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Hello, new to the site and to owning a GPS

Hello all... My name is Heath, I just bought my first GPS, a Garmin c330... I wish I'd have gone with something nicer but Best Buy wants to keep 15% for restocking but hey, live and learn right... I think I'll wait for the tomtom go920 to come out and then upgrade... I like all the gizmos and such that the 910 and the 720 have...

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Dog Parks in MA or US.

We live and travel much in MA. We are now taking our new (1 year old) Golden Doodle to a local Dog park. Does anyone know of any POI that has MA or US dog parks? I see a couple selected state ones.

Reset ??? - c330

When I 1st turn on my C330 the agree came up white back ground,and now it's blue back ground.
The view map back ground,I for got the color it was,but now is a black back ground not right for sure,the roads are a light blue now.

POI alerts

Will certain POI alert types activate regardless of following an active route or just driving in map mode?


Cool thing at the lake.Brought the C330 in the RV with boat.Got close to the lake.GPS was showing the waterways.Brought the GPS on the boat.showed the speed,which now I know my speed meter is right on the money with the GPS.basicaly shows everything in the boat same as in a car,but the GPS does not know you are in a boat.Shows the arrow of direction I was going.Funny,if there is a road along side

Keeping the Windmill Alive - Where was your last trip with your GPS?

If anyone is in danger of losing their windmill, maybe you can share with us the last place your GPS took you and if you encountered any problems, or if you use it to seek out special places to go. (Like Thai Food, ice cream shoppes, etc.) Anything to keep your windmill alive smile.

This isn't my last trip, but I thought I'd share this.

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Is this possible (alerts for train crossings without a .csv file)?

Hi Everybody,

It it possible to have an alert play when the route you're traveling, approaches a RR crossing? A sound alert that's triggered (or detected) by the Mapsource map and not a .csv file?

Thanks for your time.



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350 lag time

Does anyone using a Nuvi have an explanation as to why there is a lag time in showing your current location on the map? In fact sometimes the vehicle icon doesnt move for 3 to 5 seconds, it acts like its froze up.

why don't i see any of the SF/LA poi's?

i click on link for attractions in sf, los angeles, etc. and there's nothing to download. for sf,i can only download free garage.

COW Nominations for the week of August 6th 2007

Hello again, happy Saturday!!!!

Here is where you get a chance to recognize your peers and let them know that you think they are doing outstanding work here at the POI Factory.

Have fun

Miss Poi

Movie Buffs

The wife and I are headed to California next week, does anyone have a movie shot on location POI? Or home of the stars? I looked thru the Cali POI file and didn't find exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks Jim

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New Speed Control Device Found

Just saw an item on the local news about a new type of speed trap: Cardboard COP Cutout.

Symrna, Tennessee has a new way of enforcing the speed limit, they employ a life-sized cardboard cutout of one of their own, Sgt. Andy Miller, holding a radar gun.

Funny thing is it's working!

Miss POI consider this a report of an enforcement device! smile


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Garmin/TomTom Interface Comparison

I found a site that features an interface comparison between a Garmin and a TomTom. The link is here: COMPARISON

So if you're shopping for a GPSr and are still 'on the fence' here's one more comparison to confuse you! :)


Freedom isn't free...thank you veterans! Heard about the tests to detect PANCREATIC CANCER? There aren't any! R.I.P. NYPD-77/Seattle Mike/Joe S.

file of auto parts stores?

I found one file of some parts stores, but is there a more complete list that anyone knows of?

Autozone, oriellys, napa, carquest, ect.... all in one file?

I travel around Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Utah alot and it would be a nice resource to have.

how do i use mapsource on nuvi350? (custom routes/maps)

I understand that mapsource is garmin's program to load customroutes/maps. I have the map update 2008 dvd i got for free from garmin for buying gps w/ the old maps. I've tried launching mapsource program (50mb download) but it says i don't have a registration code.

poi loader cant find file

when i download c.o.e.campgrounds to docs. its in excel. format, poi loader finds other docs.in that file but not campgrounds.
if i click on docs. from start menu it (campgrounds) is there ???

please help a newbie to this , but an old hand at computers , what am i doing wrong ?

Thanks Cory

how come when i add a csv file to nuvi 350, i lose my previous poi's?

I had poi set 1 loaded into nuvi. then loaded set 2. i only see set 2 poi's now.

Nuvi 660 Impact Resistant ???

Well,old Nuvi held up!

Garmin 660

additional viia points, and length of stops

On my computer I have the old v.6, or maybe it was on Microsoft Streets and Trips, I could calculate trips out and plan for more than one stop length of stop for several days in a row.
I now have nuvi 660.
Has anyone seen any progam that could be added that would give me the greater ability to plan my trips out?

Largest size of SD Card for Nuvi 200

What is the largest size SD card that will work with my Nuvi 200?