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GO 720

Want to see the new TomTom GO 720 in action? Click on the link and enjoy the YouTube video's: GO720


Freedom isn't free...thank you veterans! Heard about the tests to detect PANCREATIC CANCER? There aren't any! R.I.P. NYPD-77/Seattle Mike/Joe S.

Personal splash screen for Garmin c550

I'm very new with using a GPS and was just wondering if it's possible to make a personal splash screen for my c550?

If it is ... then can you tell me where to find info about what I need to do to accomplish this?

Contributors of the week 2007-07-09

This week we are recognizing jmarqua and livnaway as out contributors of the week.

jmarqua, You really did a fantastic job getting the Minneapolis metro area up and running over the last few weeks. Thanks for all your great ideas.

Livnaway, you are someone that is really helpful when it comes to red light camera location.

Famous Death Locations

Its been a few months since I've had any new suggestions for additions to the file. Does anyone out there have suggestions to add to the file? If so, please list any info you have to help me research a location.

Tanks a lot,

You can walk a horse to water, but a pencil has to be led.

active user

i had acquired the status of active user sometimes in january 2007.. i then could not logon to the system for about 18 weeks and now i seem to have lost my active user status..

is that possible.. what period of inactivity causes a user to lose his active user status.. ?? or does one always have to maintain it by doing 3 postings every 5 weeks...


Nuvi 660 POI files will not Delete

Hi everyone, I hope this is just a newbie error but I can't delete Custom POI's via any method. Used poi loader and it says congrats but all files still there. Loaded the delete file but all that did was add one more file to the POI's already there. Loaded from my poi folder via poi loader and now everything is duplicated. Any ideas??

SD Card compatibility between hardware question.

My first post, and I just purchased a new Garmin Nuvi 660, along with a 2 GB SD card&Reader .

Garmin POI downloader problems

Hi everyone! I just bought a Garmin 7200 and I am trying to download the Garmin POI downloader and it won't open. I follwoed the direction of saving the download into "my documents" and then opening software but the computer just spits out that that directory already exists eventhough I deleted it. Any help would be appreciated.

.csv and Magellan

Wasn't sure what forum to post this in because I don't want just the Magellan owners to see it and I do not want anyone to take this the wrong way.

Received my Nuvi 350

I got a chance to use it a bit. The volume is a lot louder than my 360 was. It came with the latest version,(4.60)and 2008 map.So far so good.

Nominations for contributor of the week of July 9th 2007

You know what to do;)

Miss Poi

Nuvi 350's for $318

Is this true? - (routing to arrive left/right)

I was reading a review of a GPS unit on another site, during part of the review he was comparing routing between different brands. He found error with the fact that one of the units had him arriving at his destination with the destination on the left as opposed to the right. He seemed to say the route should always conclude with the destination being on the right.

How to avoid GPS theft?

My GPS got recently stolen; Window broken and unit pulled out.

Newbie question - (search on c530)

I'm new to this custom POI thing, and I have a question. If I were to add a custom POI file for say Starbucks for example, do these POIs become searchable the same way as the ones that come on the unit? I have a Garmin Streetpilot c530 if that matters.

oh well......... (c330 lock up)

the lack of response doesn't inspire much hope. now the pc doesn't even recognize it. i guess i'm just screwed since i misplaced the receipt. if anybody has any ideas short of buying a new one i would appreciate it. i'm a truck driver shut down for the night and was trying to put all of the t/a's, pilots, loves, and flying j truck stops in here when this happened.

poi upload killed my c330

since i've tried to reset the unit and it didn't work i think i'm s.o.l. but thought maybe somebody here might know a trick. i had downloaded several poi's last weekend and found some more i wanted on here.

Transferring data to mapsource

I noticed that when connecting my 2720 to my computer and opening mapsource and then clicking on "receive", that it only imports my favorites and not the custom poi's. Is that the what it is suppose to do? Evidently, if my unit crashes or is damaged and I replace it, I won't be able to replace the custom poi's.

Garmin City Navigator North America NT v 2008 Upgrade Free from Garmin

I just spoke with Garmin Support. He told me straight out, if you buy a new unit now that has the old v8 maps, within 60 days of the release, Garmin WILL send you the new 2008 maps for FREE. You just need to give them a call. Not in stock now, but he said the policy and the DVD's will be in place near the end of July.
Great news from Garmin. Way to go!

Frank (Nuvi 2497LMT, 2455LMT, 765LMT,680,StreetPilot 2720)

replacing old poi files (at POI Factory)

I just download the newest rest area us.csv poi file and I am assuming that it is a replacement for the older rest area forty eight csv file. I have a ton of poi files that are duplicate because they are renamed. Because it is a much smaller files I question if it is as complete as the older file. Just want to make sure that I am not deleting a lot of files that I shouldn't.