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NPR/Science Friday Discussion: Recalculating Global Influence of GPS

Did anyone else catch this with Ira Flatow on Science Friday this afternoon? He interviews a guy who wrote a book on the history of GPS. Somewhat interesting. They also discuss "death by GPS" and the underground bunker in CO.


05/06/2016 >> Recalculating the Global Influence of GPS

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How to Load POIs into a 2016 GMC Sierra

OK, so I bought a 2016 GMC 4WD Sierra SLT Crew Cab. Planning to do some cross country traveling after I retire and we want to travel in style and go anywhere we want to go.

The one I wanted had a NAV system, which I did not want, but the dealer gave me a very good price on the trade-in to help compensate.

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Are POI Factory Files Usable On A 2015 Ford In-Dash GPS?

As the Subject line says - can this be done?

We just got a 2015 Ford Flex with factory-installed GPS for my wife. We had no need for the factory GPS, as my TomTom does everything I want, but the only way to get some other features that my wife demanded was to get a "package" that included the GPS.

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Help!! (Kenwood PSWD)

I do not have the "password" for my kna-6510 Kenwood. What can I do or can anyone help me....it radio will not turn on without the password.....HELP!!

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GPS enabled Dash Cam with Lane Departure & Forward Collision Recommendations

Can anyone recommend a reliable and affordable GPS enabled dash cam with lane departure and forward collision warning safety features built in? I'm not looking for a GPS navigation system - already have that. I'm simply looking for a good dash cam.

HD Infotainment GPS

Has anybody found away to download individual individual POI into this unused friendly GPS


Question for the "build in GPS" owners

While shopping for a new car I have been overwhelmed by the choices of build in GPS's units and have a question for those of you who already own such vehicles/devices.

First, what kind of car do you have and what type of GPS was factory installed into your vehicle? ie: Brand / Software running

Second, do you have to pay a "subscription" fee for your service?

Anyone using a Jeep or Dodge RB1 GPS Navigation Radio

Is anyone still using one of the Jeep/Chrysler/Dodge RB1 GPS Navigation Radios from around 2004 or 2005 ? I believe these were built by Alpine for Chrysler ?

I'm thinking of adding one of these units to my Jeep and was looking for some one with experience with this old radio/nav setups.

here is a sample listing from ebay

Cisco CIUS tablet as GPS?

Good day

Is anyone using an old Cisco CIUS tablet as a GPS ?

I have access to one of these old Android based tablets and was wondering if anyone has tried these out with any open source software as a GPS



NaviExtras IGO8 Primo

Got a CompassNav system in my Kia Optima and it uses NaviExtra maps. The only way I seem to be able to get Red Light cameras loaded is to add them as speed cameras. Anyone have any experience using this system and map software?

Good Alternative or Backup?

I've been testing this XGPS160 SkyPro GPS Receiver for about a week now and so far I've been happy with it. This 2nd generation GPS Receiver features even faster acquisition, 10Hz positioning updates and Bluetooth connectivity to up to 5 devices. The WAAS receiver simultaneously receives both GPS (USA) and GLONASS (Russia) satellite system signals.

2015 Acura RDX - how to add POI to the navigation system

I have reviewed the Honda thread on adding POI info to the built-in navigation system.

However, on the 2015 Acura RDX I can find no option to access the USB drive in the navigation menus, only for music.

Is there a way to do this on the RDX?

GPS Models-Bushnell ONIX400

Does anyone in this POI forum have a Bushnell ONIX400 GPS unit? I realize that Bushnell has stopped making this unit and no longer have maps for it.


Poi's to On board navigation system

This may have been posted and or asked already before. We recently bought a second car a 2014 model with all the bells and whistles including on board navigation...
My question is...is it possible to add custom Poi's to the system like the red light cameras and speed cameras to it or would I need to still carry the Garmin gps for these capabilities?
I would appreciate any input you guys have?

its time to forget

About speed cameras and failure to stop at stop sign cameras.

With these kinds of GPS's you speed / fail to stop at a stop sign n' the GPS gives you a ticket.


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Cobra Dash Cam CDR820

Anybody have experience with the Cobra CDR820 Dash Cam?

Saw it on sale for $69 on ShopHq. Specs looked interesting so I ordered it. Another toy to play with. Nice thing about ShopHq is that you can field test ordered electronics for at least 30 days and if not satisfied, return it for no stocking charge. And now, the return period is extended til Jan 15, 2015.

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anyone able to comment on copilotgps.com for Windows?

Anyone have experience with a Windows phone app called copilot?

I see mixed reviews, curious if anyone here has first hand experience and thoughts.

Never argue with a pig. It makes you look foolish and it anoys the hell out of the pig!

Apple iPhone iOS 8 Update & 2014 Honda Bluetooth & Navigation Compatibility

Has anyone tried iOS 8 with Honda Bluetooth & Navigation in a 2014 Honda? Honda seems to lag with the updates. On the www.handsfreelink.com site they don't even mention iOS 7 and are years behind in updating that info.

Survey: Units that poi files work on

I am interested to know what devices/MFG GPS units (besides Garmin & TomTom) people have POI files working on and any specific procedures necessary to make them work. I want to give a class at our club meeting.

Chevy MyLink

Anyone ever update a Chevy MyLink system? I noticed that it has a "Safety Camera" category but the cameras are considerably out of date.

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