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Contributors of the week 2007-12-31

This week we are recognizing 3 people;) Hornbyp, Lee Preston and Perrdom.

Converting TomTom GO 920 Europe maps to use with Garmin 680

I have the TomTom 920 as well as the Garmin Nuvi 680 and was just wondering if it was possible to convert the Europe map for the 920, to the Garmin 680.

Canadian and US Campsites

Hello all,

I have just purchased my first GPS primarily for touring Canada and the US in our RV. I bought a Garmin Nuvi 670 and found it easy to use so far.

I started looking around for POI's and found this site so I joined in hopes of learning to find new and interesting places to visit.


POI's for Banks?

I have looked and don't see any bank POI's, e.g., Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, etc., Am I over looking them, or, are they listed under another category?

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Tracking ones POI submissions


When I go to "My Account" I have three tabs

In the track I get to see all that I participate in.
Would it be possible to have a fourth Tab.

This could then track only the POIs that I submitted.
It would be easier to double check our files if we only saw them and not all the discussions as well.

Just an idea


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Does anyone know how to get a photo that moves as your picture like the waving flag that I have seen or the insect that keeps going in a figure eight pattern? I especially like the one that is a still photo and then they all wave at you...like they came to life

.csv file modification

sad Since I have my new PC I cant modify anymore the csv files that I download????

I am using exel 2000.

Help crying crying

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First post

Just got a Nuvi 360 and looking to download POIs.

Hess service stations

Dear Friends,
Where may I find a POI file for Hess service stations?

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NASA Satellite tracking

I am sure some of you are familiar with NASA's on-line satellite tracking software. If you select "Navigation" satellites you can see where the GPS are in relation to the earth.
The PRN x number is the satellite ID that matches my data screen on my Mio unit.


Short Notice for Turns?

Using the Nuvi 750, to me it seems that the announce notice to turn etc is often quite short, even at low speeds(30 mph) One hardly has adequate time to get into the proper lane. Not always, but often sad Anyone else agree? I guess I was spoiled with VzNavigator with also uses Navteq mappings. It would talk you to death several times before the turns.

nuvi' 2450

Just how smart is it?

I notice my Nuvi 760 gets confused when recalculating in major overpass intersections. Does it read it's current GPS elvation data and determine the current height, so it knows if it's on the elevated freeway, or at street level?

I notice it gets confused when making a u-turns an elevated freeways.

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Who creates the POI Files

This is a great site. But I was wondering who creates these files that all the GPS compamies are using this is in reference to the ones that come preloaded in the GPS when they are purchased. Also how do we update the file if they are missing locations for example the dunkin dounuts file seems to be missing stores where I Live.

GPS Map Accuracy

I'm new to the group but a long time GPS user. I found your group after I got a Mio C320 for Christmas and was looking for help on importing POIs and using all the other cool features on my new toy. This is a way cool group!

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GPS and Law Enforcement

Next time a black and white police unit cruises by you look inside at the dash or windshield.
Can you spot his/her GPS?
GPS is becoming a great tool for patrol officers.


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I found you, lol

Just a quick hi there everybody. I have recently bought a Garmin 250w up in Canuckland and have been searching for a descent Garmin GPS forum, and it seems I may have found one.

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Ultimate GPS

Want to see what the consensus is regarding; "the ultimate GPS receiver for the techno geek"?


How to Report Additional POI's?

Hi everyone:

Austin, Texas area attractions

I have an upcomming trip to Austin for work and am looking for recomendations of places to see. Anyone from that area have a favorite place?
I'm especially interested in parks, gardens, etc...places I can take my camera and enjoy an afternoon stroll. smile

Thanks in advance.

Convertion of degrees mins seconds to decimal degrees

Does anybody know a good site were i can convert degrees mins seconds to decimal degrees?

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