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I would like to mark selected posts as read. This would help skip threads didn't apply to me or my system. I am not able to figure out how to mark selected items as read so they will no longer appear in my list. Is this possible?


which is the latest version of garmin

any recommendations on the unit that is the best in the market in the range of approx $400

Conversion (units converstion tool)

I found a great, free website that will convert feet to miles, or just about anything else you need converted.


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Satellite navigation: Location, location, location

Story from The Economist. Interesting read of sorts. Is it possible that recent acquisitions of TeleAtlas and Navteq will look overpriced in the future?


Businesses Having POI Files on Their Websites

Has anybody here ever seen ANY businesses that have POI files listed on their own webpages?

City Navigator 2008 Disk (PC not working after install)

My Brother Installed the New Garmin City Navigator American NT V2008 or I should say he tried to on his windows xp home edition pc and it wiped out his registry
and he can't even restore or put it in safe mode or any thing it wont even reload the windows disk he is very upset If anyone herd of this or knows anything about please let me know Thanks

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Installing Icons & Sound Bites on a Garmin 670?

Hi All, I have a Garmin 670 and I want to add an Icon (BMP)and a sound bite(MP3) to the red light camera file I just downloaded. I have no trouble installing the camera file, works real good, but I want to replace the factory installed ding ding with a voice warning.

Charlie Q

GPS shades

Free Map Update 2008 for Garmin ?

Hi All: I ordered the free dvd from Garmin for my c550 and my question is ... Is it better coverage? I live in the hinter lands just south of Redding CA and the maps that came installed on my c550 are not that up to date for the smaller towns. Will the Free Map Update DVD help this problem ?

"It's Just the Nature of the way things Are" C550

Bug or am I doing something wrong?

Garmin Nuvi 660
Load all POI files useing the Garmin POI Loader

When traveling and I have no destination just the map view up all the POI files show perfectly

Mini Map Updates - A suggestion

Here is a suggestion. While I understand that it is not something that would be a snitch to implement I wonder if Garmin would ever consider it. (Maybe GarminTech would care to comment.)

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Disney addresses for Garmin North America v8

I have a Garmin C330 and am trying to locate my disney resort. The addresses for Disney come up not found on my GPS. Can't even find walt disney world, disney world.
Any suggestions on how to find my way from Ontario to Disney World.
I am directionally challenged, hence the GPS, but without a destination, I will be lost.
Appreciate any help.

New Features for Unread Posts

I've updated the unread posts page to include a couple new options.

Each post now has a "skip" action, which marks the post as read (without viewing).

I've also added a "Set Favorite Forums" feature, that lets you designate your favorite forums so their posts sort ahead of others in the unread posts list.


VA state police cracking down on GPS

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Map Source Update !!!


Please somebody educate me about MapSource . Why do I need to update or simply why do I need Mapsource program installed in my computer? Another question, after updating to newer version, do I need to send the map to my Garmin unit? FYI, I have newest v2008 map installed.


***Garmin Nuvi 350/StreetPilot c340***

Duplicates in my POI files c550 can't figure out why?

I have a c550 and I loaded the Speed_Trap,Lakes-West and populated-west poi files. I have duplicates of each one. I tried deleting them from my SD and my garmin device and they are still there in the extras link under custom poi?? I tried changing the folder names also. anyone have the same problem ? If all else fails . How do I start over ? Bill Scott

"It's Just the Nature of the way things Are" C550

Minnesota Supreme Court deems Red Light cameras illegal

On Monday, the Minnesota Supreme Court has deemed illegal Minneapolis' use of the so-called "PhotoCop" cameras.

The court found that ticketing the owners of cars that were videotaped without proof of who was actually driving the car violated the rights of the owners.


I hope this catches on in other states.

Picture Camera in Texas


This picture should once and for all time tell us that things in Texas are really bigger than any other place or are people in Texas, just near sighted. LOL

Alan-Garmin c340

POI File Content (on nuvi 350)

I am a nuvi with my Nuvi 350 and POI's. How does a custom POI interact with the Nuvi when downloaded. Example. I just loaded the Passport America Campground POI. Will a campground show up on a route? Can I type in Passport America and will the Nuvi find the closet one to my current location?
Just trying to find out how these POI's function with the GPS

MK Travelers

Garmin suction cup won't hold

For approx. 3 months, the suction cup window mount worked fine for my Garmin 550. Now it holds for a few hours (more or less) and entire unit (Garmin and mount) falls to the floor of my car.

Is the mount worn and I need a new one, OR

I need to clean the window and or mount, wet the mount or other procedure? I was thinking of the dash mount but it's big and bulky to hide.