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"Next Generation" of satellites

Saw this of interest:

Companies Line Up to Bid on New GPS
Thursday August 9, 4:33 pm ET
Contractors Line Up to Bid on Defense Department's Next-Generation Navigation System

Garmin C550 and Nuvi 1490T. Eastern Iowa, formerly Southern California "You can check out any time you like...but you can never leave."

concerning mp3's and bmp's for c550

I have a bmp and an mp3 which I have renamed Redlight-Cameras.bmp and .mp3 respectively, and then ran poi updater, upon street testing it, the standard icon and alert tone were generated, instead of the new custom files, can anyone tell me what I might have done wrong?



GPS model: garmin c550


Solution found!, Has anyone with a Nuvi 680 updated the firmware from 3.7 to 3.8 and found

And found that it takes longer to acquire satellites? I thought it was just me, but a friend at work with the same unit just came out today and told me the exact same thing happened to him! How weird!

Has anyone else noticed this?

Frank (Nuvi 2497LMT, 2455LMT, 765LMT,680,StreetPilot 2720)

got my c330 back

i think i know what happened to the last two units. when i'd try to upload files and got the error message saying there wasn't enough room, i'd leave the unit hooked up, drop some files and try it again until it worked.

Correcting a POI

What's the best way to let a member know of a correction to a POI file? I wanted to let McMargarine know that the location for Red Robin in Birmingham, Alabama is about a 1/2 mile off. It got me close enough that I found it, but I wanted to give an "on site" update.

33 36.455
-086 38.494

IOWA Rest Areas

Whatever happened to the POI file for Iowa Rest Stop? I say a file in June and can't seem to locate it now.

Nuvi 670 MP3 Player

Hi everyone

Can any one help with regards the MP3 player on the 670?

I have put a lot of MP3 files on an SD card, the 670 finds them and lists them with no problems. They albums are listed by using M3U

cannot reaconize garmin drive, help!

I was creating POI with easy GPS and sent to my c530.
Now nothing is available and when I discount from the computer my garmin will not shutdown.

I did backup all my files but I cannot find the drive to reinstall.

Can someone help me?


If you do not have a pre-loaded map of let's say....New Zealand, and were there on vacation, can you use your GPS?

GeePeeExInstaller Issue

I dl'd the following and executed it: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/webspace9/Trial/GeePeeExInstall...

I was given a dialog saying that I was about to install a trial version of GeePeeEx. Next came the setup dialog for something called ErrorKiller.

- Keith

Anybody know where I can get a copy of mypoi.jar?

It appears that www.poi2go.com is down. Anybody know of another location of the file?

Quirk with Updating to City Navigator North America NT v 2008

I got my update disk on Friday and eagerly started on updating my Nuvi 360. I placed the DVD in the computer and all was proceeding automatically without much input from me.

While waiting for my computer to do it's thing, I decided to do some work on the computer (Big mistake). To make a long story short, my other work crashed and this forced me to re-boot my machine during the update.

GPS 2.0 ???

Fletch at gps magazine raises some very interesting questions that sure make sense. Where is GPS 2.0?


Garmin Nuvi 750 & c530 with RT's vol. mod., Vulcan Nomad

Contributors of the week 2007-08-06

This week we are recognizing Motorcycle Mama and Lsmonop as our contributors of the week. We are also giving honorable mention to Mikeyg75 and The Radio Guys.

MM, I know that everyone here is really happy to have you back in action. You are such an inspiration to me in everything you do.

Lsmonop, your advice and help is always appreciated by all. Thanks for being such a nice guy.

POI Alerts

Hi Folks
Just got my new 660 today
Love it already
How do i get the sounds into the poi Library
They open on my computer in Quicktime and wont allow me the option of saving?

Any help ou there


how do i get for free the download of the gps map update 2008 navigator nt for usa?

how do i get for free the download of the map update 2008 navigator nt for usa?

MP3 player with Nuvi 660

Can someone help me. I have my music collection stored on a 2 Gig SD card plugged into my Nuvi 660. When I copy albums from iTunes they show up with the album as the folder and all the album songs in the folder. Next I created a mix folder called mymix. I then copied a number of songs into the mix folder just like you would on an iPod.

Hello, new to the site and to owning a GPS

Hello all... My name is Heath, I just bought my first GPS, a Garmin c330... I wish I'd have gone with something nicer but Best Buy wants to keep 15% for restocking but hey, live and learn right... I think I'll wait for the tomtom go920 to come out and then upgrade... I like all the gizmos and such that the 910 and the 720 have...

"Never fight an ugly guy, he has nothing to lose."

Dog Parks in MA or US.

We live and travel much in MA. We are now taking our new (1 year old) Golden Doodle to a local Dog park. Does anyone know of any POI that has MA or US dog parks? I see a couple selected state ones.

Reset ??? - c330

When I 1st turn on my C330 the agree came up white back ground,and now it's blue back ground.
The view map back ground,I for got the color it was,but now is a black back ground not right for sure,the roads are a light blue now.