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Airline pilot lied

Back in late 2004 I was doing contracting work for the Puerto Rico Telephone Co. and was scheduled to flight back to Tampa on a Friday with American Airlines.

At the same time hurricane Frances was approaching the Bahamas, all of us flying back were concerned since the route from San Juan to Tampa is a straight line from PR to Miami and right over the Bahamas.

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Wife not sold on GPS..untill now!

Got a new c330 my wife thought it was just one more useless techie toy. We used it on 2 small family trips and she used it on her own the first time yesterday and she is sooo sold. In her words how did we live without this thing. My boys new line "what does Ms Garmin have to say"

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Man using GPS drives in front of train

Nuvi 660 holiday traffic report: the good and the bad

I used my Nuvi 660 to get to and from some family on Christmas day. The good news is that the traffic feature successfully detected an accident on the Long Island Expressway and re-routed me to the adjacent Northern State Parkway. Very cool!

Trip to Darlington, SC with C340


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Have a safe long weekend and don't forget to take your GPSr !!

Hi everyone,

Nassau by GPS

My wife and I recently returned from a one week vacation in Nassau, New Providence Is, Bahamas. We've made this trip many times over the years (we have a time share there), but this year was particularly interesting as we took our Garmin c550 with us. I corresponded, last month, with the folks at and they said the software would be released by the time we arrived.

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Where to?

On a recent trip the other day I was looking around on the Where to? page. I have a confession! After using my C340 for a couple of months, I did not realize that there was a second and third page in the Where to? file giving me Entertainment, Shopping, Recreation, Hospitals etc. I could have used these a number of times..........

5500 mile trip with my 660 (long post- sorry :) )

Just got back from a trip to Grand Rapids, MI from San Diego.

The 660 was great to have as a companion. I've done this trip many times over the years and it was very nice to know exactly where I was and what was coming up. With the Garmin and my Valentine-1, I was ready to tackle the open road.

Off the beaten path = cool for me

While playing with my Zumo this past week/weekend, I encountered some heavy traffic ~5-10 mph. I reached up, hit the detour option, and found us an alternate route.

We headed back to the interstate a few miles down the road, and it was still backed up. Another detour, another adventure. 5 miles down the road and about a mile before my next turn, I see a store that caught my eyes.

Myrtle Beach

Don't have many PoI in Myrtle Beach. Museums, entertainment, tourist attractions) I have been here a few times, I know there is plenty of things to do! The nearest Tourist Attraction is 175 miles away.

Polaroid Glasses

On a recent sunny trip with my Garmin C340 I noticed my polaroid glasses made the screen somewhat difficult to see. Is this normal with all the GPSr?

Nuvi 350 in Italy

We just returned from 3 weeks in Italy the 1st of Oct. Having driven in Europe in the 90's I knew what to expect and that was I needed a GPS to make life easier. Before going I purchased the Nuvi 350 and the city navigator europe NT v9 data card.

I've always heard that is difficult to drive in Italy. As far as traffic on the roads and in the cities goes...if you have driven in Boston, NY, Chicago or LA your ready for Italy...but not without your GPS. My 350 saved us from driving around in circles and anixity as roads are not marked as in US. When leaving Florence I just punched in the place we were staying and it showed me the best route out of the city. I bought several Italian maps before I went but none had the detail of the roads I needed to get to the place we were staying out in the country.

One suggestion before you go. I programmed into my favorites all the locations of the places we were staying before we left the US. So when we got the car at the Rome airport I just punched in the first destination and didn't have to fiddle around with that.

The 350 did have a few small problems such as in Florence when it wanted me to turn left into someones front door. On some round abouts with many exits it got confused once in awhile. Some times it was my not trusting it and other times I needed to hit the plus key to get a closer view of the roads to see exactly which one I needed.

If you have never driven in Europe don't go without a GPS and learn how to use it throughly BEFORE you go.

Weird speed indication on 7200

I was in Southern Illinois last weekend with both my 7200 and Nuvi 660 on the dash. For about two miles the 7200 was indicating nearly 90 MPH while the Nuvi and my auto speedometer were showing my actual speed of 58 MPH. Anyone else experience this?

I should have listened (MSN Direct)

I got off work early today and was on my way to have lunch with my wife. I knew the way, but as always I set the Garmin up to navigate anyway. For some unknown reason, the Garmin was sending me onto a different highway than I normally would go. After I rejected her suggestion, she kept telling me to get off at the next exit and head for the other highway. I kept ignoring her.

Get Garmin or Get Lost

My Road Trip (Kickapoo River valley)

Went with my brother & sister on the annual pilgrimage to SW Wisconsin to the apple orchards in the Kickapoo River valley, and a particular cheese factory in the middle of an area settled by predominantly Amish farmers. It's quite something to share the road with horse-drawn wagons & carriages. This was my first year on the trip after my brush with mortality in April '06 and recovery.

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Nuvi370 in Hungary

Well the upgrade to the Garmin Nuvi370 as well as the purchase of the NaviGuide for Hungary paid off. For the first two weeks of September I roamed around hungary using the Nuvi to find lots of castles, wineries, museums, and family.

-Mark (Garmin 2610, Nuvi370)

Hey Dude, Where's My Car?

I don't know if this qualifies as a Nuvi travel story...if not please ignore/delete this posting.

I recently bought a Nuvi 680 and am glad of my choice despite the unavailability of some MSN Direct features advertised as available within Canada.

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Made my flight thanks to Garmin

My wife and I went to St Louis on Saturday to visit Harrah's. Its only 7 miles from the airport and I know the way, but I took my Garmin 340 just in case.

I love when it announces that I am arriving at Harrah's because Jill pronounces it as Hair-ass.

I plan to live forever. So far, so good.

ATV Trip

I had a little travel adventure yesterday. My wife, seven year old son, and I loaded the ATV (Bombardier Traxter Max) and drove to Danbury WI to ride the Gandy Dancer Trail. I pointed the two of them northbound on the trail and told them I would meet them near Nickerson MN.

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