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Volume on Nuvi 360

I got my first GPS (NUVI 360) a week ago and love it so far. Has anyone else noticed that the volume for the TTS commands and blue tooth is much lower than the volume for the MP3 playback? Is there a way to fix this, or is it a common problem?

Thanks in advance for any help/comments.

NUVI 200 AND 350?

I haven't noticed any instructions for the garmin nuvi 200 on downloading icons or sounds....would they be the same as the nuvi 350? Or am i not able to do this with the nuvi 200? Thanks for the help!!!!

User Names And GPS Numbers

Miss POI do you think it would be a good idea to put the gps number after the Online users name so if someone had a problem with there gps they could see everyone that has the same gps as they do that way they could directly contact them for some help Example Auggie SP2720
Snowman SP C340 ETC.

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avoid toll roads

i used my C340 for the first long trip i made since i purchased it i.e. about 2 month ago. i was driving from Queens, NY to Poconos in Pennsylvania. i had set my C340 to avoid toll roads and it took me via I-380 to I-80 and further into Pennsylvania. i was impressed!!!
however while coming back it behaved crazy; it chose a route which was 600+ miles, taking me across couple of states sad

Uploading .csv files

I'm using a nuvi 660: Mac 10.4.10 OS w/Garmin POI Loader installed. Downloaded the USAPOI Tourist Guide for Hotels.csv to the desk top. Can't get the POI Loader to recognize the .csv file to upload to the nuvi or the SD card. Would appreciate any help.

POI category - trucking suggestion

May I suggest a new POI category?

Trucking related...or something on that line.

I'm working on several projects related to trucking, but I'm afraid they'll get lost in the other categories.


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oh-oh .. Nominations for COW awards for the week of june 25th

Come on Miss POI.. I will start it for you this week I guess..

Who do we want this week?

I just cant decide.. Everyone here is so great..

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Oh Canada! - Quebec article

Planning a trip to Canada soon?

Well then you might want to read the article by Mike King of the Montreal Gazette about GPS and the province of Quebec enitled: "Quebec makes U-turn on global positioning systems". The article can be found at


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Lost in Space

Anyone out there want to date yourself? Remeber the robot on Lost in Space when he sensed danger would start yelling warning, warning Will Robinson. Well, if you would like the mp3 voice of the robot sounding off a warning go to the following:

Great mp3 file to let you know a traffic camera looms around the next corner. Jake

Congrats! - sounds page

Congrats to miss poi and staff for the "sounds" page (and tab at the top of the page).

This site just keeps getting better!
.... now to make more alerts....

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Installing POI's in nuvi 350

After I download all the POI's and store them on my hard drive, I open POI Loader and start the transfer from my hard drive to the SD flash drive in my nuvi 350. After a few seconds the transfer is complete using the Express Mode. If I add another POI to the folder on my hard drive and try the transfer again, the POI Loader times out and nothing is transferred.

How do I remove the Garmin Dash Disk

I foolishly applied the Garmin Dash Disk to my brand new Nissan Murano's dash. I decided that I hated it because the arm kept falling off. So I bought a Garmin bean bag, skid free device with the arm built in. It is awesome (On sale at Amazon for $27).

Mapsource maps won't unlock on Nuvi

I would just like to say in my first post that this is a great site. I have had a lot of questions answered by all the knowledgable contributors.


These things are great. Thanks to all of you who put these icons up for us to use. It makes GPS use more fun.

Nuvi 660 and MapSource

I am just getting into my new Nuvi 660 and have some questions about integration with MapSource. I would like to map out a complete route in MapSource including multiple checkpoints and stop overs and transfer them to my 660. I will have to buy MapSource and don't know if it is worth the money, and which MapSource to to buy. Anyone have any experience with doing that.

-- 660

Custom Waypoint Symbols

Garmins Mapsource will let you make 64 custom waypoint symbols but does any one know how to transfer them to the unit

Auggie SP2720 , SP C330, Nuvi 650, Nuvi 785T America Moves By Truck

To the Admins of this GREAT fourm..

Could you PLEASE find a way to get a spell check in this.. I am a real bad speller and would love to at least get a link to check my spelling.. I am just to lasy to type my message in word,spell check it and then copy and paste.

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sd card for sale

i have a nuvi 660, i wonder if there's anyone out there who would sell me an sd card for the eastern seaboard of u.s. specially washington dc metro area, viriginia, delaware... i don't have access to a pc, i have a vintage mac, & worst, i'm totally computer illiterate.


Google Maps and how to see the coordinates of the center

For those of you who don't have GoogleEarth or any other means to see coordinates it is possible to see them with Google maps as well, only you have to use a little trick.

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Mobile phone volume setting being hijacked by Nuvi 370.

I hope someone cleverer than me has been having a similar problem and has been able to fix it.

My Nuvi 370 is paired with my Nokia 9300 communicator through Bluetooth and connects perfectly every time.

The only problem is that every time the Nuvi disconnects I find the volume setting on the phone has been set to 1/4 of it's range.

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