Anyway to cancel a POI alert on a NuviCam?


Replaced my 8 year old StreetPilot C350 with a NuviCam from Costco 2 weeks ago. Just love the new GPS

Downloaded the latest red light camera database. All is working well. I have my NuviCam to repeat alerts, as my stereo may be turned up.

Is there anyway to cancel the repeated alert once it gets my attention? Especially when in a school zone and it's not during the lower speed time period. Thanks.

Mute comes to mind.. I never

Mute comes to mind.. I never use voice commands but perhaps that would work.Alarms when not needed are a pain.. but I figure a small price to pay for being reminded that you are in a potentially careless child zone.

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In the configuration

I configured my 2599 to only signal one tone when triggered by the RLC database.

Your Nuvicam should have the same option.

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Thank you all. I'll try the

Thank you all. I'll try the Mute option.

Got stuck in an inactive school zone at 10:20 this morning. Dead stopped traffic. The repeating alert was enough to drive you crazy. I went back to the single tone setting after that.

You guys are the best.

Just tested the NuviCam in simulation mode

"Voice Command" "Volume" "Mute"


"Voice Command" "Volume" "Unmute"

WORKED! Thank you so much.