Creating POI files


Tucson Dunkin Donuts

Since I'm new at this I don't know if this is the type of info you want on ths board, or even want at all.
The first location I tried to find in Tucson was Dunkin' Donuts. It listed three, so I headed for the closest, 2.6 miles away. The Dunkin' Donut shop was no longer at 4022 N Oracle Rd. There is however, dominating the block, a soon to be opened (within the month) Target Super Store.

downloading icons to garmin 750

I have been trying to download the icons to my garmin 750 following all the instruction and they will not load. Could someone please what I am doing wrong and how to do it right?

full of it

Voice Alerts on C340?

Can .wav files be used on the old C340 for voice alerts?
That is asking a lot isn't it?

Degrees To Decimal

I know this has been discussed before, and I looked up previous posts. Also, found several good Degree to Decimal converters.
But, when coordinates are listed in degrees as Lat. 38 37.848 and Lon. 90 51.691, how do I enter the minutes and seconds into the converter?

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.csv to igo 8.3.2 .poi

Is there a way to 'batch' convert .csv files to .poi files for iGo8.3.2


Selecting an alert?

As I learn how to create POI files, my first one was from a database of contact addresses. I setup the PIO with alerts every 500 feet and it works fine on my Garmin 260WT. I get a little grey box with the word Alert and the persons name. Here is my question, can I somehow select the alert?

Lloyd Garmin 265WT

Page not found error

When attempting to download the gpx file for Fifth Third Banks, I am getting a "Page not found" error.

Jan ~ Nuvi 255W

POI file with Images for each location?

This is my second day on this site and trying to learn how to create a pio file. I am considering creating a file that is basically a contact list with names, address from a database, but I would also like to include an image for each locaiton/persons home address with some information on them, but from what I have read I'm not sure this is possible.

Lloyd Garmin 265WT

Distance alert

Does anyone know how I could embed a distance alert into a .gpx file,
so it would not have to be done manually with the POI loader?
(Working with a NUVI 500)

SD vs. Garmin memory

I have been loading POI files for some time now. I loaded first to my C340 Street pilot and then to my 855 Nuvi.
I never payed much attention to where they were going on the Nuvi.
As I understand it the POI files can be loaded to either the SD card or the Garmin memory.

adding poi to zumo 550

every time i load new poi,the others disappear.

POI files

Would anyone know how to create your own POI file?

Please advise..

How does the custom poi work on the gps

I have a Garmin 755t and have never loaded POI yet. Here are my questions if anybody can answer, when poi are loaded into the gps, do they show up on the map all the time? Or do you go in to the Custom POI on the gps and select the one you want (example Rest Areas)? Can you just load all of your custom POI on a memory Card and just insert it into the GPS when you want the poi's.?

Custom POIs do not display - at ANY zoom level...HELP!

nuvi 200w

I've downloaded poi files and loaded them with no problem. I can find them and set one as a destination from EXTRAS, CUSTOM POIs. But, from what I'm reading, they should automatically display just as other, pre-loaded POIs display on the map....right?

Any help appreciated!


Confused why POI loader says this file is corrupt

I'm really confused by this - Garmin's POI loader tells me this gpx file is corrupt - any suggestions?

Creating POI Files - How much time do you spend

How much time do you spend creating a POI file?

Google maps satellite view

I like to use Google maps satellite view and street level view to verify coordinates. I am finding that in some locations the Google map is off from the underying satellite view by several hundred feet making it difficult to navigate the map. As an example, go to and plug in these coordinates

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2 Million places with Lat. & Lon.

Came across this website, that lists over 2 million places, by state and category, with Lat. & Lon. coordinates. Maybe useful to verify some POI entries. Look at

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Extracting address, city, zip, state,... from POI address column

Hello POI Factory,

Most of you already knows my Extra_POI_Editor (EPE). Many of you are using 4-column CSV files to create POI files. It is good, but how better would it be if you could separate the address information from the 4th column into distinct columns?

Am I mad? Yes, doing this manually is a bit crazy, but what if you could do this automatically?

Uploading POI's Procedures

I've been working for 4 hours trying to figure out what I may have done that I can't upload POI's to my Garmin 650. I'm 70 and not real good at computers, but I have uploaded POI"s in the past. I keep getting the following message - (Unable to read from the device "G:\Chapel.jpg", please verify the devise is connected and try again). The Garmin is connected.

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