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Custom POI's on nuvi 370

I was wondering if anybody has had the following sequence of events on a nuvi. I select custom POIs and the top entry is "All Categories". If I select this top line it completely shuts the nuvi off. All the other POIs perform as they should. Any ideas???

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Some towns in Britain upset with auto GPS

Here's an interesting article about problems auto GPS devices are causing in Britain.

"..But trucks and tractor-trailers come here all the time, as they do in similarly inappropriate spots across Britain, directed by GPS navigation devices, which fail to appreciate that the shortest route is not always the best route."

Chatty Kathy thread for the week of December 3rd 2007

This is the place to talk about things that are not gps related, you can discuss whatever you would like, as long as it is clean. Remember we have families that have their children involved in the GPS fun and we don't want to make parents feel uncomfortable when their children ask what that word means.

Have fun...

This thread will be closed on Monday and a new one will be opened.

Contributors of the week 2007-11-26

This week we are recognizing Nuvi Addict and canadarideforclimate as our Contributors of the week.

Nuvi Addict, I can see that you are quickly becoming a community favorite on the site. You are quick to help when someone is stuck and you have been a great addition to the team.

Customs POIs on nuvi 370

I was wondering if anybody has run into this situation. When I pull up my custom POIs, the first line is "All Categories" and when I select this it completely shuts the nuvi down. The rest of the files act as they should.

Sandman --------Nuvi 370

Tee's & Hats

Christmas Presents OK now when do we get our POI Factory Hat and Tee Shirt LOL

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Possible change to site?

JM, would it be possible in the new site or currently to be able to sort topics by posts as well?

There are times where the thread has been answered over and over again and I just want to move to the next. It would be nice to be able to sort it by replies

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Three D Maps

I have been using the 2D map on my Magellan 2200T. I used to have a Roadmate 300 which had only 2D maps. The 2200T has 2D or 3D maps, but I don't really find the 3D map useful.

I saw a MIO unit a friend had, it was quite a bit more "pictorial" and useful looking.

I don't find the Magellan 2200T 3D maps to be useful.

Advance models dont have the features

Has anyone else wondered why the more expensive models (Garmins) don't have certain features as the lower end ones? For instance, it appears that the 6xx series don't have a north up pointer on the map.

I think that a 6xx series should include the same features of its counterpart 3xx series, then more.

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Audio File MP3

Hello everyone

I have been trying to figure out how to insert a mp3 file into my Garmin 680, I would like to make it universal to all the rest stop POI's. Where do you put the MP3 file after you have created one?

NUVI 650 programing

How can I program the unit so I can take the route I want? All I can get it to do is it takes you to the freeway. I want to take other roads.


External Microphone W/Garmin Bluetooth GPS (BIG DIFFERENCE)

I've been using my cellphone through the GPS bluetooth with many people complaining as to hearing my voice OK.

I just bought the Garmin external microphone. I ran the wire to my visor. The external microphone comes with various clips so you can quickly clip it to your visor or shirt collar. People are telling me that it makes a huge difference. Well worth the 15.00 cost.

Navigon vs nuvi 260

Thoughts? they both have a 299.99 price tag but can't seem to see major differences. Looking for one for my wife. She likes my nuvi 350 but thinks it's got to much stuff but she likes that it gets here where she wants to go.


traffic data

My GPS doesn't support it, but I have seen posts about traffic data and GPS. How does this work? How well does it work (updates, real time)? Where does it get its info from? Is street closures and construction included?
(That is a lot of questions)
There was a marathon in our city and streets were closed, would it include those streets?

Newbie Here

Just got a Nuvi 660. I really like it so far. Great info on this site and when i learn how to create my own POI, i look foward to sharing with all.


.csv file issues.

First time here and really appreciate the site. Thanks.

Have been using 2 poi edit type softwares and having problems with certain POI files.

CSV format and trying to change them to oV2 for TT.

Poi Loader & Mac

I tried to help a friend set up her new Nuvi 660. She has a Mac computer (which I have never used before). We downloaded Poi loader for mac version 2.0.1 (I figured that would be safer than a beta version) It installed OK, but when trying to open Poi Loader, it just flashed and closed. We could not get it to stay active.

Yo HeloDriver!

What do you fly? I see your location is Alabama. Are you Army at Ft. Rucker? I flew SH-60B Seahawks and was a Bell 206 instructor when I was in the Navy. Good to see a fello helo driver here.

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nuvi 650 detour

I have a nuvi 650 when i try to detour a route, it wont let me detour by street...Am i doing something wrong or is it just not available.