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Thanks all for your help

Just downloaded my first POI files into my 660 GPS. Thanks to all of you in this form, it went very well. You all are a great group of people to take time helping new members with what must seem, the same questions over and over. Thanks again, your class people.

Deleting a poi

Hi: I own a garmin c330. I mistakingly added a poi twice on my unit. I am having trouble deleting one of the poi's. Can anyone offer some help.

thank you: gus b

augie billitier I2,c330,660

interesting site for gps under $200

Found this site with lots of cool gps info

They have a list of gps's for under $200.00 too for someone looking for a low cost gps solution.


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Contributors of the week 2007-07-16

This week we are recognizing Mkahn and Schalk. We are also giving honorable mention to lsmonop and thetraveler.

Mkahn, Jon and I really appreciate how fast you acted in helping us get the radio interview up on the site this week. You are always so helpful to everyone on the site.

Favorites symbol/icon changes itself


I noticed that when I add some POI to my Favorites and I change the symbol from the default black square to something else (i.e. House icon/symbol), that they change back to the black square after the unit has been powered back on. Not all of them changes. It appears to be a random thing.

GPS Labelling Tip

As the Nuvi 670 doesn't leave a heck of a lot of space to put a personal sticker or anything on it I came up with a solution for put a 'If found please return' label on it.

In any graphic editor program create a .jpeg with the text:

This GPS unit belongs to Wizard of Oz
mobile: 555-6969
e-mail: johndoe@planetzog.com

Nuvi 715 (Sucks), Nuvi 670 (dead)& Garmin GPS 72. South African living Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Rickshaw Handelbar mount for Nuvi

I am leaving for a month travels in china and I’m wondering if anyone knows of any practical reason that I should bring my Nuvi with me. I haven’t seen any Garmin maps of Asia and even if there is I don’t think I would understand the Chinese characters used for the street names. Anyone have any thoughts?

nüvi 660 & 670 - Hello I'm a Mac :))

Anti-theft sticker came with my new Garmin

My Garmin C550 came with 2 anti-theft stickers. Since I had a GPS stolen, I've been taking the mount off the windshield and taking the GPS with me whenever I leave the car. This is a royal pain. This GPS CAN'T be used by anyone if stolen if they don't know my code. Most thiefs I assume don't know this and will steal the unit.

What's "Speed Alert 2mph" on my Garmin

I just recently got a Garmin C550 which has the FM traffic. I'm not sure if it's from the FM traffic alert by when I come to some intersections around my area (Metro West Boston), the top banner on my GPS turns red with the words "Speed Alert 2mph" and a loud alert tone. Is this from the FM or from one of the POI that I may have loaded. Is there some signal in the sreet that causes this?

Just saying hello

Hello, I'm new here and just wanted to say hello. I suspect that I will be rather active around these parts. I purchased a Garmin Nuvi 350 last month. It arrived just before I drove my trusty 1989 Volvo 244 from my home in Los Angeles to Las Vegas for six weeks of work. It proved handy for getting around Vegas and helped me to find everything I needed while I was there.

Dodge Truck GPS Unit

I have a friend who owns a 2004 Dodge truck that came with a build in GSP unit. Indication is the GPS unit doesn't come out of the truck. My friend indicates he can't find the brand of GSP in the manuals.

Does anyone know what brand of GPS may be furnished with the truck, and how to update such GPS unit if they are stationary.

how do i associate sound w/ poi?

How do I associate mp3 w/ poi for nuvi 350? thanks. i'm trying to set up some sample red light alights b ut don't know where to start. thanks.

poi list of usps mailboxes?

is there a list of mailboxes (not postoffices) in cali for garmin? http://www.payphone-project.com/mailboxes/states/CA/ list the mailboxes. how can i easily convert it to poi data for nuvi?

Web Sites

How is everyone posting a link so that all you do is click on that link and it will take you there

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Motel Locations - U.S.

I drive cars for a living and have to stay at motels at times. Since I bear the cost myself, I try to find affordable places. It amazes me that the only list on this site is for Marriott Hotels. Anybody know where I can get lists for Super 8, Exel Inn, Knights Inn, etc?



c330 #2 is dead

well,,,,,,,,i sent back my c330 after the screen locked up. it didn't cost me anything and they got a replacment in pretty fast. the problem is that when i started loading my poi's on it the same thing happened. i don't know if one of the poi files is corrupted or what but either way i have another dead c330 that's going to have to go back. as before, the reset procedures don't work.

Nominations for COW Awards for the week of July 16th 2007

Here ya go folks, have at it.

Miss Poi

Red Light Cameras & Accidents

Cleveland, Ohio Red Light Cameras Increase Accidents
Accidents increase 40 percent at intersections with red light cameras in Cleveland, Ohio.

Auggie SP2720 , SP C330, Nuvi 650, Nuvi 785T America Moves By Truck

Ohio House Votes to Ban Red Light Cameras

A bill effectively banning camera enforcement passes in Ohio state House of Representatives.

Auggie SP2720 , SP C330, Nuvi 650, Nuvi 785T America Moves By Truck

Garmin Unit Software

Garmin Has the new Updates out as of July 11 for These units Navi 200,250,270 and the street Pilots 2720,2730,2820,7200,and 7500 Just wanted to let everyone know

Auggie SP2720 , SP C330, Nuvi 650, Nuvi 785T America Moves By Truck