POI mapping/editing/conversion website


It's been a while since I've been on here..
I have completely overhauled a conversion utility I mentioned on here a couple years ago.

I think anyone who maintains a POI list will find this helpful:


  • it accepts GPX, csv, ov2, & google maps
  • can write GPX, csv, & ov2... It can also send directly to Garmin & TomTom devices.
  • It presents your points in a sortable table along with a google map.
  • Address info is split out into it's components (address lines 1 & 2, city, state, zip, & phone) even if not stored as such ( to me, this is the most helpful feature ).
  • POI information can be edited and the location can be updated by dragging on the map.

Anyhow it's still "beta" but I'd love for you to try it out. I'm on the forum and will listen to feedback for new features or changes.