How to Load POIs into a 2016 GMC Sierra


OK, so I bought a 2016 GMC 4WD Sierra SLT Crew Cab. Planning to do some cross country traveling after I retire and we want to travel in style and go anywhere we want to go.

The one I wanted had a NAV system, which I did not want, but the dealer gave me a very good price on the trade-in to help compensate.

So, how to load POIs? No help at the GMC site (go figure)! Nothing in the PDF file with all the instructions for the NAV system.

Turned to Google to search for info and on the 2nd page I found something, but it was for Cadillacs at . The steps described were easy and I admit that I am using someone else's steps, but Hey, it was a "Forum". They used unnecessary double quotes in the final example.

Here's how to load POIS to a 2016 GMC (I'm assuming that this will work for all later GM vehicles.

1. Obtain a USB Flash Drive memory stick and format it to FAT32.
Note: Be sure it's large enough to hold the POI files.

2. Create a directory named myPOIs on the stick.
Note: Do not know if the name is case-sensitive or not - didn't experiment.

3. Copy POI files into the myPOIs directory on the stick.
Note: "CSV" files downloaded directly from Poi Factory work perfectly with no mods. "GPX" files will NOT work. Icons and sound files are ignored. PNG or other file types may work.

4. Remove the stick from the PC and go to vehicle.

5. Remove all devices from the USB ports.

6. Turn the ignition switch to "Accessory" and let everything boot-up. Including the NAV system.
Note : Some models may require the engine to be running.

7. Remove any CDs in the player.

8. Switch to the GPS and ensure that it is booted completely.

9. Insert the USB drive into any USB port.

10. After a few seconds a menu will appear saying "New POIs found".
Note: Option is to dismiss or download. Don't hesitate too long or menu will close and you will have to remove the memory stick, wait a few minutes and then reinsert.

11. Select "Download".

12. Menu appears asking if you want to "Overwrite Saved Data".
Note: This does NOT delete all your POIs, it only overwrites existing POI files with the same name.

13. Press "Save" and wait a few seconds.

14. A message will pop-up asking "Do you want to assign a new category".
Note: You can only assign specific names from a list. If you assign a category, the original file name is gone from the menu, but is in the background so you can overwrite. If you have McDonalds and Burger King and assign "Restaurant" to both of them, you will not know which is which unless you select on one of the "Restaurant" listings (the "Name" will be in the listing (submenu)). I selected "Dismiss" so the name is visible in the menu.

15. Select the "Exit" arrow in the upper left and keep selecting arrows until you are back at the main screen.

Accessing "My POIs".

1. Select the bar at the bottom of the main NAV (GPS) screen.

2. Select the "POIs" icon.

3. Select "POIs nearby".

4. Scroll down to the bottom of the menu and select "My POIs".

5. Select desired POI file.

6. Location will appear on a small map to the right and you have the option to "Go", if desired, or exit. ("Save is there as well, but I don't know where it saves it to).

Some caveats:

Not assigning a "Category" means no icons are displayed on the screen. A checkered flag is displayed at the destination when a location is selected.

Assigning a "Category" will display a "Generic" icon.
Example: All "Restaurants" have a small square icon with an "R" inside and NO NAME.

Edit: Clicking on the icon will show the details listed in column D in the file.
Also: Using a "Alt + Enter" in Excel will terminate the line. Used to create a 2nd line the the same cell in Excel. I will have to edit my BoA file to show the full address by using a comma.

I might play with it some more, but as of now, my Garmin will remain on the dash mounted to the "Beanbag" mount.

Metricman DriveSmart 76 Williamsburg, VA

Using my POI in the Contact list of IntelliLink myContacts.CSV

On my GMC Yukon 2016 if you want to use POI in the Contact list (on its exported file [B]myContacts.CSV[/B] to UBS) on the IntelliLink Navigation System.
The GPS coordinate must be convert, the longitude and latitude expressed as 32-bit signed big-endian integers.

This can be don by multiplying Decimal longitude and latitude by the value of 11930464.7111111 or by the formula of (2^29 / 45).
e.g) The Latitude 24.677936 will be 294419245 the result of 24.677936 * (2^29 / 45) = 294419245



Thanks , I will try this today.

Looks like the only thing I

Looks like the only thing I can do is put the POIs that are already in it to a thumb drive to save.