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Wikipedia's Page For Vermont

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Someone suggested that I try poi2go at http://www.poi2go.com/mypoi/. Has anyone used this program and if yes did you get the results you expected?It looks like it may have some limit use.

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Garmin 660 MP3 - i have no AUX

Looking for a way to listen to my mp3's w/o going thru the FM modulator. it sounds like crap.

my truck stereo deck does not have an ipod type input jack nor do i have an AUX channel. i have an amp connected to my deck via RCA pre-outs. the amp only has ONE RCA input.

...almost missed this one ... red light camera kills person


I'll bet someone filed a big lawsuit!

US Virgin Islands POIs

I'll be heading to Saint Thomas later this year and was wondering if anyone has attractions for the US Virgin Islands. I see the islands are included in the NA NT map so there are some built in POIs.

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New to POI Factory

Good afternoon to all. I am new to POI Factory and I must say for the last few days i have come to the realization that this is he best site on the internet. Everyone seems so friendly and willing to help out, (something i don't see a lot of in New York). I look forward to gathering advice and eventually giving it as well.


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Is it even worth it?

I have a family member who has a Dell gift card, using that along with online discounts, he can get a really cheap Pharos Drive 150 GPS. I've looked at the specs and it has a Surf StarIII (Which my nuvi sadly is missing). It is a really low end unit, and doesn't allow for Red Light POI or others to be loaded.

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No left turn allowed

There's this one particular spot where my Garmin wants me to make a left turn even tho' a "No Left Turn" sign is posted there. Is this the type of error I should report to Navteq and/or Garmin? I have no idea if their map database carries that level of detail.

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Incorrect turn on NE 148th Ave, Bellevue WA


I have Garmin nuvi which shows left turn at NE 148th Ave Bellevue, WA which physically doesn't exists...

Has someone [using other GPS brands] observed such error in this area?

Thanks in advance for the response.
Acc Mera

SCORE International - race maps and coordinates

SCORE International is posting the race maps and GPSr coordinates for some races:


Note: you will also be required to download and install the OZI Explorer:


Garmin Webupdater


Is it just me (nuvi 760) or does Garmin's webupdater continue to "reload" updates that are already current? At times it will filter what it has already accomplished, yet later try to re-install the same old files! This is in regard to text, traffic & voice files. Thank you...smile

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Looking for a hand held

circuitcity.com has the Mio H610 Handheld GPS/Media Player (H610) $149.99 shipped. I have two Nüvi's for my cars but looking for a hand held. Any thoughts?



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nuvi 360 Bluetooth

I just got off the phone with Garmin, the nuvi kept disconnecting from my Blackberry Pearl 8130. I did the bluetooth update (3.20) about 3 weeks ago with web update and it seemed to work great for a day or two, then kept disconnecting. The Garmin service rep helped me to downgrade the software to 2.80, and all seems to be good... for mow...

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Happy to be here

I have been shipping new Red light locations and think this is great for all of us. As I come across locations that do not alert me.....I fire them in.

I have a NUVI 680 with MSN and it is great.

I look forward to sending more POI's and chatting more.

New member


Just a note to introduce myself as a new user of POI Factory. I have been hooked on using a GPS since buying a second hand 2610 for use on my Yamaha.

I also use a C510 that i bought in Germany for work. Recently loaded CN NA on it and starting to like it a lot more than the 2610 even though it lacks some features.

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Adding POI's

I've read the faqs here and the POI loader help. Please tell me whether I understand this correctly. I now have custom POI files on my nuvi200. I want to add to them. I've read that the new ones will replace any that are already there. So I have to load the new and old ones together, correct? I can't just add the new ones and expect the old ones to stay put?

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Turned on my GPS the other day for a trip to A.C. and it went to a warning screen about the maps being outdated due to being over one year old. Is there a way of making this message stop coming up each time I turn the unit on?

Travel Guide - Europe

I have read many posts regarding the travel guides one can purchase for the Garmin units. Does anyone have experience with the European version?

Another tip of the day

Here are some useful Excel utilities:

MID: Returns a specific number of characters from a text string, starting at the position you specify.

Syntax: MID(text,start_num,num_chars)

Examples: MID("Fluid Flow", 1, 5) equals "Fluid"

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