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Help In Finding A Geocoding Website

I'm getting desperate! I was going to post a message here on POI Factory yesterday listing a FREE site I had found with an enormous number (I think they said over 5 million) of geocodes for different U.S. locations. I need help in finding that site again.

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GPS thefts are soaring

Here's a scary article about the increase in GPS thefts from cars, even as prices fall. As a long time resident of Philadelphia I've learned not to even leave a few cents of loose change visible. The article mentions that even the telltale suction cup ring is tipping off some thieves to go on a scavenger hunt in your car.

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Nuvi 360 @Costco $399.99 plus S & H.

Newest Costco price for Nuvi 360 is $399.00 plus shipping and handling.

TomTom told me that Verizon won't work on bluetooth

I bought a TomTom 720 but it won't work with my VX8300 Verizon phone. I called TomTom and they told me Verizon phones will not work because Verizon does not allow it. Any different thoughts on it before I return the 720? I live in New jersey.

Screenshots - Some weird, some wonderful.

Hi all,

A few screen shots taken on my trip to South Africa.
May be of interest as per some of the topics in the forums.

- Flight screenshots.
- Map-misalignment screenshots.

Hope they are worthwhile and of some interest.


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WOW!when I told one of the supervisors of one of the dept.'s I take care all their vehicles about the GPS,like the C330 I have which the price I paid got the Companies attention,and using it as a tool for saftey because you do not have to look at maps and hit someone from the rear for looking for direction(I never did),and saves a lot of time too.

Amusing Starbucks GPS story

So, the first weekend I have my nuvi 680, I had to go out to a wedding in New Jersey (near Cherry Hill) We're playing around with the GPS, and my fiancee was in the mood for a Starbucks, since they have soy milk hippie food stuff. I bring up the attractions list, type in Starbucks. The closest one was something like 97 miles away. So we gave up.

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Contributors of the week 2007-09-10

This week we are recognizing Bandaid as our contributor of the week.

Bandaid, you have jumped right in with both feet, tongue hangin out and have really become a team player here at the POI Factory. It is a pleasure to have you here;)

Miss Poi

Convert a MS Outlook csv file to a poi file?

I have an extensive MS Outlook file 800+ names and numbers. Is it possible to convert to a poi file on my nuvi 360? Any help wba/ BTW great site here! Just joined...

Garmin Nuvi 350 maps update question

Just got a Garmin Nuvi 350 and have a question on map updates on these. How does Garmin do the map updates. Mine has v7 maps loaded. I put the serial number into the garmin web site and it says mine is elgible for a free upgrade to 2008 v8 maps. Does garmin allow you to get free updates for 1 year or something? Or are you allowed 1 update?

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New catagory

Miss POI do you think we could get a new catagory called entertainment for such poi's as night clubs ,lodges,dance halls ETC.

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Which to buy? Garmin vs TomTom

I have noticed that there seems to be a number of offers from Buy.com and others lately that are Referb TomTom units at very reasonable prices. I own a NUVI 350 and I have no familiarity with TomTom.

"Ceterum autem censeo, Carthaginem esse delendam" “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

Using Spell Name on Nuvi 660

I used Spell Name to find the CVS pharmacies in my area. I noted that the particular CVS that I usually use was not listed, even when I was parked in its parking lot, where I saved the location to Favorites. I then used Spell Name again, but the location I had saved still did not appear.


Icon to go with Red Light Alerts

I am trying to find a way to attach one of the listed icons to my Red Light Alerts

Garmin 350

Accessing POIs from SD card

I am a new user. I have a Garmin Nuvi 250. I have downloaded some POIs. The files are in sub-folders by category under a main folder named POI. I used the POI Loader program and loaded them onto a SD card in my Nuvi 250. However, I do not know how to access the information. When I go to Points of Interest on the menu, I get all the pre-installed info. What have I done wrong?

COW Nominations for the week of Sept 10th 2007

You know what to do;)

Miss Poi

New Garmin user

Greetings to all.

I have a Roadmate 800 that we use for the cars, but just got a Garmin GPSMAP 60Cx for use with our Harley.

I am not clear at all about what map(s) the unit comes with.

Do I have to buy a map package in addition to the $400 cost of the unit to get street-level detail? (Eeek!)


Tomtom (converting to OV2)

Is there anyone else out there that is having trouble converting the .csv files to ov2 (Tomtom files)? I am using both the online conversion tools and poiedit and I still receive errors.I am willing to share ov2 files if anyone is interested.

Ray- **Garmin Nuvi760**


I wish someone would write a how 2 guide. Like Gps for dummies or something so i could how to do everything.