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School Zone Warnings

The POI Factory has a file of POIs for schools. Since all school zones have reduced speed limits, is there any way to get a warning (similar to the red light camera warnings) when approaching a school zone?

File Corrections

Hello everyone, I'm new to both the Nuvi (360) and this forum. In getting familiar with POIs and such I noticed that a file for Arizona Parks that I downloaded has the elevation in feet off by a factor of 10. The elevation info in meters is accurate. I made a correction to the elevation info, and can upload the new file (park_V.csv) or email it to the right person.

Things to do, places to go

Mount Snow Brewers Festival
What: Drown yourself in New England ales, stouts, hefeweizens, and root beers.
Why: Beer me.
When: Sat. & Sun., noon-6 p.m. Sept. 1 & 2nd
Where: Mount Snow Resort, 12 Pisgah Rd., W. Dover, Vt. (802-464-4191).

Address 12 PISGAH RD
State/Region VT
ZIP/Postcode 05356
Country US [United States]
Latitude 42.967799
Longitude -72.892348

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GPX toCSV File

How can I convert a GPX to a CSV file

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Map upgrades for the C330

I read with interest the discussion on free/paid map upgrades from Garmin. So I called Garmin Tech support for an upgrade for my C330 and was told that if I upgrade I would loose the Canada map. I have to assume that the tech support person is correct and so I will not upgrade. It's just something to keep in mind for those of you who want to upgrade your C330.


Downloading Mapsource


Before I ask my question, I have to say what an excellent site this is, loads of tips and info.

I have received my updated maps for USA and I am using Mapsource for the first time.

POI to tpe file format?

I had a need for a program that converts GA Repeater POI and converts it to a tpe file format. I use the file.tpe to import to my Amateur Radio program Link700 for my Th-D7g and TM-D700A radios. Unable to find one, I decided to write on in Java. I've only tested it on the GA Repeater list for Amateur Radio. It is a command line input, so it requires Java to be installed. Anyone have a use?


New Nuvi 700

What the consensus on the new Nuvi 700? It's a pretty slick looking GPS, and the screen looks much larger than the 6xx series. To see it........
http://gizmodo.com/ do a search for Nuvi 700.

Garmin 660

Garmin 2008 disc

Does anybody know how long it takes Garmin to send the Disc


Overnight RV Parking and No Parking Locations,

For those that may be interested

has an updated 8/24/07 PDF listing of Overnight RV Parking and No Parking Locations in USA that includes GPS coordinates

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Suppose I should have read further....

Yesterday, I re-organized my POI files on my computer to arrange them more to my liking. The directory looked similar to this;

(1) Local WiFi
(2) Work Place Locations
(3) Motorsport Tracks
etc, etc, ect

Imagine my surprise when I approached a local WiFi spot and "Emily" started beeping at me for a 1 MPH speed zone. Then when I approached work, I got another 2 MPH warning.

Music and Gps?

i have a nuvi 360 and a jvc deck in my car that has a audio input. i have the right hook ups to play my gps through my stereo already cause i use an ipod and hook it up to my system that way.

Now what i want to know is....
is there anyway to splice/modify the cord so i can hook up my ipod and gps so they can both play on my stereo at the same time?

The Red Light Alert I have is almost "DEAFENING"

Does anyone have a simple way to tone down the MP3 file I have downloaded from this site? I cant remember the name of the file as I had to change it before I used POIloader to load it on my SD card. I don't want to turn down the volume of the GPSr, but the Mp3 alert is about 10 times the volume of my cute little English gal that gives me turn instructions.

Any suggestions?

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Creating a Route (workaround) for 350

Don't know if this has been thought of.

Idea is to use custom POIs in dedicated folder.
Create your destinations in an excel spreadsheet
LAT, LONG, Name, descript. In sequence of route desired.
Prefix each Name with a numerical sequence, in order of your route. IE: 01-, 02-, 03-, …

Lat, Long, 01-San Francisco, SF City Hall
Lat, Long, 02-San Jose, San Jose City Hall
Lat, Long, 03-Berkeley, UC at Berkeley
Lat, Long, 04-Los Angeles, LA Disneyland
Lat, Long, 05-Las Vegas, Mirage Casino
Lat, Long, 06-Phoenix,
Etc ….

Place your route csv file in a folder, ie: vacation-07

Load vacation-07 and the rest of your custom POIs

In this example,
You’ll notice after you get to your 1st destination. When looking for your next destination in Vacation-07. The 03-Berkeley will be next since its closer to your current location. But knowing that the next sequence is 02 (02-San Jose farther away), use the up/down arrow to search for it (if not there) and then select it. If the next destination is closer it will show up correctly.

You could do the same thing with your entire route on a piece of paper and enter it manually each time. But hopefully this makes it a bit easier.

Haven’t tried this yet, but I think it will work. I did the paper version on an earlier trip this year. I think this would of made it a lot easier.

HarveyS - Nuvi 350

Need info. on C330

Is there any site whereby one can go to look at information pertaining only to THEIR particular GPS, rather than reading through everything. There is a ton of good information out there, but it is hard to navigate throught to find your particular GPS.

Thank you,

"Dont Trust SatNav" signs posted

I ran accross this article today where a welsh village erected signs warning drivers not to trust their SatNav's. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/news.htm... I found it somewhat humorous.

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Mapsource Importing?

Hi everyone,
I have a Garmin Nuvi 350, Mapsource, and an excel spreadsheet with 400 addresses that i would like to import into the Nuvi. What is the best way to go about doing this? Thank you all for your help.

Need Help Creating MP3 Files

Can any one tell me how to create a mp3 file using my
garmin Nuvi350 voice name (Jill) I want to create my
on personal MP3 for the Weigh Station File. I won't post it because its not gonna be nice Ha.Ha.
But its gonna go somthing like this
(Caution, There's a #^%** Weigh Station Ahead)
Guess yall have figured out Im a Truck Driver.
Once I learn MP3's BMP's is Next.
Thanks KB5RIR 73 Yall

0 bytes in POI download

I just found this site today. I tried to download POI's for my 2720 and got a 0 byte download. What is the problem. I also have new computer that does not have Excel except a trial version that will not let me use it unless i sign up for a full version. Anyone have any answers?

Simulating Routes Using Custom POIs

I'm new to the forum, a little over a week, but have gathered much information about POIs, mostly custom POIs. Many thanks to all the informed posters!!!!

I've done a search to see if this topic has been posted before, but could not find anything. If it has been discussed, just point me to the right topic.

Joe - nuvi 370