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*Keith* MacBook Pro *wifi iPad(2012) w/BadElf GPS & iPhone6 + Navigon*

Cow Award Nomination for the week of October 29th

This week is going to be extra hard for me to choose just a few people to recognize. There have been some huge behind the scenes action this week.

Let me know what you have seen and feel needs to be recognized.

Miss Poi

First Long-Trip and Rest Areas

Hello everyone,

I picked up a Garmin 660 a few weeks ago with the 2008 maps already loaded. I guess that makes me a newb. For the most part I'm very pleased. Although I have encountered some side-streets that don't exist and it not recognizing I'm on a ramp deviating from the projected route.

I found this site just before a trip from Chicago to St. Louis.

Tanga309 ~ nuvi 660

poi verbal alerts

i cant seem to get my poi to say camera ahead. i named a mp3 file the exact same name as the acual poi file. the icon, i can get to show but not the mp3. what am i doing wrong

nuvi 755t

RSS for new POI files

...just daydreaming...

- Keith

Garmin Nuvi 250W

Anybody out there who owns a Garmin Nuvi 250W ? Your thoughts and comments on the unit. I will appreciate your input. Thanks.


GPS Tracking

Is there a website that allows realtime tracking of my Garmin 660?

"The Outsourced Brain" or How my GPS and other tech toys makes me lazy

David Brooks did an interesting column in the NY Times on GPS and other tech gadgets. I am sure many of us can relate too.

here are some Letter To The Editor Responses:

Precautionary pain (scratched screen)

Making a quick stop at a gas station I didn’t put my Garmin in its protective case to slide it under my seat to keep it out of view. When I pulled it back out it has a short but deep scratch on the screen. Anyone know of some way to make the scratch less visible, like filling in the scratch? Or does the screen have a protective cover that I could buy and replace myself?

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Cool way to compare POI files!

I found a cool program to compare 2 POI files, handy if you want to compare the old red light camera file to the new updated one (or whatever two files you want) to see what new cameras have been added. This program is used to compare text files but it works with the POI files...... its called "AptDiff" and you can get it from here:


Free Music For Your SD

card can be found here, if you like the oldies. Some do, and some do not.
There is no registration, but how you get it on your SD is up to you. I capture with Super Mp3 Recorder.

Garmin 660

GOOGLE EARTH (won't start)

Anyone have problems today Oct 30 with Google Earth Loading i uninstalled and reinstalled and it still wont load

Auggie SP2720 , SP C330, Nuvi 650, Nuvi 785T America Moves By Truck

Looked but didn't find... (private messages)

How do I send a private message to someone in POI Factory?

Navigon anyone?

has anyone heard of Navigon?


it looks really cool, they offer a lifetime subscription to traffic.

Deleting Unused Icons/Sound Profiles !!!


I would really appreciate if someone can tell me how to delete all the unused vehicle icons and sound profiles of other languages which I don't use at all, so that I could free some space and have less clutter.(I have backed up my entire folders/files to my computer).


***Garmin Nuvi 350/StreetPilot c340***

Garmin bids for Tele Atlas

Garmin jumps into fight for Dutch mapmaker


Old Guys Rule


Happy Halloween to all of you guys!

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What is the scale?

Just as a matter of interest...

When you zoom in or out on the Nuvi (and others I presume) a small map scale is in the mid bottom of the screen and shows 800m or 3 km or whatever.

What is that distance?
From the front of the vehicle icon to the top of the screen?
Total screen hight/ width?

Was just wondering about it as I barrelled along at 160km/h...

Any replies welcome.

Nuvi 715 (Sucks), Nuvi 670 (dead)& Garmin GPS 72. South African living Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

why garmin don't allow their customers get free update

Now most software have free update, like cell phone too.

but only garmin don't give their customers get free update??? their software is very specific ????

I'm first time to use GPS, I don't know about that, so you guys have any file can share???

Garmin on Sprint Phones

Any opinions on using Garmin on the Sprint phones?