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oh well......... (c330 lock up)

the lack of response doesn't inspire much hope. now the pc doesn't even recognize it. i guess i'm just screwed since i misplaced the receipt. if anybody has any ideas short of buying a new one i would appreciate it. i'm a truck driver shut down for the night and was trying to put all of the t/a's, pilots, loves, and flying j truck stops in here when this happened.

poi upload killed my c330

since i've tried to reset the unit and it didn't work i think i'm s.o.l. but thought maybe somebody here might know a trick. i had downloaded several poi's last weekend and found some more i wanted on here.

Transferring data to mapsource

I noticed that when connecting my 2720 to my computer and opening mapsource and then clicking on "receive", that it only imports my favorites and not the custom poi's. Is that the what it is suppose to do? Evidently, if my unit crashes or is damaged and I replace it, I won't be able to replace the custom poi's.

Garmin City Navigator North America NT v 2008 Upgrade Free from Garmin

I just spoke with Garmin Support. He told me straight out, if you buy a new unit now that has the old v8 maps, within 60 days of the release, Garmin WILL send you the new 2008 maps for FREE. You just need to give them a call. Not in stock now, but he said the policy and the DVD's will be in place near the end of July.
Great news from Garmin. Way to go!

Frank (Nuvi 2497LMT, 2455LMT, 765LMT,680,StreetPilot 2720)

replacing old poi files (at POI Factory)

I just download the newest rest area us.csv poi file and I am assuming that it is a replacement for the older rest area forty eight csv file. I have a ton of poi files that are duplicate because they are renamed. Because it is a much smaller files I question if it is as complete as the older file. Just want to make sure that I am not deleting a lot of files that I shouldn't.

Red Light Camera Updates

Miss POI-

Is there anyway you could include the date of the latest Red Light Camera file update on the homepage? This way, we won't have to navigate through "red light cameras", then scroll down and click on recent updates to see if we need to download the latest iteration.

Maybe it could be part of the "red light cameras" tab.



Wouldn't you know it.

My Nuvi 350 is on route as we speak. Ordered it from for 469. I just seen the unit on for 399.

Go figure.

Interview with TomTom USA's President

Here's the link to a recent interview I found between Jocelyn Vigreux, the president of TomTom USA and Peter Rojas of ENGADGET: Interview

Makes for some interesting reading, especially the part about TomTom's new Map/Share feature.


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Best Buy extra warranty pays off

I bought a 4 year extra warranty for my Nuvi 680 about 3 or 4 months ago and over the weekend it quit working so I took it back to Best Buy and they gave me a brand new one on the spot.......just wondering how other warranties work like when you buy one on ebay or something................Dave

Individual m3u playlists for folders on the SD card...How???

Hi Everyone,

OK, here's where I am now. On my SD card I have my mp3's in folders (by artist) and I want to create a playlist for each folder. The Nuvi 670 sees all the songs on the SD card, but doesn't allow me to advance to the next song when I select the artists folder. How do I get the unit to advance to the next song in the selected folder?

Thanks for your time.



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New Maps

I just received my new nuvi 660 (it was an exchange because of a defective keyboard entry problem with the old unit). Wee to my surprise, I saw that the North American maps had a 2008 designation.

Scanner Frequencies POI


Newbie Intro + questions

Hi gang... I recently picked up nuvi 650 for my wife's birthday. This is my first GPS unit since my Garmin 12 from the late 90s. One of the early 12 sat units. My, how times have changed!

garmin nüvi 650

Venice, Italy

After reading an article about Venice, Italy, I'm curious to know how the various GPSr's indicate a route through the City of Water. Do they display a map, nautical chart, or combination of the two, or do the GPSr's default to an 'on foot' mode avoiding the water entirely? From what I've read there are only two means of travel in Venice - 'by boat' or 'on foot'!

Freedom isn't free...thank you veterans! Heard about the tests to detect PANCREATIC CANCER? There aren't any! R.I.P. NYPD-77/Seattle Mike/Joe S.

Loading favorite routes on Nuvi 350?

With my old Garmin V and the PC based mapping software it came with (CityQuest?) I used to be able to load in specific routes to the unit, rather than have the unit calculate the routes itself.

An advantage of this was that I could design a route by hand (e.g. a scenic drive). Is it possible to load in specific routes on the Garmin Nuvi 350 ?


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Directional POI Alerts for Speed Cams

After a good while of head scratching and trying to figure out how to get a work-around for assigning a directional proxmity alert to speed cams so that I know which ones are facing me and which ones aren't I think I may have a solution.

It is a bit time consuming but could be worth the effort.

First find a point in the city (centre or some big central landmark is good).

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Red Light Camera File

I downloaded the red light camera file and have a quick question. The names of the cameras are listed as Red Light Camera.01 and then 3 letters. I'm assuming that the .01 is a speed indicator so that an alert sounds at .01 mph. Do the letters have any significance?

How did it work?

This is really weird.... I just used Google Earth to create 2 custom POIs. One was the location of my house, the other the location of a local traffic/speed camera.

I named one "house" and the other "speed_cam1".

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Eatin Park Resturants

Eat 'n Park Restaurants in OH, WV, and PA.

restaurants Submitted by alleghany on Thu, 07/05/2007 - 2:38pm.
All Eat 'n Park Restaurants in PA, OH, and WV. These are the only three states they serve. Wish there was some in the Midwest. If you see an error, or see one I missed, please notify me.

EatnPark.csv (6.66 KB)ALLEGANY Please Add another Restaurant

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POI's - PF Changs, Christmas Tree Shoppes

Has anyone made a list of POI's for PF Changs Restaurants and Christmas Tree Shoppes in the northeast?
Thanks Frank