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NAVIGON® 2100 GPS Navigator

Has anyone purchased one of these or seen on, the screen shot really looks cool, as though you are actually on a road and you can see lanes and speed limits. I wonder if it is really that detailed? I can't see it knowing which lane you are in since GPS isn't that accurate, but.....

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New here

My wife just purchased a 660 for me (and her smile).

They're amazing! Going to our kids sports often entails multiple schools. I don't know where some are. The school POI is just the perfect solution. No more last minute Google maps and print outs.


Info about my POI files that I post here...

If you find that my Tourist Attraction POI VOL 1 files are good, I would like to hear from you.. I may dicontinue to update that set of files. If someone would like to take over my Tourist POI VOL 1 files, I would also like to hear from you..

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Hello again to all

I have been ill so I have not been to this site in the recent past. Actually I am scheduled for surgery November 27th. Once I recuperate, I will get back to being a regular fixture here ! ....and I will update the "Smelly" POI.

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imporint poi from excel


My company is considering Garmin gps for the field guys.

We can export our client list into excel from Lotus Notes.

Is there a way to import the excel file into the garmin gps units and avoid typing in hundreds of addresses?

Thanks in advance.


Magellan 4040 firmware update 2.36

Now "almost" available. Link to file download is screwed up but a nice description is there.


Chatty Kathy thread for the week of November 19th 2007

This is the place to talk about things that are not gps related, you can discuss whatever you would like, as long as it is clean. Remember we have families that have their children involved in the GPS fun and we don't want to make parents feel uncomfortable when their children ask what that word means.

Have fun...

This thread will be closed on Monday and a new one will be opened.

Contributors of the week 2007-11-12

This week we are recognizing Kjunman and Oditius as our contributors of the week. We are also giving an Honorable mention to Ahsumtoy.

Kjunman, we really appreciate the work that you have been doing on the state parks files and the truck stop files. I will be working on the ones that have not been uploaded to the site yet.

Screen shots

Does anyone know how to get a screen shot off a nuvi 660?

how to find locations

I'm new at all of this. how do you find co-orinents for any locations. thanks 34fp27

Sound any better on nuvi 350?

Has anyone had their sound get worse after installing the newest software upgrade for the nuvi 350, or am I the only one. Mine now sounds like the speaker is blown, lots of distortion in the sound. I've always had it at one notch below full volume to hear it, but now its so distorted, and if I turn it down 2 more notches, the distortion goes away, but I can't hear what its saying.

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Buying A GPS From E-Bay

Does Anyone here ever bought a garmin from e-bay with some things missing will Garmin still give the CD & Unlock Code for the used Gps even if it was registered to a different Person that you are buying it from

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How do I create a line break in an Excel cell

I was looking at some POI files using Microsoft Excel. The cells in column D had addresses entered. The address was displayed in the cell as:

4503 Riverview Pkwy.
Birmingham, AL 35242

The cell was formated for word wrap but changing the width of the cell did not change the way the address was displayed.

My locations link

What is this link for? It is on my "home" page here on the POI Factory. Thanx in advaance!

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Nominations for COW Awards for the week of November 12th 2007

Here ya go folks, have at it.

Miss Poi

For <$300, what do you recommend?

I'm looking at and getting confused by many models (mainly Garmin). I'd like the following features:

--audible road names
--good receiver
--US and Canada pre-loaded (as I might make it up north next year)
--<$300 before taxes

Tom Tom 920 Has Voice Input

Does anyone have experience with Tom Tom's voice input. I find Garmin's input method awkward. This is my biggest problem with Garmin -- no interface. Voice input would be a great solution.

Please reply if you have experience. Does it work?


Extra Alerts

Why does the Nuvi alert you to an approaching freeway exchange and tells you to either keep left or right to stay on the freeway toward your destination?

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Finally got my Garmin Nuvi 750

Hey everyone, i am new
I finally got my Garmin Nuvi 750, after having it on backorder for over a month, and i gotta say i am very happy with my first GPS.