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This may be of interest to some. I haven't tried it yet, just ran across it while surfing. It looks like you can also run it as a portable app.


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I always use CSVed (latest version 2.1.4) which is
also free. After saving the file worked on from Excel as a CSV extension. Set your options in this program to put quotes around each column. If you
look at a file using Notepad, you will generally see no quotes around each comma delimited section. I load each saved file from Excel into CSVed and
immediately save it using the same name. Caution here because the default name will be the last saved file name and you need to input the current file's name. After saving, you can check the file again using Notepad (or any similar utility) and you will see quotes around each segment. This could eliminate the need to remove most commas and quotes within a line; however, I choose to remove them beforehand. Within CSVed you have many other options, one of which is the possibility to remove leading and trailing spaces.
Another great (free) add-in for those using Excel is ASAP. I would be lost without it.If you use Excel and have not downloaded the free program ASAP Utilities, I would strongly recommend it (it is updated every six months). What a time saver. I constantly use the TEXT function. One of the problems I have found with a lot of the files from POI Factory is leading spaces in a cell. The
TEXT function in ASAP allows one to remove all leading, trailing, and extraneous spaces in one or multiple columns. Another great function under
TEXT is "Advanced character remove or replace..." as well as others too numerous to mention. I use it all the time to remove quotes, commas, symbols, and so on. Before working on any file loaded into Excel, I insert a new sheet and copy the original into it just in case I mess something up totally while working on it. The "Advanced character remove or replace..." function is great, each character or symbol is preceded by a check box which will toggle it on or off and there are conditional boxes at the bottom which will group items for execution. Be careful using some of the ASAP functions as there are a few that do not allow UNDO, hence the backup sheet.

Kudos to all at POI Factory - a great site!

Thanks for the suggestions

I've used CSVed as a compact CSV editor in past (not in the context of GPS CSVs, but for scanner programming--I owned a few scanners whose programming utils could take CSV lists of frequencies and alpha tags, etc. as an import format). Very good and does the job well.

ASAP Utilities actually looks very interesting as well--will definitely have to check that out grin