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I'm new to the site and plan to spend time catching up. But I have two "novice user" questions I'd appreciate answers to in order to save time digging for answers right away.

csv vs gpx

I found a tool for converting .csv formated poi's to .gpx but the only difference I could tell was a much larger file. Are there any benefits to converting to a .gpx file format?

Trouble downloading mp3s

using media player 9 on windows xp. My computer & media player show files loaded but I cannot find them on my nuvi 350. Can anyone help? Thanks

nuvi 350

Isn't bluetooth compatible is it??


What if you discover an error in an existing file?

If you discover an error in one of the existing POI files, what is proper procedure to have it corrected? I can do the fix fairly easily, but what is 'proper' protocol?

Thanks in advance!

Nominations for COW awards for the week of 6-04-07

Alright, here is your opportunity to praise your fellow factory buddies for all their hard work this week.

Miss Poi

Catagory sorting with custom poi's


With the Garmin POI's, they have them neatly sorted into category folders: Auto, Restaurants, etc.

I don't know where I'm going or remember where I've been...without Garmin.

How do you load the POI bmp Icons to correspond with the PIOs?

I not very successful on getting them to latch on to the POIs I've downloaded. Example is "Starbucks" POIs and the bmp icons. Can somebody learn me that?


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Would a list of the cameras for escambia cty, fl be helpful? also santa rosa cty? thnx


what if... (no poiloader prompts)

you get no onscreen prompts from poiloader? did i do something wrong?


Where to stick file.

I downloaded my file for poiloader and saved it in a file named the same. then downloaded the weightstations poi file. where do i put it in my garmin nuvi 350? Im new 2 this would like to learn more. thnks, matt


POI Files

I have a list of POI's on my computer, I keep adding more as they are added. Each time I load them into my nuvi 660, the old ones are removed. My question is, is there a way to keep the alert distants for each POI, without retyping them with each upload?

Uploading Of Bmp Files

Miss POI Is There any where to up load Bmp Files To Match Pois for example Camping Bmp would be a 24x24 pic of a tent or a 24x24 pic of a railroad crossing sign and ETC. So every one can go there to download them for there poi files Thanks

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viewing info on *.csv file

you can view all the info within a csv file if you right click on it and choose 'open with' 'note pad'.

oops..did a search and realized how much of a newbie I am.


Would like to say hello to all.

Current poject that I am working on.
NYC Redlight camera (confirmation of RL that are active, since NYC has alot of "dummy" one up) and speed trap.

POI Files

Where did the Rest Area & Service Plaza POI'S go to That I uploaded For Ohio,Pennsylvania,W Virginia,Virginia,N&S Carolina

Auggie SP2720 , SP C330, Nuvi 650, Nuvi 785T America Moves By Truck

Portland, OR - Project Discussion

This discussion topic is used for collaboration on the Portland, OR metro area project.

You can provide feedback and suggestions for files in the Portland project area by replying to this topic.

POI Factory Interview with Computer America

Hello everyone,
I wanted to let you all know that JM and I have been contacted to do a radio interview about POI Factory with Craig Crossman and Carey Holzman of Computer America.

We are so thrilled to be given this opportunity for exposure to more people.

here is a link to their site,


I am very new to connecting the GPS to my computer, and I have a problem that no one else has seemed to have... When I try loading a poi file to my unit, i get through the first couple screens, but right as it's supposed to be loaded into the unit I get an error that says that the file cannot be loaded and that i should try running poiloader again. what can I do to fix this?

Map Detail Level Question

I've been trying to figure it out but the unit doesn't help much.

On the Nuvi types under SETTINGS > MAP > MAP DETAIL ... what are the differences between the 5 settings (Most, More, Normal, Less, Least)? Specifically, I'm wondering what each one draws.

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