Drive 5+ Sound Alert


Please excuse my ignorance, but I am new to this.

I have just purchased a new Drive 5 plus (to replace my old Nuvi).

The warning 'Bong' when I exceed the speed limit or when approaching speed cameras etc, is very quiet (compared to my old Nuvi).
I have all the volumes set at max. The voices are all fine....just the warning 'bongs'

I have read (on POI Factory) about increasing the sound volumes.

I have plugged my Garmin into PC and can see all the POI Files.....however, I have no idea which one is the 'bong'

Could somebody please help and tell me which the file is?

Many thanks

Sound and alert

See for volume problems.

When you get the bong alert you can look on the gps screen to see what alert it is for.

If the files you have are from POI Factory. It is very easy to add voice alerts. See

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