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COW Nominations for the week of Sept 10th 2007

You know what to do;)

Miss Poi

New Garmin user

Greetings to all.

I have a Roadmate 800 that we use for the cars, but just got a Garmin GPSMAP 60Cx for use with our Harley.

I am not clear at all about what map(s) the unit comes with.

Do I have to buy a map package in addition to the $400 cost of the unit to get street-level detail? (Eeek!)


Tomtom (converting to OV2)

Is there anyone else out there that is having trouble converting the .csv files to ov2 (Tomtom files)? I am using both the online conversion tools and poiedit and I still receive errors.I am willing to share ov2 files if anyone is interested.

Ray- **Garmin Nuvi760**


I wish someone would write a how 2 guide. Like Gps for dummies or something so i could how to do everything.



MSN direct is one of the best traffic report
I have a nuvi 680 its came with the MSN traffic reciver
the best thing of MSN direct is that you have the option to pay $49.dollars subcription for one year or
you can make one payment for $129:dollars for life
I so happy with MSN direct I have never recived traffic
information rong sofar

Off Road GPS

Hi all.I was talking to our friends about GPS and our forum here.They would like to get a GPS with off road maps in it.They ride off road buggies a lot.
Any GPS models in mind or suggestions? Thanks

Lat and Lon for specific locations

Where do I find Lat and Lon information for specific locations? I've seen the answer to my question someplace here at this web site but can't find it now. Perhaps the answer deserves a place in the FAQ section.


nuvi 200 - vehicle icons on sd card?

can vehicle icons be loaded to sd card and then read? you can also e-mail me at skidoorev68@sbcglobal.net

Problems after uploading the V8 map on my unit

After i uploaded the v8 on my device, i haven't been that much happy with my C330 unit because the POI's aren't accurate anymore, i have experienced that on several occasions and ended being off the direction in entirely a different path not even close to my destination, thats was such a disappointment after paying $80 and not being able to take advantage of v8 maps.

lovin Garmin

New Inspection Station POI For Truckers

Truckers,, this is a file I am building here on POI-Factory. This File will contain locations such as Temperary Weigh stations and other inspection stations
that are usually not open except those special times of year. It will also have the locations of Border Control Stations and other places of this nature.

It is under Transportation.

You Can Help me by getting

POI File Feedback

I had this random thought: Add Feedback to POI files. On the description/download page for each file, add a guestbook-like feedback/comment form and display n-number of prior comments.

1) Before deciding to download a file, members would have the option to consider other members' comments.

- Keith

Nuvi durability

I always keep my Nuvi in the leather case unless I am using it. I feel the leather case provides much needed durability. I accidentally dropped my Nuvi about 3 feet on to solid concrete today. I nervously powered it on and it still works fine.

I would like to hear other stories either bad or good about Nuvi durability.

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New Zealand POIs

I am visiting NZ in March and I'm looking for Tourist POIs. Such things as Accomodations, Resturants, Tourist Attractions.

Anyone know of such a POI file?


TakItWithMe upload Google Map and Google Earth to GPS units

Howdy gang,

I'm new user on the block and really appreciate the assistance that the community has provided.

I'd like to share TakitWithMe that I just found about from Virgil Zetterlind, the developer of the free GPX File Upload | Google Earth KML Converter | MyMaps Converter conversion program.

The interactivity between GPS units with Google Maps and Google Earth is amazing. Enjoy

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What's wrong with this POI file?

Just got a new Garmin c550 and joined the POI Factory forum this week. Wanted to play around with loading some poi files so I downloaded the files for Olive Garden and Romano's. The Olive Garden looks fine on my 550 but the Romano's shows up with two rather large rows of text at the top of the screen and only shows part of the information. Looking at the excel files they are very different.

GPS Theft. New web site

New site starting for people who have had their GPS stolen, want to help recover GPS's, deals on GPS's, ways to prevent GPS theft. http://www.stolen-gps.com

speed camera location


i'm new with the GPS and the speed camera .. i would like to start finding the S.cameras and save the locations ... in my area most of the camera are fixed for one direction and can't be rotated ...... but i need help with how to fix the camera location for one direction,,
if i fix the camera location am i going to get alarm when i pass from both direction ..???

Speed icons...seperate csv files?


I have a csv folder for speed alerts where I have various speed zones on my route to work. In conjunction with the speed alert I'd like to load different speed icons. The icon library is great that you offer users. Thanks

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Downloading sounds


Just getting started with my Garmin Nuvi. This web site is really neat with all the tools for users in addition to providing a unique and helpful community forum.

Nuvi 350 <<<<VesselTrax.com>>>> vessel tracking on Google Maps and Google Earth>>>>>>>>

Vocal Alert Overdose!

I have a vocal alert for all of my custom POI files, and in the town where I live this isn't a problem.
Last week I was in Shreveport, Louisiana and had to go to Wal-Mart. By the way, the GPS worked great finding the closest store.
Anyway, I am going down a major street and all of a sudden my GPS went crazy!

Garmin Nuvi 660