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NAVTEQ Updates

I've informed NAVTEQ several times about a mistake in their map. They have not yet corrected it. Does anyone know the process they go through to make corrections? How long does it usually take? Is there some guy that comes out and physically verifies the correction or is there some other source on which they rely?



That Ausie Karen cracks me up sometimes...

Was on the road in Des Moines when Karen tells me to exit to "George 'the 1000th' Mills Parkway"...while the green bar at the top of the map said "George M Mills Parkway"....

I'm still giggling over that one...

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COW Award Nominations for the week of Aug 13th 2007

Here we go kids, have at it.

Miss Poi

need help

I am new to this site and the world of GPS (StreetPilot C330...On this site, do I have to subscribe to get the red light camera etc (Canada) or is there a site where these are available. If I subscribe here, are they updated regularly>>> Thank you....

Run out of memory for C340 when loading Schools zones

Hello, I tried to download the schools for the southeast so that I can have my GPS alert me when I come to them. I tried to download them to my Garmin C340 but it tells me that I do not have enough memory. Any thoughts what I should do?


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csv files on Zumo 550

i can't get csv poi to show up on my zumo after downloading on my sd card. Any suggestions?

Red Light Cameras for Garmin C340

Hello, I am new to this. I have a Garmin C340. Can you tell me if I can download red light cameras and how this works on my unit?


Steet Pilot C550, I phone 5s.

2008 north america update for my nuvi 350.

I purchased my nuvi 350 in april of 2007, do I still have to pay 70.00 to get my unit updated with the new 2008 north america map. ??

Garmin 660 - How to delete Fodors Sample Data

Hi Everyone

Just got mine 660 at costco and so far it works great . Found this site and even greater.
My question is how can I rid of Fodors Sample Data from the EXTRA menu section as I have no need for it unless I buy it .

Thanks for your help

Now were off exploring wineries with the POI I just dl

The Bartman: say thanks and talk later - just gotta love the nuvi 760 gadget

Car Vent Mount for Garmin Nuvi 670 report...

Hi Everybody,

I just bought a Car Vent Mount for my Nuvi 670 from

The mount fits in the air vent slots. Once attached, the
unit "will not" come off the vent because the clip hooks
onto the inner edge of the vent slot. To remove the unit you
need to slip something thin underneath the clip to raise it
enough to allow it to release from the forward inner edge of the

Sullivan's Law: Murphy was an optimist!

Stopping Sun Glare

I just purchased and used the sun visor I bought from: www.glarestomper.com. It is well worth the price which was under $18. Go to the above website and see all the different models they make. From glare to no glare was easy as 1 2 3.

Any questions, please email me.


PS NO!!! I am not a stockholder.

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? about forum software

Great site for users new to GPS use. I've learned a lot in the last 4 months and probably will continue to do so.

I generally enter a forum by clicking on "unread posts", then pick and chose which topics I'm interested in. When I'm done, I use "mark as read" before exiting. On this forum, the only way I can find "mark as read" is to go to "discussions" from the point where I was.

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POI Physicians

Does anyone know if there a POI database for Pysicians?

MapSource for your computer from the update disc

This is for PCs only, sorry MAC.

PLEASE NOTE this is copied and pasted directly from a Garmin tech email, the only change I made was to #5 regarding the UNLOCKING OF MAPS, my unlock code was there and I deleted it. The Unlock code I deleted was the same as on MY.Garmin.com under "MapSource® Unlock", you may want to go get that prior to attempting this.

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poi in general

I have downloaded a lot of information from each state and have the following question being new to what the nuvi can do. Will the nuvi identify all poi's in a certain area not with standing where they originate from?

Best Sites for Content

Everyone knows that POI Factory is the best site for POIs and GPS talk. But the denizens of this site know other things too. Can I convince you to share?

My favorite site for audio books is: http://librivox.org/

Why? Well, it's free of course and simply filled with goodness: Capitan Blood anyone?

- Keith

new member - magellan 4040

I'm a new member as well as a new owner of a magellan 4040. Tried out a garmin 350 for three weeks and finally decided on the magellan. I'm interested to find out more about this site and custom POI.

nuvi 650

i am trying to plan a driving trip. i need to check my miliage and time between destinations. the problem i am having is that it always start my destination from home when i want to check it out from a different spot. how can i do this easily?

"Next Generation" of satellites

Saw this of interest:

Companies Line Up to Bid on New GPS
Thursday August 9, 4:33 pm ET
Contractors Line Up to Bid on Defense Department's Next-Generation Navigation System

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concerning mp3's and bmp's for c550

I have a bmp and an mp3 which I have renamed Redlight-Cameras.bmp and .mp3 respectively, and then ran poi updater, upon street testing it, the standard icon and alert tone were generated, instead of the new custom files, can anyone tell me what I might have done wrong?



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