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We are touring New England soon. In the UK we do not have WAAS/EGNOS enabled, for the states would it be better to have in on. We have a 670 and will be using it via the cig lighter connection so battery life should not be a problem.

lets have some fun

in the early days of this room we talked about such things as gps scuba diving and gps sky diving. now every one seems so serious. come on lets put some humor into gps

C330 for Less $$$

Wow! bought my C330 for $249.68,I get some money back from Best Buy on sale $229.99,and at Circuit City.I have 2 day left to get my difference.I think B/B policy if it sells for less somewhere else B/B give the Diff.plus knock 10% off.

Geocaching, Anyone?

Geocaching, Anyone? Explore the world and find hidden treasures with Garmin GPS it is free from www.Garmin.com/WhatsNew/

Auggie SP2720 , SP C330, Nuvi 650, Nuvi 785T America Moves By Truck

Use WAAS or not?

I have a Nuvi 350. I travel mostly in semi-rural areas and small communitites of under 100,000, very infrequently in urban canyons. I notice the Nuvi 350 has the option of WAAS on or off. I realize the <3 meters accuracy possible with WAAS, but if I m not calling in artillery shots, do I need to consume the extra battery power that WAAS "ON" would use?

COW Nominations for the week of August 20th 2007

Here we are at another beautiful Saturday morning;) For those of you that are new and have just found our site let me explain what this post is about.

Ever week the community nominates the member that they feel has made a great contribution to the site over the last 7 days.

We call it the Contributor of the week award (COW for short)

my garmin is not compatible with the poi loader

can i still upload pois?

Search questions

I was trying to search for POI's in New Mexico. Easy enough to search on New Mexico, but some of the titles have the state abbreviations. The problem is you can't search on NM because it is too small. I tried a space character followed by NM and that is too short.

I'm just wondering since we have a lot of descriptions that use the abbreviation if we can allow a search on those.

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how many poi's can u load until ur nuvi slows down?

anyone load 100k poi's?

Beijing China with a Nuvi 360

Well, looks like I may be going to China in a few weeks. I know my Nuvi doesn't speak Mandarin, but does anyone know if I can get maps of Beijing?

Pep Boys POI database?

Any one know of a Pep Boys POI database other than the existing one which is just for California? I'm looking for Pep Boy stores over the US or at least the western US.


The New Version of Mapsource 6.13.1 is out as of Aug 21 Not The Beta here are your Changes

Changes made from version 6.12.4 to 6.13.1:

Improved the View in Google Earth feature.
Improved the Find Nearest Places dialog.
Improved the transfer of user data to removable media drives for marine units.
Added support for transferring user data to Symbian Garmin Mobile XT devices.

Auggie SP2720 , SP C330, Nuvi 650, Nuvi 785T America Moves By Truck

Cosi restaurant file?

Does anyone have a file for Cosi?? Another good location for folks on the road as virtually all locations offer free wi-fi - not to mention decent food.

Bruegger’s Bagels file?

Does anyone have a POI file for Bruegger's Bagel??

Besides the great bagels, bagel sandwiches and coffee, almost all locations offer free wi-fi!

Help with red light POI

I am not very computer savay and could use some help with the install of the red light camera alerts and icons for a Garmin S/P 550C .I believe i correctley install the camera locations because I have POI icon I didnt have before and stated 2500 plus cvs where download so if someone could help me out it would be greatley appreciated...

Thanks Joe

How about a POI of non-broadcast FM frequencies for MP3/IPOD/XM

Many people (like myself) have a devise in our car that allows us to play it wirelessly through our car stereo. I have this for my XM radio and ipod. The problem that many people have is that driving a long distance you have to find a new blank spot on the FM dial. Does anyone think this is a good idea and if so, send me their non-broadcast freq. in their area.

Map update

I have a C330.I have read that a lot of you guys and gals are getting free update map 2008.And installing either upper or lower States?

City Navigator V2008 and the C530

I went and requested the City Nav update. I loaded it to my laptop but I can't unlock the maps. I have an unlock code that came with my C530. I called and talked with Garmin today and was told that I will need a unique unlock code for the version 2008. This code is generated once I connect the 530 to the laptop and update the maps.

2008 map update

I think i just updated my 530 to the 2008 map update, how do i know if i did, is there anything on the garmin that tells me that