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Cow Award Nominations for the week of September 3rd 2007

Time for Miss Poi's Possy to round up another COW for this week. So who is going to get it this week gang?

Miss Poi

loading maps

do you have to be on the internet with garmin to load the canada map to a sd card after the initial downloading of the nt 2008 maps.


Some of you probably noticed that I have been doing some organizing around the site today.

We are getting set up to start packaging some of the POI files / icons and sounds so that they are easier to find.

Hello, new user here. Are there a lot of POI's for Nor Cal?

I am interested in purchaseing the POI info, but I am located in Sacramento and wondering if there are a lot of POI's in my area?

Red light camera C330 where?

I know this subject has been beaten to death.I downloaded the Red light Camera file.
Is this installed just like the POI files using the Loader?

Cover for Garmin c330

I have the Garmin c330 and was wondering where can you buy a hard face plate/cover for the unit. Recently I drove pass someone who had one. Now I want one. It's only time before I damage the unit.

Two Versions of POI Loader on System


Need some assistance.

Have 2 versions of POI loader on my computer:


Do I need both or can I delete one?



Alan-Garmin c340

how do i change the arrow icon on my gps

Where do i go to change the arrow icon that was factory installed, I would like it to be a car or motorcycle or firetruck


Latest redlight cameras file (09/05)


Is it just me or others have also encountered, that the download link for the 09/05 zip file has the 08/22 csv files in it?


if there were 1million poi 9/06; maybe 2 million 9/7?

wondering how many poi's are currently on this site.

new request: ability to sort poi files by most downloaded?

for a site upgrade, how about ability to sort files by: 1) most downloaded 2) state

what program takes to csv files and merges based on distance between poi's?

i remember downloading a program before that examined two csv files, and merged them if coordinates are less then a user-definied distance. what's this? got too much trash on my computer to find the program.

I need ifo from you...

Hi, I have a Garmen C530 and love it. However, I am thinking of upgrading to a newer GPS and was wondering what would be a good device to get..

Bobkz - Garmin Nuvi 2455LMT/C530/C580- "Pain Is Fear Leaving The Body"

GeePeeEx Editor

Hi does anyone know how to export the long, and lat data from Google Earth Plus to the GPX editor?


POI-Factory Hall of Fame

With the first year anniversary of POI-Factory's current Terms of Use only one week away, perhaps its time to establish a POI-Factory Hall of Fame. Election to said body of elites would bring with it a permanent Windmill and all the benefits associated therewith.

I nominate Motorcycle Mama as the first inductee.

"It's not where you start, but where you end up." Where am I and what am I doing in this hand basket?

I-95 speed trap locations

I wanted to thank the person that posted this file. We just returned from a trip to Florida which involved traveling on I-95 throughout parts of SC, Ga and FL. We did see LE at several of the locations in the poi file.

I am back fora while..

I am back from vac and then was sent away again on a bussiness need. Will be going again soon.

I see that I lost my windmail.. Oh well.. thats the way it goes..

To all that have sent me great info for my poi files, I will be updatingthem and getting them on poi-factory as soon as I can.. Just been very busy with work..

Bobkz - Garmin Nuvi 2455LMT/C530/C580- "Pain Is Fear Leaving The Body"

how do you mount your Nuvi when you travel

When you travel, do you bring your suction cup and bracket with your Nuvi. I bought the Nuvi because it was so small an portable and I dont want to bring all the gear with it. However it slides all over the place if I put it in a new car.

Do you guys prop it up or wedge it somewhere in your rental cars?

School Zone Update

Using the info provided by forum members as a result of my earlier School Zone post question, I used the School POIs in the POI file list and set up my NUVI 360 to give me an audible signal when approaching a school zone. I then discovered that in the VA, DC & MD areas many local schools are not included, particulary the private and Church sponsered schools.

What Gps Units use Map Install from Garmin

MapInstall software version 3.11.1 as of August 21, 2007

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WARNING: This software will not work unless you already own a MapSource product.

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