 alerts from the Factory's list, converted it to .ogg format and loaded it into my One - guess what? I now have RhythmTip alerting me when I'm nearing a police station. smile

Freedom isn't free...thank you veterans! Heard about the tests to detect PANCREATIC CANCER? There aren't any! R.I.P. NYPD-77/Seattle Mike/Joe S.

garmin c550 faceplate silver

I am looking for a replacment to my origional garmin silver faceplate.Contacted garmin the part is not sold.
hoping someone has one for cell.

Henry Hunter

CSV file coordinates question...

Hi All,

Can anyone tell me how coordinates like, for example, -122.40495 and 37.78151 are "found" to denote a specific location, on a map. I'd like to learn how to "find" these coordinates and then by following the formatting of an existing CSV file, enter them into a new CSV file.

Thanks for your time.



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streetpilot 7200 $649.00 @ Costco

I just noticed that Costo is offering the streetpilot 7200 for $649.00 and that included shipping and handling.

MP3 Playlist on nvui 680

I created a file " my playlist.m3u"
in the file is

#EXTINF:-1, sample title 1
#EXTINF:-1, sample title 2

I put my playlist.m3u,sample1.mp3,sample2.mp3 on a 2g sd card.

the mp3 player shows the word " my playlist".
when I tap it, the unit starts to play the first song.

There is no second menu showing sample1 or sample2

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i read all the forum !!anyone need to use teamspeak so we can talk!!!

this is teamspeak website so we can talk let me know u ipserver number ... i try to understand poeple try to said but i cant get anything can i make or install the alert me,so when i get closer to weight station it has to me caution weightsation a head.mp3 or has caution weightstation a head.cvs???

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Contributors of the week 2007-06-18

This week we are recognizing Rick5266, RhythmTip and giving honrorable mention to FPichon & Gerrydrake

Rick5266 has been pounding out the mp3 sound files and really got our sound library going. Thanks so much for that inspiration to really get it up.

red light alerts, and other poi's working together

Has anyone else had the following problem?.......

If I upload the red light camera file, my alerts for sheetz stores are gone, and vice versa, can someone tell me what the deal is?