best map software for garmin etrex interface


I have used Basecamp now for quite some time and I have also used google maps/earth, though I have not done much trying to link the two together. There are advantages to using Basecamp as well as advantages to using Google maps/earth but my question there an overall single program I should look to use for integrating my etrex and all my saved waypoints/icons into one single place. Right now it seems as though Basecamp is the single interface point and then you need to upload to google, though you loose some of the customization that you have done in Basecamp.
Over the last 10 yrs I have traveled extensively over the world and while doing so I have always had my etrex with me recording the routes and paths I have followed. I am looking for a place to pull everything together.
Any recommendations?


I use BaseCamp, is there any reason why you want to use something else? If I need to use GE I just do it from within BC.

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Basecamp to me seems very

Basecamp to me seems very rudimentary. When I plan out a trip I find I go to google maps first to find the specifics I want to see/visit and then have to, what I would say manually, locate those POI in Basecamp. Google maps is very intuitive with an incredible amount of info and if I could easily integrate my etrex to google that is the way I'd go. I have tried but the limits in google seems to be uploading to etrex and customizing google, though this could be my lack of knowledge.