nuvicam queston


my brother just handed me a brandy new nuvicam and asked me to update it.

I charged it, looked at the SDcard (it's an 8 Gb) and of course the 8 Gb internal Memory.

When I look at the internal memory usage it indictes it has
6.03 Gb used and
0.99 Gb Free

The first update wants to put on map
2017.30 map which is 6.92 Gb

I need to back up the gps before I do anything, but my question is do I need to be concerned with updating the GPS with what looks to be very limited free space?

Also, there are several threads discussing back up procedures and I would be really interested in having a little direction as to what the best way to set up the back up and restore would be.

Thanks in advance

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Just let Express handle it.

I would just let Garmin Express do its thing. If there is insufficient space to install the map internally, it will prompt for use of the card. If there is space, it will just install to internal memory and not prompt.

Once the install is complete (assuming it installs to internal memory), check free space again. As long as there is 50 or 60MB free, there shouldn't be any operational issues (in normal situations anyway).

If after checking free space you decide it needs more space, you can always manually move something to the SD card (like the JCV file).

Note: if you move the JCV file to SD, it goes in folder /Garmin/JCV on the SD card, not in /.system/JCV as it is in internal memory.

Edit: One thing just occurred to me as this is a nuvicam ...

Does the nuvicam give a menu option for where the video is stored (internal or SD?) I would assume it would allow you to capture the video to SD instead of internal memory. If it doesn't give you the option, you would probably want to open up more internal free space.

For backup, I personally just use the simple method of copying the internal storage of the nuvi starting at the root directory and including all subfolders. The simplest way to do this is just grab the nuvi storage volume shown in Windows file explorer and drop it into a backup folder. Whatever method you use, make sure you have the nuvi in mass storage mode and not MTP mode when you do the backup.

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Garmin Express

First for my nuvi 760 and later for the 3597, Garmin Express waited to make use of their SD cards. If only a few megabytes of space remained, GE would put everything on the device. When the map finally exceeded internal memory, the files were then split between the device and card. It did its thing.

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We purchased 3 NuviCams the

We purchased 3 NuviCams the last week of November during the Costco $249 sale. All 3 updated just fine with the stock amount of memory. Since then I've upgraded the camera ram to 64 GB and added a 32 GB flash memory to the data side on the one I use.

I just LOVE my NuviCam. Zero issues.