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Debating which to get Garmin 650 or TT 720.
Much debate on map inaccuracy's etc, I understand this is important.

However, ability to travel and use programed info. is also very important to me.



Judging by the amount of new POI files, I think it would be fair to say that some folks are submitting files not in accordance with the request to not post them here. Does anyone know if there is a way to differentiate wether a file has been created using Harvester?? I imagine most of these files would be riddled with mistakes......Just curious. smile

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But Don't try this on the ground

FAA seems to be considering replacing the radar network with a GPS-based system for aircraft navigation.


Makes sense to me.

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Sound file comment

I have a question. I was browsing the sounds area and found many of the sounds were synthesized like "text to speech," why would you need this file?

I thought it might be better if it was a voice over or the actual sound bite.


Site Suggestion

Would it possible, when you check the unread posts, that when you place the cursor over the title of a post that the full title be displayed in a small window. That would prevent from opening many posts that we are not necessarily interested in at the moment.
Thank you for ready me.

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Ricoh Caplio Pro G3 (Camera with a built in GPS?)

Has anyone out there ever heard of something like this?
If you have one, where the heck can I get one in Canada?

It's a Camara that stamps on the photo the GPS coordinates of where the pic. was taken.

'Ricoh Caplio G3 is a high-resolution digital camera that embeds captured images with GPS coordinate information..'



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GPS Hard Drive Problem

I'm Back again I am still exploring my street Pilot Garmin C510. I have noticed that when I access the option right click properties to see the capacity storage of my hardrive, shows me a lot of free space left . Ironically the unit is not allowing me to download even a very small file.

Every time a message shows me that the disk is full or the system exceeded.

Cannot download vehicle icons to the Garmin C510

I am trying to download the vehicle icons to my Garmin C510.

An Error gives me the following message:-

Either the disk is full or system exceeded.

Can someone help me to solve this problem please?

NAVs with company POI logos

Would you all please list your NAV make and model if it shows the major company logos such as McDonald's golden arches, IHOP, Shell and Mobil gas, etc.
I am looking for this in my next NAV system. My father has this in his Toyota factory NAV but I don't want to buy a new car to get this feature.


I am new at this GPS stuff. I have a nuvi 660. Great unit. I can use all the help adding stuff.


Why mio

I'm a pretty new to POI Factory and a new owner of my Mio C320 which cost me $150. I thought I'd comment on my experiences with the Mio so far.

Why would I get a Mio when for 3-5 times the price I could get a perfectly good Garmin? Well, first reason is I'm basically cheap, but more importantly it's totally configurable (I believe "hackable" is the technical term).

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Microsoft Warns of New Excel Vulnerability

From PC World.

The flaw affects both Mac and Windows systems, allowing a hacker to booby-trap an Excel document.


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Satellite Reception in New York City,(Manhattan)

Im planning a trip to the Big Apple in couple of weeks and was going to take my gps along (garmin steetpilot c550)

But i was told the recetion isnt very good downtown around midtown manhattan

Is that true???

Looking for people to answer who live in the area hopefully using the same model.


icons and poi files

if you load only the icon ,will they show up on the screen as to their location ,or do i have to load the actual poi file and rename it ,to identify the location in order for it to show ...would this show where things are without the alert in other words....

my drinking team has a racing problem ...( garmin c330..delorme earthmate LT20 )

New Neighbourhood Area Maps

I live in a city that is growing rapidly and have tried to find road maps for the area to download to my GPSr. There are no current maps available which I could find to scan etc. So I have a couple of questions. Google maps is to my estimation 3 years old (has the satellite image from about 2004/05) I have a city planning map which indicates street names etc although it is only in pdf format.

Talked to Garmin at the Mac Expo about POI creation software...

Hi All,

I talked to Garmin's software people at the Mac Expo, in San Francisco yesterday and suggested they develop a software program that is, in effect, a template allowing users to create and save .gpx and .csv files on their computers.

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Has the POI factory considered a "classifieds" or "for sale" forum? As in "creating one"? Perhaps it could be limited to electronics only??

Kerry in Dallas

hello from chicagoland

hey everyone, I am a GPS noob got my nuvi 660 over thanksgiving and love it. now I am looking to get the most out of it that I can.

Ok Photographers Here It Is......................

SD-compatible GPS makes geotagging easy.
A SD-compatible GPS makes geotagging easy. Memory maker ATP has launched what it describes as: "the World's most easy-to-use Geotagging device." The Photo Finder is a portable GPS receiver that can automatically sync its data with the photos from your digital camera, without the need for a computer.

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Question for the experts out there

My college professor has asked me to look around for a GPS that is arrow extremely accurate and that is arrow simple to use. Those are the only 2 requirements. He also said that he would prefer a unit that is used for surveying because they tend to be very accurate. Does anybody know of what brand, or type or who I should talk to about this?

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