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I just want to point out that the given info is not quite correct.
For example in the Garmin based Navigation units installed in Volkswagen products the stated info will not work !

To load any waypoints into these units you must copy all the waypoints into one folder. From here on I only know of two ways to install waypoints which must be converted to "Filenam.DB3"

One program is POI inspectOr which in the free version is very limited.


Here is a posting I made earlier on POIfactory.

I do not know if any other built in GPS's use DB3 files, but here is a VW website in German where you can convert any GPX, CSV, ASC, KMZ or KML files into a DB3 file. In other words it lets you convert your own files into the DB3 format.

This is the German VW website:

And of course since this is a language not everyone speaks, here is a website "BRISKODA.NET" with translations and instructions into English. IGNORE any LINKS in his website to the VW site, they DO NOT work anymore. It took me a bit of searching to find the correct VW site posted above.

I should also add that my built-in GPS can use CD,DVD and SD cards for installing.

You can install RLC's and Speed cams into the RNS-510, but it will NOT show them on the map!

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Your link to is a broken link with a 404 Page Not Found error.

Also I use the latest version of Chrome and Google will automatically convert pages like those in German into English when loaded.

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I updated the "In-Dash Garmin Nav Systems" page, and I think it's now inline with your feedback.

I've also linked this thread in case other adjustments are needed.

If you want to start a new discussion thread with details for Volkswagen, we can link it to the new page as well.

Yes indeed

t923347 wrote:

Your link to is a broken link with a 404 Page Not Found error...

I almost had this happen to me a few times but caught it before posting.

When first posting a long link, it'll end with a "..." but the full link (including the necessary characters beyond the ...) is there and the link will connect.

But when copying a long "..." link from a message here, the link will include the ... as part of the link and also ignore all the original characters beyond the ... and therefore be a failed link.

The solution to re-use a "" from an earlier post is to click the original working ... link in a new window, then copy the full address on the displayed page and paste this into a new message.

As much work as this is, I still prefer seeing long links over seeing a tiny-link since I don't know where the tiny link will take me unless I jump through added loops and worry about my computer's and my personal security with tiny links.


The reason I started this thread is because the "In-Dash Garmin Nav Systems" posting did not allow any replies or responses.

Well those Germans have removed this website altogether now. My original posting did have the correct link in it, but that was some time ago.

So now the only one that I know will convert waypoints to DB3 files is the POInspectOr and as I mention the free version is very limited.

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We bought Top of Line Escape

We bought Top of Line Ford Escape in 2011. At the time, It's GPS would not find a Motel on the South Side of Indianapolis, our first trip in the New Car! That Motel had been there for 4 years, and the road it was on for even longer, it turns out.... Our Nuvi 660 did find it... So we used our NUVI 660 for the trip!!!

I brought it to Ford's attention, requesting a Map Update to get me "Current", and they instead send me a Check for the map update..... !!!!! Instead of the requested Map Update!!

I used that Check to purchase a 2789 LMT.... and it has been mounted in the 2011 Escape ever since.... With Free Map and Traffic Updates!!!

True Story!

A 2689LMT in both our cars that we love... and a Nuvi 660 with Lifetime Maps that we have had literally forever.... And a 2011 Ford Escape with Nav System that is totally ignored!

In Dash Navigation systems

In Dash Navigation systems have evolved great deal in the past 5 years or so. Introduction of Apple Car Play and Android Auto is a game changer in new vehicles. You don't need to rely on the built-in navigation system in your vehicle as long as you have Apple Car Play or Android system.

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