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Toyota USA POI file has an error

I was using the Toyota USA POI file today when I tried to go to the Cerritos Toyota (California)location using my NUVI. I know how to get there, but wanted to use my my NUVI for the heck of it. I followed the directions, but it led me to a residential area several blocks away.

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I have lost my "recent posts" ability has anyone else had this problem?


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Recent posts = Page not found sad


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so did everyone have a good Christmas

Bluetooth headset question...

Hi All,

I have a Nüvi 670 and my question has to do with communicating with the GPSr, when making a phone call.

Do I have to use my Bluetooth headset to talk, when making a call, or will the Nüvi 670 receive my voice "directly" through the GPSr itself?

Thanks for your time and happy holidays...



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Just bought Garmin C340. Is it a right choice?

I did a little research before buying this unit. But Now I checked other GPS units with few of my friends, and I found that it lacks a lot of features for its price. By the way, I paid USD 256 for it. I also learnt that this model is discontinued.

Just sayn Hello

Just thought I'd make my first post. A friend of mine told me about this site today and it looks great.

Has the interface changed?

Prior to this evening, when I logged in I and went to the discussions page, I was able to veiw all recent posts, as well as all posts I had been involved in. I don't see those options now. Has the forum changed in some way, or is this a local setting I have missed?

Built To Last........??????

This was a lead article on Yahoo today(12-26-07 p.m.). I was hoping my Garmin 660 would last longer than what they projected. According to this, mine is already 1/3 shot.

"Built to Last, or Until Outdated

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Radio Station Genre

I'm new to a GPS device (Garmin Nuvi 350), this forum, and POIs in general. I downloaded the 13,275 row Radio Stations CSV file. But, it is missing the Genre of the stations. I'd like to know if a station is Jazz, Classic Rock, Christian, NPR, etc. Is there a file that includes the "genre" for all stations, without downloading separate files for each classification?

FInd my address

I am trying to locate the address 167 lotus drive indianapolis in 46032, but all my c330 will show is 167 lotus road which is incorrect. It autopopulates I need to know how I can get that address correct?

poi question

i am having a hard time downloading the poi's from the garmin site.first on the garmin site you are suppose to put the e-85 file onto the computer.i did so but i can't get the file open so i can't move the poi's to the file to transfer to the gps.if any one has the chance to try this let me know if it works or help if you can.thanks

Downloading POI to my Computer

How do i download poi to my computer I see the files I would like but I do not see a link to download them



What happened here..?

No more red "new" post markers? How can we get those back?

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Help! my audio stopped working on my 680

Yesterday, two months after receiving my new 680, while approaching a red light camera, the audio alert stopped half way through the warning. I can't even play any pm3 music...I have completely lost audio. Anyone ever have this happen or have any suggestions? Maybe there is a firmware update that can be loaded.

Heck Of a Deal On Custom Bracket

While shopping at Best Buy today, making my final decision on what GPS unit to go with, I saw an aisle of accessory items. I found a custom bracket for my Ford F150 made by Bracketron. The brackets were being discontinued and were marked for $6.00!

Mouse GPS

Has anyone tried this?

Deluo 31-919-22 Laptop MouseGPS

It looks good.

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Chatty Charley thread for the week of December 24th 2007

This is the place to talk about things that are not gps related, you can discuss whatever you would like, as long as it is clean. Remember we have families that have their children involved in the GPS fun and we don't want to make parents feel uncomfortable when their children ask what that word means.

Have fun...

This thread will be closed on Monday and a new one will be opened.

Contributors of the week 2007-12-17

This week we are recognizing Phillychip and Denelson83 as our contributors of the week.

Phillychip, you have made it your mission to supply each metro area with a file for the 24 hour pharmacies. I know that many travelers will appreciate this file when they are in a unknown area and run out of their prescriptions and need a refill. Great Job.

NUVI Nubee here... missing streets...

Hey there,
Is there any way of adding missing roads and streets to my 650? I have the 2008 map update and these new streets are still missing ... any help is most appreciated.