POI to appear on map


I have a Garmin and was wondering how to have to POI's I have added automatically appear on the map as well as have them at the POI icon? Was wondering if base camp would do this or some other feature. Thanks in advance

Well ...

... You don't say which Garmin but the way POIs are displayed are frequently changed by Garmin. Most if not all current Garmins won't display POIs unless you're navigating to them.

This can't be changed although there have been calls for users to have an option to do so. You could try adding your request at https://www8.garmin.com/contactUs/ideas/form.html

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If the OP's user account information is correct he has a RV760LMT.

I don't know if this model can display POI icons like my 3597 can but your probably right, you need to have a route inputted in order to see them. You may also need to turn on "places along the road" under the Map & Vehicle Setting - Map Layers.

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Can you still zoom in close

I have't tried lately but can you zoom in close to see icons anymore?

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