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City Navigator Map Update 2008

I have just purchased and installed the update for City navigator 2008. I now see by some forum talk, that Garmin might supply these updates free????
I have a Street Pilot C340 which I purchased Jan.14, 2007. How would I contact Garmin to see if they might reimburse me for the costs or see what they say?

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Auggie SP2720 , SP C330, Nuvi 650, Nuvi 785T America Moves By Truck

Sharing Routes w/ non GPS users

Is there any way to share a Route i have created in Mapsource with non GPS users?(they dont have mapsource).

Contributors of the week 2007-08-13

This week we are recognizing Garmintech and kgendler as our contributors of the week and giving an honorable mention to POI4Pat.

Garmintech, Wow!!! having you involved in the forums is a treat. No more assumptions about rules and regulations, now we know them and can respect them. Thank so much for hanging out with us and clearing up some of the confusion.

good garmin- mapsource

i've had my 330 for 1 1/2 months now and i really think its the easiest way to go. garmin is really responsive to any questions and they also sent me the newest map program. i've been using delorme street atlas for about 10 years on a laptop, but the 330 is easier to handle. One question , what can you do with the mapsource when you put it on the laptop.

Solution to make the "dialing" icon appear in gpx files...

Hi Everyone,

This solution is for Bluetooth-capable GPSr's...

I think I've come up with a solution to have the "dialing" icon appear in POI.gpx files.

As we all know POI.gpx files uploaded with the POI Loader, don't show the dialing icon, allowing bluetooth capable GPSr's to dial the phone number.

Here's the solution...

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POI Verifier

Ok where do you register for the POI File Verifier all the sites i had for RT'S Poi file verifer dont work and i got the new verifer and its asking for registration number

Auggie SP2720 , SP C330, Nuvi 650, Nuvi 785T America Moves By Truck


I purchased my StreetPilot c550 on June 25/07.

I did not receive Mapsource. From what I am reading, I should have or I need Mapsource to view maps on my computer? Is this correct or am I mistaken?

I am planning on contacting Garmin Monday about the update to 2008 version. I am wondering if it will contain the Mapsource software also?

*******Garmin StreetPilot c550************

Saving Your History With GPS


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SF Poular Restaurants...updated

Hi Everybody,

I added 8 more restaurants to the list, bringing to total to 16.

A. Sabella's
Big Nate's BBQ
E&O Trading Company
The Stinking Rose (A Garlic Restaurant)
Franciscan Crab Restaurant
Amici's East Coast Pizzeria
Cafe Maritime
The Cliff House
Ruth's Chris Steak House
Hornblower Dinner Cruise
IL Fornaio
Carnelian Room

Sullivan's Law: Murphy was an optimist!

splash screens

I own a garmin c330. could someone help me with questions about "splash screens". do they appear when you start up the gps? do they pop off after a few seconds or must they be removed by touching "menu"? can you have more than one and if so how do you call them up? sorry to sound so stupid however, Ineed this info.

thanks: gusb

augie billitier I2,c330,660

cleaning suction cup

I have started to have the problems others have mentioned of the suction cup not holding very well. I have had it since Christmas. I am wondering if maybe it would help to clean the suction cup. Before I do, I wondering if there are any do's or don'ts for cleaning it. Just soap and water, glass cleaner?

Houston, TX

I want a different route

I am trying to go from the area near JFK airport where I live to McGaheysville, VA. The Nuvi 350 wants to send me down the NJ Tnpk (I95) and I know from past experience that this is a very poor selection of route. The best way is to get to I78 near Allentown PA via I287 from rt440 in Staten Island. How can I program the NUVI to get me to I287.

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Convert Favorites to a POI file

I'm sure this has been asked before - but is there a way to convert the favorites on my 660 to a POI file?

Barry - Nuvi 660 and 2 Nuvi 765's


Thank you Miss POI for sending me the Marina Anchor Icon that the other members asked you to get to me. Hopefully you can post it in the Icon Library for others to enjoy.

update 2008

i have a backup from gps nuvi with map 2008 on a 350.
can i transfer the setting of the 2008 on mine who has
vs 8..thank you
ps if it possible how i can transfer it

Problem tracking satellites? 2 new units in six months.

This is my second Nuvi 350 in six months. Works great for about two months then looses satellite reception and will no longer aquire them. Any suggestions? possible answers. Garmin wants me to send it in, but I am sure that the new one they send will do the same thing.


Is there any place on this website where one can download maps for free, rather than paying (streetPilot330C)


Thanks a lot to everyone!

NAVTEQ Updates

I've informed NAVTEQ several times about a mistake in their map. They have not yet corrected it. Does anyone know the process they go through to make corrections? How long does it usually take? Is there some guy that comes out and physically verifies the correction or is there some other source on which they rely?