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New to this but are there any KOA POI's for all lower 48 states?

Got my Garmin Nuvi 350 yesterday

I got it yesterday but tried it out today. It is awesome! I am looking forward to adding POI files. Also anything else that can be fun with the 350. I just found this site. Oh yeah, I also want to see if I can somehow make a vehicle icon. I would love the HALO warthog as a vehicle. wink Anyway glad I got a GPS. I hope to learn everything at this site. Looks like I got a lot of reading to do.

Map Update On 60CSx

I want to update my older Garmin GPS unit, c340. Does anyone know whether I can use the same upgrade for my 60CSx? I'm hoping that a single update can be use on a primary navagation system PLUS a handheld.


keyboard shortcuts

Is it possible for you to add keyboard shortcut for the Submit/Add Comment button (such as alt+s). I am so use to using that for emails and other boards. The tab order is in good order, so for now I press tab 3 or 4 times and hit enter.

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POI files sorted by update date?

It would be really great if there was a way to sort the POI files by their latest update date. I logged back in after a while since my unit was on loan to a friend. I wanted to find out which files were updated since my last downloads.


download business contact addresses

I have the gamin 650 and when I click on the food/business icon, I can type in the name of a local business I am trying to find and it will put up all business with that name for me to select from. My question is.....is there anyway to import my personal business addresses and names into that feature so I can just type in a client's name and the unit will pull up the address?

Nuvi 350 (removing Fodor's Travel Guide?)

I installed the Fodor's Travel Guid and I would like to remove/delete it. Does any one know how to do this?


truck stops

My Nuvi 350 is missing a lot of truck stops. Does anyone know where a good, complete POI file of truck stops can be obtained. You would think that the major truck stop companies would make this available. Maybe I've missed it. The major truck stops are: Flying J, Pilot, TA (Travel America), Love, and Petro. Please advise. Thank you.

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POIs from vendor's web page

I use an Excel add in that does this process simply and quick.

1. Paste locations into new Excel worksheet using Special Paste < Text.
2. select all locations.
3. Open ASAPUtilities>Format>Advance Transpose
4. Enter the size of your repeat.
5. Select Okay

The macro puts the first line of each set in column one; the second line in column two etc.

6. Select columns to merge.


Haunted Houses

Hey all since it is halloween time does any one know of any POIs for haunted houses and Pumkin patches?

Convert JPEG files to CRF files

I would like to know if it is possible to convert JPEG to CRF files so that I can make a pic of my Truck as the vehicle on my map. I have a Garmin nuvi 250w

anuder new guy from TX

I got me a Zumo 550 on my 1500 Goldwing
just got it intergrated into my Bike's Radio/Intercom
I am not impressed with the mp3 quality
But the Bluetooth cell phone works great.

HI from TX

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St Louis Missouri Junk Yards

Alleghany : Your Poi File Needs ATT: Here is whats wrong you got different junk yards and addresses with the same long lat check below

Line 3 and Line 47 may be duplicate entries
-90.268331,38.549866,"All Auto Parts"
-90.268331,38.549866,"Modern Imports"
Line 11 and Line 13 may be duplicate entries
-90.246700,38.657500,"Best Auto Parts & Service"

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Displaying Album Art with the Garmin Nuvi 350

This is for the benefit of new users like me that have had trouble witht Album Art on the nuvi 350. Thanks to other POI FACTORY users, I downloaded a program called MP3tag which after considerable experimentation, solved my problem,

Background: I was able to load MP3 files from itunes on my computer to the nuvi350, but the Album Art would not display even though MP3tag said it was there!

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Great Site

Just want to say this is a great site and I have already learned so much about POI and my garmin. I even made my 1st POI file for my fellow Truck Drivers.
Thanks for a great Site.

GPS Units Next??

Apple iPod Nano Catches Fire, Burns Man's Pants, apparently from a defective lithium ion battery. Are the GPS units next??

Hmmmm ... I wonder if he had it in his front pants pocket!!



"Internet: As Yogi Berra would say, "Don't believe 90% of what you read, and verify the other half."

SD Memory cards (max size for nuvi 370)

Has anybody heard of any SD memory size restrictions for the Nuvi 350/60/70 GPS's. I have a 370 and know it works on a 2GB but I haven't tried anything bigger. I have two other devices (not GPS's) that have a 1GB & 2GB restriction due to their OP systems.

Sandman --------Nuvi 370

Elapsed time to acquire satellites-Nuvi 350

It takes from eight to thirteen minutes to acquire the satellites. How close is this is common experience? I alwaus have to first answer, are you indoors etc.

Making POI files (Line breaks in Excel)

Got a lot of this figured out.

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how do I access my new POIs on my Garmin 580?

Hi! I just joined & downloaded some POIs to my Mac to my Garmin. But I can't find them on the Garmin. I put them on a Sandisc.

I'm so excited but where are they?