101 creating a POI, plus which concerter should I use?


Hi, i have before created successfully one csv file for POIs along a trail in sweden where im from.

Now I im starting on a project to add information about shelters or camping spots along the same track.
My primary resource will be this page:

It is a user generated library with the information I need. I think it will contain in the end up to 30 places.

However I have the coordinates given in this site are in these two values:

RT 90
N 58° 38.817, E 16° 51.456


Rikets nät
N 6503189, O 1561105

Could someone help explain which method I should use and a online converter converter.

Here is my process which i will use, but I will gladely take other suggestions under consideration:

I will take the "N 58° 38.817, E 16° 51.456" coordinates
and go to the site: http://www.csgnetwork.com/gpscoordconv.html

Here under "GPS coordinates" I will calculates the values and I will get for each number a decimal degree value like this:

Then I will place them in the reverse order:
16.85760, 58.64695,
this order:

I will use a google document spreadsheet file to save the POIs and latter I will also convert it to GPX waypoints here: www.gpsies.com/convert.do for other devices.

Pleace have a look at this post an tell if there is a more streamlines way of doing things.
Perhaps a google spreadsheet is a bad idea? Is there any tags I need to close the scv file? Like >><< ?
All help is highly appreciated. Thank you.

Some thoughts

I would suggest using googlemaps.com.

Copy coordinates in degrees that you would get from http://sovplats.se/view.asp?action=show&id=16 (I just swiped them with my mouse and did a CTRL-C) into the search bar in GoogleMaps and hit enter. Maps will then find your location.

Put your cursor at the base of the red balloon and right-click. You should see options - one of which is to "Drop LatLng Marker". Clicking that should give you the decimal coordinates that you quoted above (or close).

If that option is not available, then you may need to click on the "Maps Lab" link at the middle of the left pane and "enable" the "LatLng Marker" (you will need to scroll down one screen to find it)

I also enabled
Distance Measurement Tool
Show Me Here
Drag 'n Zoom
LatLng Tooltip, and
Smart Zoom.

Then, what I would suggest is to get a copy of Extra POI Editor (EPE) which was written by one of the members of this site.

See http://www.poi-factory.com/node/38068

Then configure EPE according to the instructions at

Once you have EPE up and running, take the decimal coordinates and paste them into the EPE "POI Edit -" dialog you will get by clicking the "Add New POI" button at the bottom of the upper left pane of EPE itself (it will be in purple color).

Paste in the coordinates and then paste in the name of the POI and hit enter. EPE will give you a map in the right pane of "POI Edit" with the marker for the coordinates. You can drag the marker to an exact spot based on zooming in the map and clicking the "hybrid" option for maps. Hybrid lets you see the terrain.

Once you get the exact spot, click the "Grab" button at the top of the map in "POI Edit" to change the coordinates to the new spot.

Repeat for all of the other spots you want.

Add additional information as desired, if known.

Save the file you create as a .gpx file.

Once you have completed this, come back to us and we will assist in getting the final POI file in whatever format you want


Hi, that was some very usefull tips.
But let me ask you If I save the locations one by one to a new "my maps" in google and later export that file to a KML file. How can I convert it later to a csv file that my garmin can use?

I found a post about this on

I found a post about this on this forum. Thanks for all the other info again.