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Loading map route to 330

Is it possible to make a route in map source, save it , then put it on the SD card and use it in the 330?

I have nroute and could use the laptop but it is in the way. The 330 is just easier to use.

Thanks for any info.


Great Little Case

I just picked up a nice little case for my nuvi 350 from Walmart. It is leather and the belt clip is very strong and attached via a rivet (my other one kept falling off the case). It is intended for a Blackberry, but works great with the nuvi.

It is a "Bytech". The UPC code is 0511206096. It cost $17.17.

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Cameras on Construction Sites in Virginia !!!

Here comes the news to use cameras to new locations. Hope you guys want to look at it.



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Thoughts about my new 650

Took my Garmin 650 on a trip to Florida last week. Drove from here in NJ on down to Orlando, had a conference to go to. Programed the “Gaylord Palms” address into the favorites, and off I went.

John - with a Garmin 650 and a 750

Can you run that by me again?

I looked, but could not find, where you can load POI files, naming them differently from other POI files. Upload, change name, etc

John - with a Garmin 650 and a 750

Forum Maintenance

I am taking all the Organized Project ad Sharing POI Locations discussions and combining them into a new Forum Topic called "POI projects".

This means that there may be a lot of old threads popping up in your unread post area.
Just wanted to give you a heads up.
Miss Poi

Useful information in one location

I have only been a member of this site or several weeks and have gone through a lot of active and non active forums to see what information may be located there.Also have gone through the FAQ and other help information.I have found spread out all over these forums a lot of information is there that you don't find in the owners manual.Splash screens,touching the screen in certain locations to get v

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Garmin mail me to upgrade my c320

I got e=mail from garmin to upgrade my c320, but when i do a lot of step by step, finally they show me the message , anyone know what happen:

I'm first time to use GPS, I don't know about that, so you guys have any file can share???

Coming to Boston

Going to Boston on the 4th of November, any road construction that I need to be aware of? Can I hit 90 (Mass Turnpike) and go all the way to Springfield without issues?

How much toll money will I need?
How are the speedtraps there? Do they use Instant On (IO)? What RADAR bands do they use?

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Splash Screens

I can't remember if we decided or not to start a "Splash Screen" area (like the sounds and icons). I think that would sorta cool.

Charley - Nuvi 350 - Bel STI Driver - Cobra 29 w/ wilson 1000 - AIM: asianfire -

Worlds Fastest Semi

Look Out The Snowman Got The Hammer Down !!!!!!!!! I just got back from Reno and my GPS read when i checked my max speed 217 mile mph what gives with this reading anybody experience this with thier GPS unit

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Pedestrian Mode

Just tried this in Greewich Village NYC.
Finding a restaurant was easy, even though I only knew the first word in the name of it. Some streets are only one or two blocks long, and could cost you lots more time without the GPS (NUVI 350)

POI's and Google Earth

can I download POI files and transfer them into Google Earth so I can see where they are located? thanks

Navigon GPS ?? Navteq Maps & Free Live Traffic Updates

Is anyone familar with the Navigon GPS Units (Navigon.com). I saw them advertised in a magazine. It states that they use Navteq maps and have Live Traffic Updates for free. No charge.
Have not found any reviews on them. ??

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FM Traffic, Not sure to renew

My C550 came with 3 months of free FM traffic. I loved it but not sure if I want to re-new. Accidents shown were gone by the time it showed up. A Detour took me much longer and I found out the accident was gone a while ago.

C330 and S D card

Hi, help please. I have a C330 GPS. I recently purchased a Kingston 2 GB, S D card. I downloaded the POI files i wanted. I then installed the POI files to the S D card using the POI loader with my memory card reader. Looking at the S D Card shows this, a folder called Garmin, in that folder is a folder called POI, in that folder is a file called poi.gpi.

Contributors of the week 2007-10-15

This week we are recognizing Bwarden and Mrkenfl as our contributors of the week and giving honorable mention to FredL.

Bwarden, You took on a monster project this week and produced a nice POI Package with all the public transportation POI's for the whole Portland Metropolitan area. Great Job!!!!

The voice

I'm mystified how the synthesized speech works on these GPS's. If I put in the name of a street not originally in the map program the voice still knows how to say the street name. Anyone have any info on how this is accomplished?

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Nuvi goes nuts

I had a disturbing experience with my Nuvi 660 this weekend.

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