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Traveling in Chicago

Can someone from Chicago please help me out. I traveled to Chicago this weekend. My Garmin 660 told me to exit Lake Shore Drive at lower Wacker Dr. My hotel was on upper Wacker. Once I got on lower Wacker (under upper Wacker) the gpsr lost satellite lock. Before losing lock it said exit on upper Wacker but I didn't have a clue as to how to get from lower Wacker to upper Wacker.

The Nuvi mounting ball joint Is loose question...

Hi All,

I have a Nuvi 670 with a bean bag mount (I live in

My question is:
The ball joint that fits into the back of the mounting
bracket snaps into place but the swiveling is loose, to the
point that the unit won't stay in the position I set.

Does anyone know a way to tighten or restrict the movement
of the ball joint "after" it snaps into place? I tried

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Contributors of the week 2007-07-23

Well, this hasn't been a typical week at POI Factory. Miss poi celebrated her birthday and then had to make an unplanned trip to Portland for a family emergency.

Normally she is the person who reviews the nominations, looks at participation over the last week and decides who to recognize, but today she is on the road and it's up to me.

Texas Speed Cameras

It's in the workings for Texas to set up speed cameras at three different highway locations. "not to issue tickets, but to see if the highway speed needs adjusting". Also they propose to send letters to those caught speeding advising them they should slow down..........what's this leading too?

Garmin 660

Map Outline

I just got the nuvi 350 and don't know what mapoutlines are

Charley - Nuvi 350 - Bel STI Driver - Cobra 29 w/ wilson 1000 - AIM: asianfire -

Just in case your GPSr doesn't give you the info you need....

This is a free telephone directory for the entire United States that will give you residental, government or business listings. You will be forced to listen to a few short commercials but with the cost of directory assistance now $1.50 for US cellular, Verizon now @ $1.49 per call, & some mobile phone carriers even higher, I think we can all listen for a few seconds to save a few bucks.

You can walk a horse to water, but a pencil has to be led.

lost satellite signal

While on a road trip from South Carolina to Colorado Springs I encountered a problem on several occasions of lost satellite signal on my nuvi 660. It happened twice in Route 24 from Colorado Springs and Limon Colorado. Both times I was on flat high plains and there was not a cloud in the sky.

Garmin Nuvi 660

Week 7/23 nominations

Miss poi asked me to put up this week's nominations post. Please post suggestions for who you'd like to see recognized for their participation on the site this week.


trip and return

just got back from a trip to minneapolis from tulsa.
the route for the trip up on my c530 was different than the return trip. the setting were the same. does anyone have a idea why and how u can control this.

How does Garmi Prevent Loading on mutiple units

If you have 2 Nuvi's, what is preventing you from loading the software update on one then doing the same on the other?

I am not suggesting not paying for 2 DVD updates, but I was just curious.

New POI Loader for Windows, v2.4.2 as of July 27, 2007

New yesterday from Garmin. Swedish?

Per Garmin,

This version of the installer fixes a Swedish language install problem with the previous version of the 2.3.2 installer. You do not need to download this version if you are not using the Swedish version of POI Loader for Windows.

Frank (Nuvi 2497LMT, 2455LMT, 765LMT,680,StreetPilot 2720)

Can't get csv file to display address in zumo

I hope this question is in the right forum. I downloaded the sheetz.csv POI to pot into my zumo 550. Previously I found Harley dealers in gpx format which I downloaded and used first. Must say too that I do know how to load multipule custom POI into the Zumo. Thats not the problem.

Make your own POI with Google Earth

Just wondering how many people know of Google Earth. It's a great program that's free (do a search for google earth). You can enter any address and get the lat/log coordinates. Seems easy if you want to create your own POI files. If someone knows of a better one, please let me know.

I like going to certain worldwide locations and seeting a satellite image of that place.

US Forest Service Roads On Garmin?

We're getting ready to head out west on a motorhome trip and I'm wondering if US Forest Service and Nation Parks roads are on my Garmin nuvi 650? We tow a 4X4 and plan on doing some exploring in Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico. We were at a Corp Of Engineers park recently and part of their campground roads were there, but not all of them.


Wouldn't it be great... (POIs on business websites)

Hi Everyone,

Wouldn't it be great if companies and franchises, who have multiple locations in the US, started providing downloadable POI .csv's of their locations on their websites, for the growing multitude of GPS users. This seems, to me, to be not only good for business, but also a no-brainer.

Waddya think?



Sullivan's Law: Murphy was an optimist!

7/27 Miss poi update

Miss poi is on her way to Portland this evening. Her grandmother suffered a stroke yesterday, and the outlook is not very hopeful.

Miss poi's forum visits and file posts will probably not be as frequent for a little while. We appreciate your patience and understanding.


Garmin 550c update

Ok I have had my Garmin 550C for awhile but really dont get alot of time to play w/it .My question is being my garmin came w/preload maps how do I upgrade is it a download from Garmin or Dvd .And if it is a download if it get screwed up do I have to pay for it again hows does this all work..


Garmin Map Update

Contacted Garmin via eamil on Monday regarding 2008 map update. Received reply from Cody on Wed who asked for a copy of my receipt. Emailed it and Cody said the update will be sent free of charge by the end of July.


Baltimore City GPSr thefts are on the rise!

Protect your GPS unit...

I saw on the news last night, there are increasing thefts of GPSr from cars in the Baltimore City area.

The thieves are even looking for the mounts and rings left on the windshield.

Check out the article:

-Mike Nuvi 360 Samsung M520 Sprint (Bluetooth'd)

Real Estate Idea

I just joined the forum - anyone thought about how POI could be applied in Real estate . My wife and I are considering a move to kentucky from California. Wouldn't it be slick if I could load a list of houses for sale in an area? I could do drive bys views of all the houses for sale.