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FM Traffic, Not sure to renew

My C550 came with 3 months of free FM traffic. I loved it but not sure if I want to re-new. Accidents shown were gone by the time it showed up. A Detour took me much longer and I found out the accident was gone a while ago.

C330 and S D card

Hi, help please. I have a C330 GPS. I recently purchased a Kingston 2 GB, S D card. I downloaded the POI files i wanted. I then installed the POI files to the S D card using the POI loader with my memory card reader. Looking at the S D Card shows this, a folder called Garmin, in that folder is a folder called POI, in that folder is a file called poi.gpi.

Contributors of the week 2007-10-15

This week we are recognizing Bwarden and Mrkenfl as our contributors of the week and giving honorable mention to FredL.

Bwarden, You took on a monster project this week and produced a nice POI Package with all the public transportation POI's for the whole Portland Metropolitan area. Great Job!!!!

The voice

I'm mystified how the synthesized speech works on these GPS's. If I put in the name of a street not originally in the map program the voice still knows how to say the street name. Anyone have any info on how this is accomplished?

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Nuvi goes nuts

I had a disturbing experience with my Nuvi 660 this weekend.

Old Guys Rule

Functioning of MSN Direct

I am fairly new to using a GPS. I have a Garmin 680 with MSN. Is the MSN supposed to give you voice prompt when there is a traffic problem ahead. I was under the assumption that you had to go in to MSN and then click the traffic Icon to get traffic information. Should it automatically give me information while in the Map Mode? Thanks for any help.


Hi new to poi

Hi guys

i am new to this poi. i have done one sample example where iam able to convert that into text files.here i am having one douat

can i convert thsi back to word doc again and one more this is it is not supporting 2007 word format.can i get any sample code for word docs?
can any help me here?


Redlight/Speed camera - caught

So, we have all these pois and radar detectors, license plate covers, sprays, etc.

Has anyone ever actually been caught on photo? I never have, all have been by live breathing police.

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POIs My current route

Just now learning about POIs and downloading them to my c330 they work great,just one thing are they suppose work when I choose my current route, they work great when I enter a town? I am a Newbie and this mite be a dumb question?


How do I find position?

I am making a POI of some addresses using Excell. A couple of these addresses are out in the sticks and I can't find positions to imput into a converter. I have tried to find them using Google Earth but they are not showing. If I drive to the location can I use my Nuvi 670 to get a fix on them and if so how is this done. I have looked through the menu but I don't see if this is possible.


NĂ¼vi 670

Seeing Different Versions

In some places for the New Garmin maps, I'm seeing Version 2008, and other places seeing Version 8. Which one is the newest? Garmin's web site showing maps still refers to ver.8.

Garmin 660

Slow redraw, POI lookup

Just updated my nuvi 680 with a bunch more POIs and added in speed/location alerts.

Since I did that, it's VERY slow. Slow to look up a POI, slow to redraw. Not sure if I have too much stuff in there or if there's a problem with the unit.

So... going to try and load less stuff and see if it improves. There were something like 100k+ POIs loaded.

Thoughts? Comments?

stolen MSN Receiver

can someone tell me how can I get a new MSN traffic Receiver my old one was stolen from the car
do you think I can get one back from garmin using the waranty do you have a better advised

Is a highway speed alert possible?

Hi All,

I'd like to know if it's possible to set-up a speed alert, that will function whenever driving on a specific road, highway or freeway (eg. US101, SR35, Howard Ave, First Street, etc.).

Something like US101@65.csv or First Stret@25.csv., so whenever the GPSr recognizes you're driving on "that" road, the speed alert will function.

Thanks for your time.



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Service Outage 10/20/07

We had some troubles with our web hosting service this evening. The outage started about 8PM Eastern and lasted about 30 minutes.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


Viewing poi's after downloading

After downloading the new "RestAreasCombined" on my c340 I only find a limited number when reviewing (scrolling through the poi's)the list. Is it normal for these larger files to have limited viewing? Of the 1700+ files I am only able to see maybe 50 on my gps. Anybody else notice this?

Cow Nominations for the week of October 15th

Here ya go folks, have at it.

Miss Poi

TomTom One + TTS

Just saw this about the NEWEST TomTom One, it comes with Text-To-Speech (TTS). You can read about it here: article


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How to get incorrect street names changed on MapSource

I have a main road in my community that is improperly named on MapSource. I have spoken with longtime residents whose families go back generations and they say the road never had the name MapSource gave it. Does anyone know of a way to contact MapSource to recommend they change the name?


Nuvi 350 - North Carolina - I'm not a native Southerner but I got here as fast as I could!

Nuvi 7XX Users Manual

For anybody that has pre-ordered a Nuvi 7XX - the users manual is now available for download at Garmin.com. Pull up the Nuvi 750 or 760 or 770 and a menu will show up on the right hand side of the screen. Click on Manuals, and download the users guide. Note: The manual covers all of the 7XX series.

Enjoy...... Joel

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