Extra POI and missing POI's


I'm making a list of custom POI's at the moment using Extra POI editor. The problem is that for some reason some POI's simply will not show when the file is transferred to the unit (Nuvi 2445). I've had a look with excel at the file and can't see any way the ones that don't show up are different.

As an experiment I've tried deleting the POI, adding it again and then reloading it to the Garmin - still no joy. The POI's are close together so I can't see distance from current location being the problem as they would all not show, but most do.

Is this a problem anyone else has had before? Might it be the Garmin POIloader to blame, might there be another editor I should be using?

Once you load them to the

Once you load them to the GPS you will only see the closest 50 to you.

If you touch where to,near at bottom of screen then select a different city you will be able to see 50 different ones.

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