underpass heights


i am trying to find a file that has underpass heights for the lower 48 states.i drive a semi and need a little better notice then what the DOT puts up if they put up any...thank you

POI Files

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low clearence

go to the poi files and download the low clearence poi file it has just be updated. It isn't perferct but it can be a lot of of good info. Good luck

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file is called low clearance

file is called low clearance and is located in transportation or fuel/truckstops section.

thank you very much

thank you very much

input always appreciated

If you come across a location not in the file please send it to me and I'll add it to the file.

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low clearence poi

cannot find it

tony woods

I can't find it...

...either. My best guess would be to ask Angela where it is.

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It was taken down

Something about copyright infringement.

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