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Individual m3u playlists for folders on the SD card...How???

Hi Everyone,

OK, here's where I am now. On my SD card I have my mp3's in folders (by artist) and I want to create a playlist for each folder. The Nuvi 670 sees all the songs on the SD card, but doesn't allow me to advance to the next song when I select the artists folder. How do I get the unit to advance to the next song in the selected folder?

Thanks for your time.



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New Maps

I just received my new nuvi 660 (it was an exchange because of a defective keyboard entry problem with the old unit). Wee to my surprise, I saw that the North American maps had a 2008 designation.

Scanner Frequencies POI


Newbie Intro + questions

Hi gang... I recently picked up nuvi 650 for my wife's birthday. This is my first GPS unit since my Garmin 12 from the late 90s. One of the early 12 sat units. My, how times have changed!

garmin nĂ¼vi 650

Venice, Italy

After reading an article about Venice, Italy, I'm curious to know how the various GPSr's indicate a route through the City of Water. Do they display a map, nautical chart, or combination of the two, or do the GPSr's default to an 'on foot' mode avoiding the water entirely? From what I've read there are only two means of travel in Venice - 'by boat' or 'on foot'!

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Loading favorite routes on Nuvi 350?

With my old Garmin V and the PC based mapping software it came with (CityQuest?) I used to be able to load in specific routes to the unit, rather than have the unit calculate the routes itself.

An advantage of this was that I could design a route by hand (e.g. a scenic drive). Is it possible to load in specific routes on the Garmin Nuvi 350 ?


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Directional POI Alerts for Speed Cams

After a good while of head scratching and trying to figure out how to get a work-around for assigning a directional proxmity alert to speed cams so that I know which ones are facing me and which ones aren't I think I may have a solution.

It is a bit time consuming but could be worth the effort.

First find a point in the city (centre or some big central landmark is good).

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Red Light Camera File

I downloaded the red light camera file and have a quick question. The names of the cameras are listed as Red Light Camera.01 and then 3 letters. I'm assuming that the .01 is a speed indicator so that an alert sounds at .01 mph. Do the letters have any significance?

How did it work?

This is really weird.... I just used Google Earth to create 2 custom POIs. One was the location of my house, the other the location of a local traffic/speed camera.

I named one "house" and the other "speed_cam1".

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Eatin Park Resturants

Eat 'n Park Restaurants in OH, WV, and PA.

restaurants Submitted by alleghany on Thu, 07/05/2007 - 2:38pm.
All Eat 'n Park Restaurants in PA, OH, and WV. These are the only three states they serve. Wish there was some in the Midwest. If you see an error, or see one I missed, please notify me.

EatnPark.csv (6.66 KB)ALLEGANY Please Add another Restaurant

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POI's - PF Changs, Christmas Tree Shoppes

Has anyone made a list of POI's for PF Changs Restaurants and Christmas Tree Shoppes in the northeast?
Thanks Frank

Dumb guy question - GPS, GPSes, GPSr

Ok, I've only been here three weeks, so maybe I haven't learned the secret handshake yet. I have a burning question.

Why do some refer to a GPS or GPSes (plural) as GPSr?

I know it's a flock of geese, murder of crows, school of fish, etc.. But what's a bunch of GPSes? A GPSr?

Inquiring minds want to know! smile

Nuvi 680 Quit working

My 3 month old Nuvi 680 quit working on a trip to Erie Pa this past weekend....just when I was starting to trust it too...........It just refused to pick up the satelite I took it back to Best Buy today and they replaced it with a brand new one.........Good thing I got the extra 4 year warranty...............Dave

Greetings - newbie Nuvi 350 owner

Traded-up my Garmin V for a Nuvi 350 and I'm loving it. Now I'd like to learn about/play with POI, esp. for speed/redlight warnings.

Has anyone seen this site?:

I wouldn't mind trying to download your red light/speed cam POI database, and augment it with locations from the above site (esp. Gaithersburg, MD)

Best regards,

Garmin V / Garmin Nuvi 350 / Girlfriend with map...

Nuvi 360 going back

I'm sending my nuvi back because the sound quit working. I'm thinking of getting the nuvi 350 since it's on sale at costco. It's selling now for 469cnd 120 dollars less than what I paid for the 360. I belive the only difference in the 2 is that the 360 has blue tooth, which I dont use.Everything else is the same. Am I correct.

How do I get mp3 alerts onto my Garmin Nuvi 360 unit?

How do I get mp3 alerts onto my Garmin Nuvi 360 unit?

I-64 Project St. Louis

I am fairly new to this site. So if (locally named highway 40)recently was discussed I beg your pardon. This sea of misery is to go on for another year or two. The Garmin Nuvi 350 & Nuvi 660 are great in ordinary scenarios. But I wonder if the good folks at Garmin have seen this mess here as well as Alton route Missouri 367 north, which is my way home.

Contributors of the week 2007-07-02

This week we are recognizing Hornbyp and Thetraveler as well as giving honorable mentions to MikeL and Kch50428.

Hornbyp, it is really nice to have you as our resident GPX expert. You are a wealth of knowledge that everyone appreciates. I always learn something new when I read your posts and the way that you write makes it easy to understand what you are trying to explain.

New 660

Hey guys, I upgraded from my nuvi 360 this weekend to a 660 and I cannot believe the difference the extra inch makes in the screen. I do have one question however. On my 360, which has the traffic adapter attached, when a traffic alert would come up it would list all the incidents near me and then I could prees the desired one on the list and was shown the details.


Chat Room?

Congratulations on a useful site.

I'm new to the GPS world but have a fairly techie bend.

Does this site have a chat room or are there other GPS oriented sites which do where users can exchange tech tips.


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