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downloading alert sound files

How do I download the alert sound files? If I try to drag & drop I wind up with an internet shortcut file that launches the page where the file is located. When I click on the file to attempt to save it, it launches Quicktime player and unless I'm willing to buy thier upgrade I can't save the file. Help, any advice would be appreciated.


NUVI Map Update problem

I tried to update my NUVI 660 to the new 2008 Map version and I encountered a problem.

The update was stopping at about 6%. After trying various things I called GARMIN Support.

The problem turned out to be my local USB connection. My USB cable is connected to my Windows PC via a HUB. GARMIN had me connect the USB cable directly to the PC. The update went just fine.

Which GPS units support route loading

Sorry if this have been discussed before.

I am a Garmin newbie. I was wondering which GPS units, Garmin or others, support loading of routes created on a PC.

Also what are some of the recommended free or paid software for route creation?

many thanks

Just learning to help out

Hi, Just got the Nuvi 680 and I am wondering if these POI's will work on the Laptop GPS as well. I see that they open up in an Excel file format. Do I just enter the Long/Lat and the name and address etc in a Excel file and boot it up to the Nuvi? As you might see, I am new to the Nuvi and DL'ing POI files. any discussion would be a great help.
Thanks all,

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Kenwood G-510 and Garmin 2008 NT update

Just got off the phone with Garmin support trying to register my Kenwood unit made by them and was unsuceesful. Support stated that unit must be registered with Kenwood but they would handle updates. So my unit was purchased on July 18, 2007 with ver8 maps. I wanted to update my maps.

A suggestion for forum or discussion

Ms. Poi or Jim:
I have a suggestion: Would it be possible to list the most recent posting first? With some forums or discussions, posting can span days and pages. It would be more convenient to list the most recent posting first and then chronologically backwards. Just a humble suggestion.

City Navigator North America 2008 NT

I received my free upgrade today from Garmin.....

Voice prompts enroute question...

Hi All,

I have a question about the voice prompts while driving a route, specifically on a long stretch of highway, when no turns (or exits) are to be taken for many miles.

When approaching an upcoming exit on the highway, for example, my unit will announce "In .9 miles stay left" even though I won't be exiting the highway for another, let's say, 20 miles.

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all poi in one file?

Is there a file (1) which contains ALL poi that I can download and install into my Nuvi? Thanks.

Trade SD cards?

I have a Fodors SD card and was wondering if anyone had the language card and wanted to swap them or email the info as an attachment?

Traveling in Chicago

Can someone from Chicago please help me out. I traveled to Chicago this weekend. My Garmin 660 told me to exit Lake Shore Drive at lower Wacker Dr. My hotel was on upper Wacker. Once I got on lower Wacker (under upper Wacker) the gpsr lost satellite lock. Before losing lock it said exit on upper Wacker but I didn't have a clue as to how to get from lower Wacker to upper Wacker.

The Nuvi mounting ball joint Is loose question...

Hi All,

I have a Nuvi 670 with a bean bag mount (I live in

My question is:
The ball joint that fits into the back of the mounting
bracket snaps into place but the swiveling is loose, to the
point that the unit won't stay in the position I set.

Does anyone know a way to tighten or restrict the movement
of the ball joint "after" it snaps into place? I tried

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Contributors of the week 2007-07-23

Well, this hasn't been a typical week at POI Factory. Miss poi celebrated her birthday and then had to make an unplanned trip to Portland for a family emergency.

Normally she is the person who reviews the nominations, looks at participation over the last week and decides who to recognize, but today she is on the road and it's up to me.

Texas Speed Cameras

It's in the workings for Texas to set up speed cameras at three different highway locations. "not to issue tickets, but to see if the highway speed needs adjusting". Also they propose to send letters to those caught speeding advising them they should slow down..........what's this leading too?

Garmin 660

Map Outline

I just got the nuvi 350 and don't know what mapoutlines are

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Just in case your GPSr doesn't give you the info you need....

This is a free telephone directory for the entire United States that will give you residental, government or business listings. You will be forced to listen to a few short commercials but with the cost of directory assistance now $1.50 for US cellular, Verizon now @ $1.49 per call, & some mobile phone carriers even higher, I think we can all listen for a few seconds to save a few bucks.

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lost satellite signal

While on a road trip from South Carolina to Colorado Springs I encountered a problem on several occasions of lost satellite signal on my nuvi 660. It happened twice in Route 24 from Colorado Springs and Limon Colorado. Both times I was on flat high plains and there was not a cloud in the sky.

Garmin Nuvi 660

Week 7/23 nominations

Miss poi asked me to put up this week's nominations post. Please post suggestions for who you'd like to see recognized for their participation on the site this week.


trip and return

just got back from a trip to minneapolis from tulsa.
the route for the trip up on my c530 was different than the return trip. the setting were the same. does anyone have a idea why and how u can control this.

How does Garmi Prevent Loading on mutiple units

If you have 2 Nuvi's, what is preventing you from loading the software update on one then doing the same on the other?

I am not suggesting not paying for 2 DVD updates, but I was just curious.