Are POI Factory Files Usable On A 2015 Ford In-Dash GPS?


As the Subject line says - can this be done?

We just got a 2015 Ford Flex with factory-installed GPS for my wife. We had no need for the factory GPS, as my TomTom does everything I want, but the only way to get some other features that my wife demanded was to get a "package" that included the GPS.

Since it is in the car anyway, I would like to maximize its utility, but I have yet to find any documentation that tells me how I can install third-party POI files on the unit. Does anyone know definitely if this can be done, or if cannot be done?

If it turns out that it IS possible, does anyone have a link to clear instructions on how to install files from sources like POI Factory?

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You might find some information here:

BUT, you will have to register to read the individual forum subject postings.

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Not sure if you have this model

""Send to SYNC lets you find businesses and addresses using the SYNC Destinations mobile app and sends the destination for turn-by-turn directions to your vehicle through SYNC®.

Send to SYNC downloads the entire route (or just the destination if your vehicle is equipped with SD Card Navigation), starting from your current location. Once the download is complete, SYNC provides turn-by-turn directions to the destination point entered online.""

When searching for POIs to Flex I came across this.
You can send destination to vehicle so maybe there is some way to send a poi file to the SD Card. Will keep looking.

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