Trip Planning to Oak Island, NC


Not really sure this is the proper forum for this but here goes anyway.

I'm a very newbie to this site (Kudos to all involved!) Have found many interesting ideas and pois that are a big help to a novice such as myself.

Where I'm going with this... I'm planning a trip late summer from Columbia, SC to Oak Island, NC. Already got pois for civil war sites, light houses, state parks, and nc ghost. Was wondering if anyone out there had thoughts of other things to look for. Certainly not something many people can speak on but would be much appreciated from those that can.


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You may already be aware of

You may already be aware of these, but if you drive up to Southport you can take the Fort Fisher ferry across to Fort Fisher, and there see the civil war museum, and also one of NC's three state aquariums (aquaria?). I was just there this past week.

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