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c 330 problems

i owned a c 330 for 2 years and i am on my third unit garmin has been great about fixing or sending me a new unit but this is gettin old problems consits of unit will not run on the battery it has to be plugged into the car or the usb cable to power up .

I will send you a replacement camera alert voice to replace your tone

Nickjr posted on how to replace the tone with a voice. You need software to convert the wav to a mp3.

I did it for you. Its a female voice. I am willing to send it to anyone who requests it. Just PM me with your email and I will send.

I figure its something I can do to give back to this community for helping me out so much!

Poster of the Week Nomination>>>

if I may be so bold, I'd like to nominate bobkz...the trusted auto repair shop project is a GREAT idea!

Thanks for thinking of and doing this Bob!

Regards, Ted

"You can't get there from here"

mapsource and csv files

Ok, now that I installed mapsource v8 on my laptop, I would like to use my CSV files and import them in so that I can check to make sure the addresses are close to where they are to be. Only problem is I dont know how to do this.

I would also like to create poi files in the mapsource and make them CSVs to upload here..

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Programming for POI Factory

There are a few programming projects I'd like to tackle soon for POI Factory:

* database import - import locations from CSV and GPX formats into the web site database (each location becomes a separate record in the database).

* workflow system - track requests and work assignments for creating / updating POI

POI storage

There are a lot of POI's that I might need at some time, but don't want to load them on my nuvi 660 or on my laptop. Can I download the POI's to a jump drive or SD card to save for a future downloads to my nuvi via my laptop.

Just posted BMW Motorcycles dealerships in the US

I just posted the POI for motorcycle delaerships for BMW with phone numbers. Enjoy.

Standardizing POI error reporting/updating

At this website there is no single method to report POI problems or fixes. I noticed RT, Miss POI, myself and others spending quite a bit of time fixing up POIs. Also on some occasions it was cumbersome to contact the correct POI owner. With so many POIs the problem will only get worse.

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POI accuracy

I recently found this site. It really nice that people would take the time to do all this.

Sadly, the POI files are so badly riddled with errors it makes them unusable.

For example I downloaded the file for Love's truck stops. I have one in my area. The POI file shows two . It Puts one where one does not exist and puts the second on a wrong road 6 miles away.

Does it al fit on a Nuvi 360?

When you order updated maps, they are something like 1.4gigs of data. Will this all fit on the Nuvi 360 (as opposed to on a flashcard)?

Is it as easy as connecting your gps to the computer, running the DVD, entering the unlock code, then following the prompts?


School speed zones

Does anybody know where I can find school speed zone POIs?


Hello to all

I recently recieved a Nuvi 360 as a 50th birthday present from my wonderful wife.

I love it, that's all I can say.

I would like to learn more about POI's so I will look around.


Sharing Routes

I was thinking that since my Garmin Street Pilot 2730 is capable of storing up to 50 routes, that it might be nice to post and share particularly interesting and scenic routes from around the country much like we do with POI files. Here in Minnesota a popular drive is along the scenic north shore of western Lake Superior north of Duluth MN.

I found some information here at


Just wondering if downloading interstate rest area poi's will cause proximity alerts to sound on my gps everytime I pass one or does it just show up on my map? OR, do I have to do a search for them manually, when I am traveling?

Contributors of the week 2007-04-30

This week we are recognizing Sasines & Kch50428 as our contributors of the week and giving an honerable mention the Viger6 and Alanrobin1.

Sasines has been getting himself involved in all the team projects underway and we really appreciate his efforts.

Kch50428, has been working hard on his weather stations project and helping out with everyone else's projects too, great job.

Not trusting my Nuvi 680

From past experiences in a town I am familiar with and the way my Nuvi 680 tries to take me down dead end streets and the long way around and then right into a bridge out sign..........well yesterday I was in an area I knew a little bit about and so I punched in to go to my daughters house and it took me down this old road that turned to dirt and gravel for abougt a mile and I was on my motorcyle

noise cancelling mic besides Garmin branded

has anyone bought an external microphone besides the Garmin one?

The reason I woudl like to explore other options is because Garmin's microphone does not have any noise cancellng technology and everyone who complains on the other end of my calls complains about the "noise"

POI file for US Talk Radio Stations

Does anyone know of a POI for all the US Talk Radio stations?

Garmin C330

garmin c330 memory availability

Is there a way to find out how much space is available on a Garmin C330 for POI files?

Garmin C330

POI Verifier

RT, I tried to 'clean up' my copy of the BURLINGTON .csv file after noticing your update, but I wasn't allowed to. I got the following error message after trying several times:


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