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I am looking for Post Office (USPS) POI data. Is it available for the USA?

Just got my Nuvi 650

My Nuvi 650 just came in from amazon.com along with the external antenna. I have to say I wasn’t expecting the antenna to be so large. It’s more than twice the size of my XM satellite receiver.

Historic Sites

I love this site! Just got a Garmin Zumo and I am loading a bunch of custom POI files.

Has anyone done anything with any state historic markers? Here in Wisconsin I love to stop when I drive by a historical marker. That would be an awesome POI file!


just downloaded new city nav nt 2008

got my cd yesterday and downloaded the new update to my nuvi 350- it took about 2 hours but it seems to be working well and is updated-- the new starbucks was just built about 4-5 months ago and it is in the new update.

Does any one have?? (Sapp Brothers)

Looking for Sapp Brothers Truckstop poi....ne have these??? If not I'm gonna learn how to enter info and add them.


Friction Mount

I was looking for aq bean bag and then found this "Friction Mount made by garmin. It is now on sale in Best Buy.

Before buying it I went on line to garmen to relook at the bean bag and found this friction mount in it place. I did not see the bean bag aqnywhere on the site. I am woundering if they are replacing the beanbag mount with the friction one.

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Can you avoid a particular road with Nuvi 350

I was traveling in Lexington and they closed rt.64 but my nuvi kept directing me to that same route even after I pressed the reroute button, although it did reroute me on the secondary roads but it still put me on Rt.64, which was closed. isnt there an "avoid this route" button somewhere. this was very aggrevating.

Understanding the Basics

Would someone please direct me to the link where I can learn the basics of what these CSV and GPX files are, and the process of creating them. I just got my Nuvi 660. I know I need to obtain this "mapsource" thing from Garmin, but what to do then, I'm stuck. The topics here seem to deal with advanced issues, and I guess I need to start at the beginning; I want to get the most out of my Garmin.

Nuvi 350- Map version

Just purchased a Nuvi 350, how can I determine which map version that is installed in unit.


Garmins Metro Guide v8

Garmin must be doing something. I went to their web site > Maps > Metro Guide v8 to check the map on my area, and all I get is a big black, blank screen after several trys. Maybe there getting ready to put the new version up.

Garmin 660

POI Loader Problems!

Hello everyone! First time poster here.

I was trying to download the Garmin POI loader tonight and I'm just having a heck of time with this. I must be missing something.

POI Icons

What is the method to match up POI Icons with a POI file. Assuming we would touch the POI Icon on the GPS sceen and the matching listing wouuld appear. Example, touch the flying J Icon, a listing of flying J's would appear.

upload csv file

i upload csv chicago attractions to my laptop but i cant get it to upload to my garmin..when i us the uploader it doesnt give me the option to upload this file.why?


Can the Redlight-Camera.csv file. on Garmin display be customized?

Hi Everyone,

When I display the Redlight Camera locations on my Nuve 670, this is what is displayed:

The first camera in the list displays:

Red LightCamera .01zg7             1.1mi N

Then when I press on that location, I get this display:

Red LightCamera .01zg7

Alert Information:
Distance: 1319ft
Speed: none
Burlingame CA poi-factory
12jul 07

Now my question:

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Will Nuvi 680 work with Easy GPS???

Just wondering if it will or not some say no others say they will..............Thanks for any info.......Dave

map refreshing

Has anyone had any trouble with the maps not refreshing correctly?

Mine just started to (off and on) to not refresh so my map is blank as I move along. My car also tends to 'travel' down the road (like if it was set to north up). It also may take a few seconds, like 3 or so, for the car to even start moving.

Any help would be appreciated.

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this cool websites if dotn know how many feet to mile

this website is cool to convert to feet to mile or mile to feet and other....just want to know how far u want POI alert you

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City Navigator North America NT update available

When I went to My Garmin, it posted the availability of the new NT version of City Navigator North America. It allows me to purchase the update for $69.00 plus shipping and estimated tax.


I download some POI files to my SD card, I see them when a connect to my PC as another drive, but how do I see them on my Garmin 530, should they be in extras??

Please help

csv files load fine on nuvi 350 but gpx files wont load

Hello all- new to POI's and have a couple questions: I can load the cvs files fine however the gpx is not recognized. am I doing something wrong? Also the cvs files open in excel but I read that you shouldnt open these cvs files in excel- is this correct? I open them in microsoft word and they seem to load fine on my gps