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Cow Nominations for the week of October 22nd 2007

Here ya go folks;)

Miss Poi

First Time User

This POI site is very interesting. Is it hard to use?
I do alot of driving in the NY, NJ, CT area. I just got a new Garmin C550 upgraded from teh Garmin 330.

Red Light Camera status in NC

Does anyone know the status of the red light camera issue in NC. I thought I recently heard that local governments are revisiting the issue with hopes of reinstating this form of traffic enforcement.

Nuvi 350 - North Carolina - I'm not a native Southerner but I got here as fast as I could!


I'm new to the site and have found a ton of useful info that is greatly appreciated. My question is, if I've downloaded a set of POIs that someone else originally created and then I updated it with new locations due to new store openings, should I upload it, or send the file to the original author/creator to upload?


Garmin 2008 Map update not worth it for Canadians

I have had my C330 since March and used it for a trip to L.A. It can in handy for sure but I noticed that there were major roads missing here in Canada. I purchased the update just today. It took several attempts to get the map date into the unit. I have bot a Mac and a couple of PC's. The Mac stopped after about 50% and said unable to query the device.

Robert Woodcock

Looking for Garmin as present

My daughter is always borrowing my Garmin C550..I would like to purchase a Garmin for her as a xmas gift any recomedation on the newer models also which ones I should stay away from..

MM, Did you see the post? (7xx & PSL)

Did you see the post where the 7xx had the PSL?


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about c320

A question i sabout my c320, i try to find out address, but they cannot show me, show i find Map and set View mode. When i arrived the address. I want to save the address, someone know how to do it, May I touch screen to save it or any offer.


I'm first time to use GPS, I don't know about that, so you guys have any file can share???

c550 vs c580

Does anybody have any problems with the new map software, I recently upgraded my unit, I had c550 with old maps, and I got c580 with new maps, and c580 keeps on getting me lost and sometimes it shows the wrong location all toghether, any ideas?


searching POI

There is a Staples store not in my 6 million pre programmed POIs, so is there a way i can add it so that when i do a search for near by staples it will show up?

moving locations from favorites

how can i move a waypoint/location from my "Favorites" to my "custom POIs" on my Nuvi 360? and vice versa... is there a way?

5600 Mile Trip

Just completed a 5600 mile trip with my NUVI 660. It worked great. Went thru various major cities and the traffic feature was excellent.

We used intersates, side roads, dirt roads, etc.

The NUVI was right on each time.

GPS Manners....

Ok so I am going to be traveling alot for Business over the next few months. Going to be renting some of the time and Cabbing it some others. If I bring my Nuvi along is considered bad manners to turn it on while in a cab if they dont have a gps and ask them to follow its directions.

Has anybody ever done this?

Vegas to Chicago in a box truck

Ok so I have to go to vegas rent a truck and bring some stuff home. I have a few questions.

I beleive the shortest route is through CO. I'll be doing this in the first week of December. Should I plan on skipping this and going through Texas instead?

On long trips is it best to pick locations along the route to set the GPS to. Or should I just go a head and set my final destination.

Nuvi Updates

hey how often do new updates come out for Nuvi's? How often should i check?

Nuvi 750

If everthing goes good @ customs i will get my nuvi 750 tomorrow. \i should have recieved it on monday but my 550 was held up in customs for 2 days.

nuvi 755t

C330 and Lat & Long

Hi, I have learned a lot about my C330 from this site, more than the manual ever told me. I have another question. Is there any way to see the latitude and longitude on the C330, when you are at a place and would like to know the coordinates ? Thanks

Feel Rejected

Dear Miss POI and JM,

Alan-Garmin c340


Csmgj you did a fine job on the poi file if at all possible it would be nice to also have the addresses and phone numbers state and city in the file just a thought poi file 38 on your file for example :

make 3 columns

-82.40168,33.18867,"Dutch House","14455 US Hwy 1 North,Wrens,GA,30833,PH-706-547-7130 That way all this info will show on your gps unit again just a thought

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HELP: Just registered my C330 and I received a mapsource unlock code but shows only major streets.

I just registered my c330 and got an unlock code, then downloaded mapsource. The map in the pc was not detailed to street level. Is this really the way it is or is there something that I am missing here? ALl it shows is a PC basemap and the display shows only major roadways. The unlock wizard said that the mapsource was unlocked.