Older Nuvi 760 with Smartphone Link App


I think I know the answer, but maybe someone knows a work around.

Can the Nuvi 760, with Bluetooth, work with the Smarphone Link app? Would like to look up destinations on the phone and have them picked up on the Garmin for Navigation.


Looks like only these devices will work with Smartphone Link:


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smartphone link

Smartphones were still pretty rare and limited in capabilities back in 2007 when the nuvi 760 was introduced. And it has been even more rare for Garmin to add major features through software updates. It looks like the nuvi 3490 (introduced 10/2011) may have been the first nuvi to support Smartphone Link.

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Great link

This is a great link. I am wanting a new Garmin (hit a road block for now called my husband) but when I do get one I want it to be able to connect to my smartphone. This is great information.
Thanks, Mary

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