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Error in address

Has anyone had this problem?I have tried to locate a Days Inn we have been to during our travels to FL. The address is 3144 West US HWY 90 ZIP 32055 in Lake City.When I type it in to the Garmin using street address it comes back only showing 1999 and 999 West US HWY 90 ZIP 32055 to pick from.Any idea what I might be doing wrong?I know the hotel is there.

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Is it possible to make a poi having only the latitude and longitude, not a zipcode?

Perhaps this has been covered but I can't seem to find the info here. I would like to add a campground address to my Garmin 550 but only have the longitude and latitude info. Is there a way to do it?
Thanks to all,

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Can we have next to our avitar, the location of where we are and the GPSr that we have (which is all in the profile if the person so chooses to add), so that you don't have to ask or go and look at their profiles.

This would be useful when we are discussing laws, maps, "how to",and traffic coverage.

EDIT: Don't knowwhere I got Jim from...

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Forum Searches?

I wanted to search the forums for a topic that I knew had been discussed before. Do we have a search feature for this forum?

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Not to make more work (frequently posted questions)

...there seems to be an awful lot of posts on topics that have been heavily discussed previously. Would it make sense to have a FPQ (frequently posted question) page, as a resource for folks to look stuff up quickly and easily?


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COW Nominations for the week of October 8th 2007

Sorry this is late eveyone. Better late then never;)

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Can we create .srf vehicle icons?

Hi All,

Although the .srf file format is proprietary to Garmin, is there a program that will allow creation of an .srf custom vehicle icon? Also, is the .srf file format the only format the GPSr will accept?

Thanks for your time.



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Viewing JPEGs on SD card

I am a new NUVI 250 owner. I experimented with loading JPEG pics onto my SD card. When I loaded 2 different themes, they were jumbled together. I tried loading them by separating them into 2 different directories with no better results. Any suggestions?

Currency Exchange NUVI 250

I'm a recent NUVI 250 owner and I want to change the currency exchange rate. How do I update the information? The current info on the NUVI is 2 years old.

I found a GPS mount website for almost all GPS systems.

I was looking all over the place for a different mount for my GPS. I found this website that should help lots of people find just the right mount. Check this URL


If anyone else has any suggestions, please pass them along.

Discrepancy In Route/Announcement

I had a discrepancy in the announcement of a County Road, and what the GPS showed.
Jill told me to turn right on County Road 400, but looking at the GPS (top of map) it showed going North on County Road 420, which was correct.
Has anyone else noticed the difference in the spoken route and the actual shown route?

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New to this but are there any KOA POI's for all lower 48 states?

Got my Garmin Nuvi 350 yesterday

I got it yesterday but tried it out today. It is awesome! I am looking forward to adding POI files. Also anything else that can be fun with the 350. I just found this site. Oh yeah, I also want to see if I can somehow make a vehicle icon. I would love the HALO warthog as a vehicle. wink Anyway glad I got a GPS. I hope to learn everything at this site. Looks like I got a lot of reading to do.

Map Update On 60CSx

I want to update my older Garmin GPS unit, c340. Does anyone know whether I can use the same upgrade for my 60CSx? I'm hoping that a single update can be use on a primary navagation system PLUS a handheld.


keyboard shortcuts

Is it possible for you to add keyboard shortcut for the Submit/Add Comment button (such as alt+s). I am so use to using that for emails and other boards. The tab order is in good order, so for now I press tab 3 or 4 times and hit enter.

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POI files sorted by update date?

It would be really great if there was a way to sort the POI files by their latest update date. I logged back in after a while since my unit was on loan to a friend. I wanted to find out which files were updated since my last downloads.


download business contact addresses

I have the gamin 650 and when I click on the food/business icon, I can type in the name of a local business I am trying to find and it will put up all business with that name for me to select from. My question is.....is there anyway to import my personal business addresses and names into that feature so I can just type in a client's name and the unit will pull up the address?

Nuvi 350 (removing Fodor's Travel Guide?)

I installed the Fodor's Travel Guid and I would like to remove/delete it. Does any one know how to do this?


truck stops

My Nuvi 350 is missing a lot of truck stops. Does anyone know where a good, complete POI file of truck stops can be obtained. You would think that the major truck stop companies would make this available. Maybe I've missed it. The major truck stops are: Flying J, Pilot, TA (Travel America), Love, and Petro. Please advise. Thank you.

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POIs from vendor's web page

I use an Excel add in that does this process simply and quick.

1. Paste locations into new Excel worksheet using Special Paste < Text.
2. select all locations.
3. Open ASAPUtilities>Format>Advance Transpose
4. Enter the size of your repeat.
5. Select Okay

The macro puts the first line of each set in column one; the second line in column two etc.

6. Select columns to merge.