Red Light Camera Revenue Down - Officials Delighted


Here is an article regarding red light camera revenue in Marietta, Georgia (A suburb in NW Atlanta). Interesting.

JG - Nuvi 2460


I doubt they are really delighted...

Michael (Nuvi 2639LMT)


Well, that article is a sick perversion of the truth.

In 2009 Georgia law required the addition of a full second to the yellow light time at any intersection with a red-light camera. (No surprise, the RLC companies lobbied hard against this 2009 law.)

At all three intersections identified in the article they are comparing pre-2009 accident numbers to post-2009 accident numbers.

To claim that those accident reductions are a result of the RLC enforcement, (and not due to the mandatory increased yellow light timing at those intersections) is a complete perversion of the truth.

It is laughable that the reporter does not even mention there was a major overhaul of those intersections' yellow light timings.

What makes it a sick perversion is the RLC proponents who lobbied against House Bill 77, are now taking credit for the Bill's ultimate results.

“My views have not

“My views have not changed,” Barr said this week. “In my view, it’s all about money. The ‘safety’ results in jurisdictions where they have them are mixed. There is still far too little attention paid to the privacy and legal aspects.”

Well said.