What's the best way to handle a 'correction'...?


eg... I have noticed a POI for the Dunkin Donuts in Crofton, MD is about 1/2 mile off... I'm ASSuming I can go to the proper spot, save the proper GPS coordinates, then correct the Excel spreadsheet at home and save... but that's selfish... should I detail and send that correction to the most recent author...? then again, one small correction among all of the DDs across the country is pretty trite stuff...

I just wondered if there was an accepted (or approved) method of handling such a small issue by the Gurus here... any comment appreciated...

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I have sent changes for Dunkin Donuts to mahoney using the contact tab in his profile and he is always good at getting the changes posted in a timely manner. One good way to check your coordinates for accuracy before you send them to the file maintainer is to put them in Google Maps and check the street view and satellite view. In most cases, that method is sufficient for determining the correct coordinates without actually visiting the site.

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One of two ways

If the owner of the POI file has a "Contact" tab, I'll send him/her a message explaining what I think is the error along with my solution.

If the owner doesn't have a "Contact" tab, I'll contact Globe Turtle with the correction and she'll spin her magic.


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Corrections to files.

The comments above state the procedure for making inputs to correct errors in files. In the case of the DD file, you should send them to me. I don't feel that any input that corrects a 1/2 mile error should be considered pretty trite. I welcome the input.
I just looked at google earth and these are I believe the new coordinates.
-76.698759w, 39.009248n

Let me know if you agree and thanks for the input.