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Can I create a POI file by using MS TerraServe to get the Long & Lat?

I would like to create a POI file of all the Bob Evans Restaurants say within MD, PA, and VA. I have a list of all the addresses for each restaurant in the US. Can I enter the address in something like Microsoft TerraServe, then take the Long & Lat and enter this into an Excel spread sheet? Will the Long & Lat from TerraServe be accurate enough?

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POI Proximity alarms

I have a Street Pilot C340 and recently loaded some POI files (ex IA rest areas). During the installation process I requested a 15 mile alert using the manual settings. These were locations and not traffic or other related traps so no speed info was entered. A few seemed to work just fine but most gave no alert at all unless I was actually at the location.

defragging your GPSr

Has anyone used their windows defrag program to defrag your GPSr?

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Where else do you go?

Just curious, what other forums/sites do ya'll visit to support your GPS habit?


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i've managed to create and use all the different attributes available at the moment! - From linking MP3 voice files, jpeg, Bitmaps to a combination of .bmp icons with voice or jpg!! (This is said just to bring you up to speed with my knowledge and capabilities at the moment!) - Maybe my terminology does not reflect my competence, but that's useful sometimes!(LOL)

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I looked at some of the state attractions lists that Bobkz did, he did a nice job of the ones I looked at. I have a suggestion, a list of diners, he has a lot of them in his lists now. Diners are returning to the great status they were long ago.

MP3 Music Downloads?

Can anyone recommend where I can download mp3 music files. Napster, Walmart, etc. no not download mp3 files that are compatable with my Garmin Nuvi 350. Jake

GPS vs. Automobile Mileage

From my home near Dallas to KSC in Florida it was 1214 miles according to my automobile. My 660 indicated the mileage was 1190 miles. No big difference, but why would there be any at all?

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Apple's Safari Browser Does Windows!

Being a bleeding edge tech nut, I downloaded it. Installed it. Runs great. Seems to be faster rendering pages than IE or Firefox. Posting this message with it even.

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Contributors of the week 2007-06-04

This week we are recognizing justaguy4321, Rick5266 and Bobkz

Justaguy4321 got us stated with the idea of a sound library by sending us a mp3 copy of a red light camera alert. We are still working on building a sound library.

Using POI Files...

I would like permission to grap some of the POI files here and incorporate them in State files that I am making. I am breaking out my "USAPOI Tourist Guide for " and creating States for them.. I am tring to make this into a "Book" of places to go in each state.

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Confusion on Interstate Rest Areas

I am getting confused on all of the Intersate rest areas files. We have files and updates on individual states, an Interstate All, poi, another update, Interstate 48, file. Is there just one Interstate poi that covers all, so I can delete all of the other interstate poi's?

bean bag mount

has anyone noticed the ad for avis on tv which features the garman 500 series, and by the way the bean bag mount. if it were a danger in an accident, i dont believe a rental company would use it. lol

Garmin and Tom Tom

Is Garmin and Tom Tom the same company and the best one is????

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SD Card Sale

This week Best Buy is having a sale on a ScanDisk 4GB SD HC memory card for $40. No rebates, just a straight price. To make it an even better deal, it includes a card reader that works for both SD and SD HC. A great deal if you are in the market. My Zumo will love the additional space for MP3's.

Subscribe to thread

I'm enjoying getting to know this forum. Is there any way to "subscribe" to a thread without posting to it?

Lat/Long. in the Garmin

I have a SP c550. I have a question about some of the other Garmin units. My brother had an old Garmin that he could see the Lat/Long. on the unit, or maybe he could put in the Lat/Long. and see it on the GPS. But, I cannot do that on the 550. Do any of the new models let you use the Lat/Long. to see it on the GPS or see the Lat/Long for a Favorite you saved?

GPS coordinates on school website

My daughter is going to UT (Univeristy of Texas) in the fall. I found something really cool on the UT website; the UT GPS coordinates for different buildings and parking areas. I have not seen that before, but figure that is not the only school or business out there that offers their own POI's (or the info needed to create a POI file).

Rest area.

I95 mm17 sc north bound was removed. They took the drive up also. don't think it is goin back.