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TomTom One + TTS

Just saw this about the NEWEST TomTom One, it comes with Text-To-Speech (TTS). You can read about it here: article


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How to get incorrect street names changed on MapSource

I have a main road in my community that is improperly named on MapSource. I have spoken with longtime residents whose families go back generations and they say the road never had the name MapSource gave it. Does anyone know of a way to contact MapSource to recommend they change the name?


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Nuvi 7XX Users Manual

For anybody that has pre-ordered a Nuvi 7XX - the users manual is now available for download at Garmin.com. Pull up the Nuvi 750 or 760 or 770 and a menu will show up on the right hand side of the screen. Click on Manuals, and download the users guide. Note: The manual covers all of the 7XX series.

Enjoy...... Joel

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waypoint locating

I was just curious about something and maybe you guys can help...... say if I owned the Nuvi 360 and I programmed a waypoint that was located out in the middle of a field with no road leading directly to it.... would my Nuvi take me to the best route nearest to the waypoint (the closest road/street) and then just point to the right direction?

GPS and Radar detector

hey this might be a stupid question but I'll ask anyways smile.. I currently have a Radar detector in my car, I will hopefully be purchasing a GPS unit for my car soon, will these 2 interfere with each other? Thanks

Platform Updates 10/18

I'll be taking the site down for a few minutes to install security updates for our web platform.

There are no changes in functionality, and I expect downtime will last 10 - 15 minutes.


great websit!

Today I found this POI Factory website,it is great!

POI Download that has extension .cvs.txt

Can someone explain how these .cvs.text files show up on my c340 after they are loaded in by using POI loader. I have this one file which is the location of all Dunkin Donuts locations in the US. it is a 836KB file . Before I load it I would like to know how it shows up on the GPS screen --Al

Al Start

Microsoft Maps

I have lost the web site of the free download of Microsoft Maps that are comparable to Google Earth. Am I dreaming, or is there such a site?

Help would be appreciated.

Garmin 660

Associating bmps w. POIs

So yesterday, I downloaded two files to my Nuvi 650. Both had exactly the same name except for the extension. One was a csv, the other a bmp. They downloaded succesfully.

I then went out to the car, and chose one of the POIs as my destination. It brought me there fine, but the bmp didnt show on the map. Just the checkered flag. What gives?

Miss POI, can we add numbering?

Miss POI, I have an inquiry. I am wondering if it is possible to add numbering to individual posts similar to what they do at Delphi forums.


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How to find my posts


I would like to be able to go back to posts I have made on the forum but don't know which discussion group I made the posts in.

Is there way I can find posts that I have done?


Growing Up

It looks like that kid grew up awfully fast!

My frist run with my Nuvi 350

I just took my first day trip with my new Garmin Nuvi 350 I loaded in the address I was going to and then proceeded to divert from the route the unit wanted me to take. My wife now wants to get my attention by saying "recalculating" when I'm not listening to her as she seems to think that I am listening more to my Garmin.

Nuvi 350 - North Carolina - I'm not a native Southerner but I got here as fast as I could!

GE's Cartography Vehicle

Got a glimpse of one of GE's 'secret weapons' about an hour ago. You know, the compact vehicle with the GPS dome on the trunk and the mast - with some kind of do-hicky (360 degree camera I think) mounted to it - on the roof. Oh, and the Google Earth decals on each side and the CA plates. Yup, it passed right by me on my block while I was sitting outside.

Freedom isn't free...thank you veterans! Heard about the tests to detect PANCREATIC CANCER? There aren't any! In Memoriam: #77 NYPD-SCA/Seattle Mike/Joe S./Vinny D./RTC.

Maritime GPS units

This is completely off topic. My fiancee and I just recently took a schooner cruise up in Maine (www.stephentaber.com) which was awesome. I didn't bring my GPS to avoid exposing it to water, rain, etc.

The captain had an awesome Garmin GPS unit specialized for nautical use. It had depth charts, wind direction, great weather update capability. It was impressive.

SP 2610 Garmin

Miss POI You have a 2610 or 2620 it only holds 50 waypoints:::::::: how do you put your poi files into the 2610 :::::: I know its not the same as my 2720 my buddy has a 2 gig chip in his 2610 so it should hold quite a bit of info

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Exactly how do you use POI lists in C340

I recently downloaded several POI lists from this site and it was very easy. I now have another button under favorites, "custom POI's"

I was looking for a local WalMart so I used that button and it brought up WalMart and the green GO button, but no address. Is this normal for POI lists or did something go wrong with the upload?




Time Spent on Site

Admins, do you have a record how much time ppl spend on this site? I wonder who the top 10 would be? I am surely one of them...lol.

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Which do I trust? (speedometer or GPS)

My nuvi 650 tells me I am going one speed, my spedometer tells me I'm going a few MPH slower. At 70, by the nuvi, it says almost 74 on the speedometer.... I'm inclined to think the nuvi has it right..

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