Motorcycle trip To Monterrey, Mexico Long report


Last weekend I went to a MC ralley in Monterrey, Mexico, at 4hrs south of where I Live in south Texas. The ralley turned out to be a bust, but the rides that weekend were great.

3 of us , A latino, Doctor and an ex Ranger. (there got to be a joke in here somewhere, But not) anyway we left on Friday headed to the ralley. When we got to the of Montemorelos, Wally suggest that we stop for lunch at a little village located in the mountain to the south. The road to the village of Rayones, was fair condition, about like our road system in the 1950, narrow and Two lanes. It was a winding road, with lots of curves, it climbed to about 2000 meter, then desended into the valley where the village was located. So of the curve were 180 degrees. I counted 75 curves all together.

At the top of the mountain, we came a cross an 18 wheeler hauling concert Bocks. It was parked on the side of the road, the driver had slung a hamet, under the flat bed, and was a sleep. I thought well he taking a brake or rest period. also I thought I'll get a picture when we come back.

When we got to Rayones, we parked in the town square and went to look for lunch. After lunch Wally need a nap, so him and John layed down on the grass an were soon snoring away. I walked around the village and took pictures. When i got back I woke them up and back over the mountain we headed.

As we got closer to the top of the mountain, we met 2 18 wheeler coming down, hauling blocks. When we got to the top the truck with the sleeping driver was still there, but he was underneath with the drive shaft and gears on the ground. The other trucks most have brought the parts to him.

We continued on our way to the ralley, which was located on a lake south of Monterrey, at the town of Villa de Santiago. We checked into a motel, the headed for the ralley site. When we go there, you could tell that it was going no where, so we left and went to have dinner by the lake.

Wally suggested that we go to Monterrey, We decided to take a taxi, since monterrey is not a city to be riding around on bikes, on Friday night. Monterrey is a very large city, with a good assortement of night life. We went to an area that taxi driver had suggested, lots of Clubs, Music and Food. Monterrey also has a river walk, that would put the one in San Antiono, Tx to shame. lots of fountains, walk ways, music, enterainers, and side walk cafes. About midnite we hail a taxi back to the motel.

After a nights rest, we talked about going to Horseshoe Falls about 10 miles away. John and wally had been there before and I was keen on see it. We headed out, up into the mountains where the falls was located. I was in the rear following along, when we went right pass the falls. I thought well we are going to go to the head waters of the falls first (not). The falls are located in a national park, surround by moutains that top 3700 meter or around 12000 feet. The area has a lot of camping, cabins and four wheel trails. If you stay on the road you wind up on the otherside of the mountains at the city of Saltillo, about 70 miles as the crow flys.

So I'm in the back, following along, fat, happy and thinking we'll stop soon and turn back to the falls. I keep looking a my gas level and watching it heading south. There was no way I could pass John or wally to ask them to stop because of all the curve, we were running into. Finally Wally pulls over and ask how are John and I are doing on gas. We all are down to less than 1/4 tank. Along comes a group on dune bugges, Wally ask them where to buy gas, they say down the road a the next village. No problem 5-6 miles away. I ask Wally, where are we going, that I thought see were stopping at the falls. Wally said I thought you guys wanted to ride over the mountains to Saltillo for lunch. Then wally turns around to ask the group how were the road conditions were to Saltillo. Now this road is a little worse that the road to rayones was. Since it was so high up, with places that the road had been washed out, but repaired and where water cross the road during rainy season. Wally tells John and I, that the dune buggey guy say the road was in good shape and we should have no problem getting to Saltillo. I told Wally, what a relief, that was since we are on bike and the road condition came from people on dune buggeys.

well off we went to the gas station, only to fine that there was no station and the guy that sells the gas, only had 10 liters, which were in gallon jugs. We bought what he had and split it betweens us. Then head out to Saltillo. Once there we decided to take the toll road back to Monterrey and to the motel.

That night we walked up the hill to the town square and ate at a cafe that had a band from Brazil playing. The square was filled with cafes and shops. You could eat on the patio, or inside or on the roof. Each cafe had thier on band or music. The music was sort of confine to the cafe that you were at, they were not trying to blair each other out. Since we had a long ride that day, we turn in about midnite.

The next day we stop a horseshoe falls on the way home. I put a little over 600 miles on my bike, that weekend.

A lot of the guys down here go to ride the hill country around Austin, but why ride hills, when you can rided in the mountains.


Great story, sonds like a

Great story, sounds like a lot of fun

I'm jealous

Glad y'all had a great ride.

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Looks like you enjoy a lot ...congrats laugh out loud