Tracking Scuba Live-aboard in September


I'm planning to take my Garmin nüvi 750 along for my scuba live aboard cruise in the Caribbean. It's going to be fun to see where we go. I just hope that my lower-deck cabin still lets the signal get through.


Enjoy Your Trip

Have a good trip.

You might want to consider getting a waterproof case for your GPS! Here's a good source of waterproof cases

The 750 would fit nicely in the PSP case.

If you come across interesting spots during your trip you should save them as favorites. (Tools/Where Am I/Save Location) Then when you get home you can create a POI file of your trip.

That trip was canceled. ;-(

Hurricane Ike caused my trip to be cancelled, but I did some diving in Pensacola, FL and having the GPS was wonderful when making on-the-fly adjustments to plans when we shifted our route from Ft.Lauderdale to Pensacola while in Knoxville,TN.

Perhaps next time.