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Active Member?

How many posts per day/week for how long?

Live Chat

Would having a live chat in this forum, (if possible) defeat the purpose of having a forum in the first place?

Just curious to what you guys think.

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A plane what about a cruise?

I thought about bringing my GPS on a plane many times however my wife and i are going on a cruise to the Bahamas. I wondered if the GPS would work on the ship if it could be zoomed out enough to track the land or if it would just appear as a dot in the middle of a blue see. I am going in March so i have time to buy the maps since my Tomtom only has the us and Canada. Any thoughts?

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Police and GPS

Ok, here in Henrico, I have seen some police have GPSr units. I am assuming that they are personal, not issued. Here is my real question...

How are police directed to a location effectively through dispatch or do they have some other means? If so, why do some have personal commerical units (such as C330)?

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The basics

I am new to creating custom poi's. When I download the files, where do they reside in, i.e. "attractions", "Food", "fuel", etc.? Also, can I create my own poi folder with its own icon?


Changing Screen Shots

On a Garmin SP 2720 using Garmins XLMage you can change your Splash Screen which is the first screen that appears when you turn turn the unit on the second screen is call Screen Shot the problem is the Xlmage will highlight both screen shot and splash screen to choose from but when you go to load new custom screens only the splash screen is highlighted does anyone else know about this I Change m

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Contributors of the week 2007-09-17

This week we are recognizing Perrdom and Mkahn as our contributors of the week. We are also awarding asianfire with an honorable mention.

Perrdom, I am pretty sure that you broke some productivity records this week here at POI Factory. In one week you submitted 19 POI Files. Great Job, it has been a pleasure to watch your growth in the last week.

Where is my Windmill ?

Has anyone else had a problem with a disappearing windmill which indicates you are an "Active" member ?

I know I've been posting AT LEAST every week, but my Windmill has disappeared?

Anyone else ?

Thanks, Tim

The Dash Express

Oh no: I've lost my Windmill!!!!! I've been busy, I swear! I meant to post; Really!!!!

Well, here's a real interesting article from my favorite blogger, Mr. Unloadingzone, on the latest scheduled "leak" of information by Dash Navigation on the Express. I want my Windmill back!


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Signal degradation capability to be left out of next generation GPS

The gist of this is that with the next generation of GPS satellites, the government is no longer having the ability to degrade accuracy built in.

Pentagon shifts to GPS with no signal reduction

By Kristin Roberts

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Magellan vs Garmin

I have had numerous Garmin models most lately the Nuvi 680. Each have developed a problem within the first year so I'm now thinking of switching to the Magellan 4050. It seems based on the specs that the Magellan has less POIs built in 4.5m vs 6m. Anyone have any comment on the routing/mapping capability of Garmin vs Magellan?

File name change adds alert?

I am using Excel 2003, download a .csv file simply change the file name by adding an _1 and the poi on my gps now adds an

Alert information:
Distance 0.2 mi
Speed 1.0 mph

to the screen, the address and all info moves down. Is there some feature that is enabled by adding the _1?

old file name - test.csv
new file name - test_1.csv

I see some people add an _V also?

Type size when opening POI

New user here but first, thanks to those who run this site and all those who contribute.

A POI that I d/l from another place, has very large type when opened in my C330 and is just across the top of the screen with most of the info not shown. Most of the other POI’s that I open, have the info in the lower left of the screen. Anyone know what causes this and can it be corrected?


Updating POI files to a Garmin 2730

Maybe a dumb question, does the poi files I add remove the ones that came with the unit or just add to them?



ALERTS (without a route?)

Is there anyway to have an alert to notify you that you are in a certain area?

For an example: Say the school speed zone poi's. Is it possible somewhere to put this on my c550 Garmin and have it warn me that I going through a school zone, without having following a route?

Thanks in advance!!!

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Combining POI lists into one U.S. list

Can anyone tell me how to combine all individual POI lists into one U.S. list for example...I want to combine all the Wind Farm lists into one Wind Farm POI so that it will be under one listing in my GPS. It is probably simple but so am I when it comes to computers. If someone could just spell out exactly how to do it I would really appreciate it.

COW Award Nominations...

Here ya go gang, have at it.

Miss Poi

Map update v2008

If anyone is not eligible for a free upgrade from garmin and don't want to pay 70 dollars for the update.I purchased a copy from provantage before finding out that i had a free update from garmin now i have an extra copy from garmin new never open for 35.00.If interested send an email.fluxgate@netzero.com

Garmin Mao Updates

Just thought I would share..... I was informed over 4 weeks ago that I was going to get the FREE map updates... well I am still waiting.... so can anyone tell me how long from when you where told you would get it to getting it took?

Thanks Peoples.....